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10 Powerful Signs From The Universe You Must Not Ignore

When your trying to apply the law of attraction to get the universe to attract the things you want into your life, do you often wonder whether or not the universe is listening to you?

Are there any signs from the universe that we can interpret to know if we’re on the right path?

How would you know if the universe is working to help you attract abundance?

It’s often hard to listen to the promptings of the universe, mostly because the universe doesn’t like to make things to obvious. Only those who are truly interested to listen and seek out its promptings are able to interpret its messages that might lead you to abundance.

If you’re trying to discover your true purpose or communicate with the universe, these powerful signs can inspire and guide you in the right direction.

If you already have a specific manifestation goal in mind and are working to try and achieve it, click here for the 7 initial signs that your manifestation is close at hand.

We’ve identified 10 powerful signs of the universe that you should pay attention too so that you don’t miss out on any blessings and opportunities that come your way.

The Universe Communicates Through Synchronicity

Synchronicity (meaningful coincidences) | How to Recognize Signs From the Universe

The universe tends to communicate with us through synchronicity. It allows us the opportunity to reconfirm our position and to determine if we’re going along the right path.

Multiple signs and occurrences may occur along the way to provide forewarning, guidance and inspiration in our manifesting endeavors.

This is why it’s important to listen and pay attention to the signs which show up in our lives.

Synchronicity often refers to more then one sign which shows up that has similar meaning and connections. There will be multiple signs that tell us different things but we shouldn’t be stuck or fixated on only one sign or synchronicity.

By looking at the big picture and reading the other signs that point to strong connections, we can get a much clearer idea of whether a path is the one that we should take.

Powerful Signs From the Universe (That You Shouldn’t Ignore!)

1. Seeing repeating numbers (1111, 2222, 3333, 4444…)

Seeing repeating numbers | Signs of the Universe

Have you had times when you keep seeing a particular number? This is likely to more than just mere coincidence. If you are continuously seeing repeating numbers in your life, it is likely to be a sign that the universe is trying to drop you a hint. For instance the repeating numbers (or angle numbers) 1111 often indicate that manifestation is close at hand for you. If you see such numbers repeating, you should trust in the divine sign that opportunity is coming your way and that your goal should be materializing soon.

The study of numerology is the idea that the universe at its foundation is broken down into the universal language of numbers. There is great meaning in the numbers that enter into our lives and these unique numbers may help us to understand what the universe and act as signs to guide as in our paths as individuals.

If you’re interested to learn more you can get your free numerology report here.

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2. Familiarity (Deja Vu)

Experiencing familiarity or deja vu | Signs of the Universe

I’m sure we’ve all experienced Deja Vu moments whereby it feels like we’ve lived this exact same moment before and everything in the situation seems so vaguely familiar. Depending on the strong emotions and vibes that you feel, this moments may be a sign of warning or guidance in the right direction.

Sometimes we meet people who appear to be strangers yet you get the strange feeling like you’ve known them for years. You can interact with them smoothly, laugh and even pour out your heart’s secrets with hesitation. It may seem eerie because its like you just got to know them but it seems like you’ve been besties for years. When you connect with such kindred spirits, the feelings of familiarity or Deja Vu may be an indicator that this person is a positive influence in your life.

3. Rare Animal Sightings

Rare Animal Sightings | Signs of the Universe

Every animal has different characteristics and traits and if they present themselves to you, it could be a powerful sign of things to come. Some close encounters with rare animals may even be seen as divine interventions. Here are some of the most powerful animal omens and their general meanings.

  • Owl – a sign to accumulate wisdom and make your choice carefully before proceeding
  • Spider – although many people are afraid of them, their webs symbolize connectedness to all nature and their appearance usually meant to predict the return of a friend. If you see a spider, you should be open to the idea of meeting a friend sometime in the near future.
  • Cat – cats are the animal personification of intuition, often signifying that you should listen to your heart
  • Crow/Raven – although they have a reputation for bad luck or ill news, they are also a symbol for seeking the truth
  • Deer – signify grace and purity
  • Rabbit – a change of luck is coming soon
  • Lizard – pay attention to your dreams that may reveal something to you
  • Snake – a reminder to embrace the blessings of nature
  • Dragonfly – signify connectedness to the spiritual realm
  • Ladybug – messenger of joy and deliverance

You can find more information on each specific animal omen here.

4. Having a Vivid Dreams

Having Vivid Dreams | Signs of the Universe

Dreams are a powerful indicator that something big is about to happen in your life. Some dreams can be downright nonsensical impossible to make sense of, and at times they could leave a strong lasting impact on us even after we have awakened. Whatever visualizations that you see within your dream could be foreshadowing of future circumstances.

Especially if you see close friends or relatives that have already passed on, they could be trying to deliver a message of warning or hope to you. I once had a vivid dream about my grandfather who had passed on about one month ago. It was a warm and comforting dream although he didn’t speak much, but he did leave me with a strong message of hope which made me continue down the path I was headed to almost instant great success in my career.

5. Playing a tune non-stop in your head

Playing a tune non-stop in your head

Have you ever been suddenly struck by a tune out of nowhere even though it was playing on your earphones that the precise moment? This could actually be a prompting from the universe! If you get from time to time, it would be good to take a closer look at the lyrics which might offer some insight into your current predicament.

Music is often the expression of the soul and the subconscious mind (which is open to forces of the law of attraction) may occasionally send a nostalgic tune to your conscious mind. Every song connects on a personal level to different people. For instance a particular tune may mean much more to you because it was the one playing on the first date with you and your wife.

If a tune suddenly reminds you of a loved one, friend or acquaintance, perhaps its a sign that connecting with them may lead you down the right path to achieving your dreams and abundance.

6. Sudden Flashbacks of the Past

Sudden Flashbacks of the Past

Sudden flashbacks of past memories can often trigger as a warning sign of something dangerous coming or to warn you if you’re in a particularly undesirable position. Take note of these flashes and try to see if the situation is similar to the one you are in right now. They may even offer insights from the past as to how you could react to turn your current situation into something positive.

7. Changes In Your Vibration

Changes In Your Vibration

Pay attention to changes in your vibrational energies when you experience a new situation. For instance if you walk into a room and immediately sense a shift in your energies to sense something wary or hostile, it could be a strong sign for you to keep away. The opposite may also be the case where you feel strong positive vibes from people around you. You’ll want to adjust your responses and actions according to the type of vibration that you experience.

Such vibrational changes can also happen when interacting with people. The law of attraction acts to bring like-minded people together which are likely to help you achieve your manifestation goals. If you’re getting a bad vibe from a person it may simply mean that your connection is weak and it might do you well to stay away from them!

8. New opportunities coming into your life

New opportunities coming into your life

Sometimes the universe may suddenly decide to throw new opportunities into your life. If you’ve been diligently working hard to apply the law of attraction, you will also begin to attract new opportunities that will bring you closer to your goals.

Unexpected gifts and blessings that you come across often signal that good energies are flowing to you.

9. Chance encounters

Chance encounters

Sometimes when you’re walking down the street or shopping for groceries and you suddenly have a chance encounter with people that you already know. This can be a strong indication that the law of attraction is in play for you. When you send a strong message of your intentions to the universe, it responds in kind by attracting people and opportunities into your life.

This could be the universe’s way of telling you that this person may be good for your manifestation goals. Some people may pass these encounters of a mere coincidence, but it would be good to take a closer look and to see if it this person is able to fit into your life in a positive way.

Especially when it comes to relationships or trying to manifest a soul mate. Chance encounters are often a sign that two souls have their fates intertwined and the universe keeps trying to draw them back together.

10. Sudden Positive Messages

Sudden Positive Messages

Sudden messages filled with optimism, love and positivity can almost instantly raise our vibration to attract more powerful things into our lives. The occurrence of such messages are strong signals from the universe to guide you in the right path.

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