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12 Powerful Money Affirmations That Work Fast

In this post we’ll be going through powerful money manifestation affirmations that will help you to accumulate more wealth and abundance.

Everyone wants to know how to be a money magnet. Given the chance, who wouldn’t love to have more money, wealth and abundance in their lives?

I know I do!

Using the law of attraction to manifest money isn’t all that hard especially when coupled with these powerful money affirmations.

Whether you’re already earning big money, in debt or just want to take your money-making potential to a higher level, these powerful money manifestation affirmations will help you to attract wealth and prosperity.

Do Money Affirmations Really Work?

When it comes to attracting money and wealth, the subconscious mind plays a very powerful role in the manifestation process.

Money affirmations are a powerful way of influencing the subconscious mind through the principle of autosuggestion. Once you discover the power of positive affirmations and manage to harness them to reprogram your mind, you’ll find attracting money becomes easier and and more fluent.

If you want a more in depth article of how positive affirmations work you can read this The Ultimate List of Positive Affirmations and How to Apply Them Instantly.

How and When to Apply Positive Money Affirmations

If you are unsure how many times to repeat these affirmations in a day, I would recommend reciting them at least twice:

  1. In the morning when you first wake up, and
  2. At night just before you go to sleep

You may also recite them anytime in between the day when you need a pick me up or just want some motivation to pull through.

The reason for these 2 suggested timings is because these are when you conscious mind isn’t fully awake. The conscious mind often limits thoughts from passing through to the subconscious. By taking advantage of this state that the conscious mind is in, you may be able to get a better impact from your money affirmation meditations.

This is money meditations work so well with affirmations, because the conscious mind goes to sleep when one starts to meditate and the subconscious mind is able to accept the suggestions more effectively.

List of Money Affirmations

It doesn’t matter which stage of life you are at, these 12 powerful money affirmations are designed to help you in your manifesting money in your life.

1. At this very moment I am attracting streams of abundance into my life.

Money affirmation 1: At this very moment I am attracting streams of abundance into my life.

2. Money comes to me easily and effortlessly

3. I am attracting wealth and prosperity with each breath

4. I am a money magnet – I am always attracting wealth, even as I sleep

5. Every day I am finding it easier and easier to attract money into my life

6. Abundance is flowing to me in all areas of my life

7. I command myself to manifest wealth, abundance & prosperity. I deserve them, and I will have them.

8. I am open to receiving wealth in new and amazing ways

9. The more I give, the more I receive. The more I receive, the more I give

10. I am ready to receive my financial freedom today. From this day forth, my finances will begin to multiply.

11. My best days are yet to come. Wealth and abundance will flow to me in unimaginable ways

12. I believe in my potential and ability to acquire overwhelming wealth and prosperity

How Quickly Will My Money Affirmations Work?

In truth, the speed of which you manifest wealth differs from person to person but there are certain factors that may determine how fast you can start to manifest money.

These factors may help to apply the law of attraction to speed up the rate of your money manifestation.

1. Do You Believe In Your Money Affirmations?

When you recite your affirmations, are you just reciting them off the back of your head or are you really feeling them?

Remember that the main goal for positive money affirmations is to ensure that these dominating thoughts are translated to the subconscious mind so as to create the perfect abundance mindset.

When you say your affirmations you must think, feel and believe like you are already in possession of your financial goals.

The more you believe in the words that you are speaking, the closer you are to manifesting money and a lifetime of abundance.

2. Are You Visualizing Your Success?

Are you able to visualize yourself already having attained success?

It all boils down to the whether or not you’re ready to receive wealth and prosperity. Many people say they want wealth, yet they don’t carry themselves in the way that shows they want to be rich.

Those that actually make it rich are those that believe they will be. Hence they carry themselves like they are already in possession of the money. They crave knowledge and are unafraid to take risks that will get them to the goal.

The law of attraction is very discerning when it comes to the level of your money vibration. If it senses that you are not ready to receive money, then you may experiences blockages and be frustrated that things are not working out.

Think, feel and believe it.

3. Are You Open to Change?

In order to achieve a level of wealth and abundance that you’ve never had before, you must also be willing to do things that you’ve never attempted.

These money affirmations offer powerful suggestions to your subconscious mind that must be translated to physical responses in order to manifest.

Be prepared to open yourself to new opportunities and seize them when they come. The more you are unafraid of embracing change, the more ready you will be to accumulate riches.

4. Be Persistent In Accumulating Wealth

Ultimately manifestation isn’t just purely mental. It’s about translating ideas that take root in the mind into reality through your own will and determination.

Instant manifestation rarely happens (although it is possible), sometimes it might take a while before you are truly ready to manifest wealth into your life.

Be persistent and do not give up in the face temporary defeat. This may be one of the most defining qualities that determines if you will manifest abundance or not.

Nothing can defeat a man (or woman) who does not give up, and you will eventually manifest the goal.

5. Focus On What You Will Have – Not The Lack

This is one of the biggest flaws I’ve seen for people trying to manifest money into their lives. These people tend to focus on what they have lacking:

Why am I not yet rich?
I wish I had the skills to earn more money.
Why can’t I earn more money right now.

This is the WRONG paradigm to begin with if you want to manifest money! If you hold these negative thoughts you will NOT be able to attract wealth, because you are limiting your own success.

The trick is to focus on what you WILL have. As mentioned in points 1 & 2, visualize on yourself successfully acquiring wealth and discard any thoughts about what you don’t have right now.

Because it doesn’t matter…

You know that eventually you WILL achieve wealth. You WILL achieve prosperity and abundance.

You Are Attracting Abundance Right Now

All of these factors add up to create your abundance mindset. The stronger that mindset, the closer you will be to attracting new opportunities and people into your life that will bring you closer to manifesting wealth.

Look out for other signs which show that your manifestation is close at hand as well, and never lose hope even if its tough in the beginning. It always gets easier!

I hope you enjoyed this post and managed to get some fresh insights into manifesting money. I would love to here your thoughts and comments so please write to me in the comments section below.

Feel free to add your own experiences and sharing for the benefit of others as well.

Finally, if this post was helpful for you don’t forget to spread the word and share it with your friends!

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