We all want to develop a deeper connection to success and create a reality where we are in control of our lives and abundance.

The 10 minute awakening was designed specifically to help you create a dominant mindset that will enable you to achieve your dream life. You are just one mental tweak from a life of abundance and success.

But does the program really work? Will 10 minute awakening really help to reprogram your mind? Is it really worth your hard-earned money?

This complete 10 minute awakening review will attempt to answer these questions as well as break down all the important parts of 10 minute awakening so that you can make the most informed decision whether or not it’s suitable for you.

If you’re eager to skip ahead and get the program, you can do so here (at the cheapest price on the internet):

What is the 10 Minute Awakening Program?

10 Minute Awakening is comprehensive new system that is specifically designed to reprogram your brain for success in as little as 10 minutes everyday. Sounds amazing doesn’t it?

The great appeal of this program is that you only need to apply it 10 minutes everyday to unlock your full manifesting potential. I particularly like this concise approach to manifestation, as opposed to hours of meditation or visualization which sometimes feels like it’s getting nowhere.

This method allows you to supercharge your brain with laser-sharp focus in a few minutes whilst spending the larger portion of your attention actually focused on bringing about your dream results.

The 10 Minute Awakening system is founded upon the principles of the law of attraction and manifestation. It combines proven guided meditation techniques with neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and vibration manipulation to trigger a subconscious transformation that unlocks your mind for success.

I found that the best time make full use of your 10 minutes is always in the morning just before you are about to start your day. Reprogramming your subconscious mind then always allows you to make much better use of your time throughout the day.

Some people are “too engrossed” trying to improve and create their dream life, they don’t realize that they are placing stress and expectations on themselves that could actually be SABOTAGING themselves from exactly what they want.

By for 10 minutes everyday, you get to re-focus and supercharge your efforts without. This sets your intentions and helps to create a powerful focus for your day.

What’s Inside the Program?

Because I’ve went ahead first to purchase the program, I’m able to share the full contents with you to help your decision before you purchase! (I’ll share more on my experience later, so hang on a bit)

10 minute awakening full program

Here’s basically the whole bundle of value that you’ll be receiving:

10 Minute Awakening (3-Week Audio Program) + 10 Minute Awakening Quick Start Guide

The whole program is broken down into 3 weeks so that you will be able to increase control over your subconscious mind over a longer period of time. Each week focuses on different aspects of your development with the culmination of all your efforts in the final week.

This is great because many programs actually last only for a few days. Once the hype is gone, you may relapse back into your old mental paradigm filled with limiting thoughts.

However, having a program that is spread out will help to develop powerful habits and lasting change. If you follow the instructions carefully, you should be able to see results in second or third week of the program.

Even if you don’t directly see any results immediately, stick with the program and you will eventually enjoy a permanent long-term transformation.


(who doesn’t love bonuses!)

  • Bonus #1: Stress Destroyer
  • Bonus #2: Gamma Healing
  • Bonus #3: Genius Frequency
  • Bonus #4: Creative Sleep
  • Bonus #5: Alpha Bonus Track
  • Bonus #6: Theta Bonus Track

These bonuses work really well when used with the main program. I really like the use of audio tracks for different areas of life that I want to work on. In fact, I listen to them everyday and they always help to boost my positive vibrations!

Does the Program Really Work?

Based on my own personal experience, I am very satisfied with the outcome of the program. I am evening using it way after the initial 3 weeks period.

It’s great if you already have a goal in mind when you embark on the program so that you can focus on achieving it using the enhanced that you will get from your daily 10 minute routine. If you stick with it, it’s a simple 10 minute system that works wonders.

Benefits (Why You Should Buy 10-Minute Awakening)

  • Scientific Techniques – the techniques incorporated in the program are based on methods that have been consistently proven by the scientific community (such as neuro-linguistic programming)
  • Well Structured Program – as mentioned its broken down into 3 weeks so the pacing is really spread out
  • Not time-consuming – 10 minutes a day is all it takes. You don’t have to stress or make any major lifestyle changes
  • Clear & Easy-to-Follow – it’s really not difficult to do everything in the program.
  • Cost-Effective – Let’s be honest, the program costs around the price of 2 books on amazon (plus shipping) but you’re getting way more value than that including all of the audio bonus gifts that you will receive
  • Immediate Access – no need to wait for pesky shipping times. You have immediate access to all resources in the program upon payment
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee – Yes, that means it’s risk-free! You really have no obligation to pay for the program if you don’t like it. Just request a full refund and you’ll get every single penny back. But I assure you it’s worth the money.

The only downside to this program is that there are heavy use of audio tracks, so if you’re not a fan of audio this may not be for you. Personally, it’s a plus for me because I can listen anywhere and anytime (even on the way to work!).

Also the 10 Minute Awakening System is not a magic pill – you wont immediately become a millionaire by listening to one audio track. What it does is creates the condition for you to develop a mindset for success.

Because of the way the program is structured, if you follow it persistently you will be able to make long, lasting change in your life like I did!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this 10 Minute Awakening review, if you are interested in purchasing the program I would recommend you purchase from the official site here.

10 Minute Awakening


Overall Score



  • Easy to follow
  • Long-term results
  • Great value (good price for entire bundle)
  • Immediate online access
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • Heavy use of audio tracks
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