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12 Soulmate Signs You’ve Found The One – How to Identify Your Soulmate

Hey we’ve all heard stories of fairy tale weddings and couples falling in love at first sight. In reality it doesn’t really always play out like that, and that’s a good thing! Because relationships aren’t pure coincidence or , it takes a determination and persistence to build a long lasting relationship that you can be proud of.

Thanks to Hollywood love stories, so often people fall to notion of “falling in love” which places a high emphasis on the emotions and thoughts that a couple feels when they first meet. This initial infatuation is often biological in nature – what happens then when the feelings die down? That’s when the problems start to arise.

That’s why I’ve always advocated to never to make important life decisions only based on the whims of “feelings” but rather connections. That’s the stuff on which solid relationships are built upon.

So down to the big question is: how do you identify your soulmate?

Read on to discover the 12 important soulmate signs that will confirm if you have finally found the one that you’ve been waiting for all your life!

12 Soulmate signs that you've found the one

Signs You’ve Found Your Soulmate

1. You Both Are Willing To Fight For Your Relationship

Having a soulmate doesn’t mean that the relationship is going to be perfect. There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship without any ounce of hardship, quarrels or struggles. Sometimes it’s these struggles that bring soulmates closer together because they learn more about each other. The important thing is that both parties are willing to compromise and work through the problems. Soulmates are willing to sacrifice things for the other.

2. You Can Communicate Easily

I’ve seen relationships crumble simply because of poor communication. And I don’t mean just verbal communication. The physical and mental cues that you convey your thoughts, feelings and emotions to your partner play a huge role in effective communication as well.

Soulmates are comfortable with sharing their inner thoughts with one another and always feel comfortable when in the other’s presence (whether or not anyone is speaking). Sometimes the non-verbal cues may communicate much more detail then the spoken words.

Soulmate Sign - You Can Communicate Easily

3. You Have Mutual Respect

Having fundamental respect for your partner is the mark of a strong soulmate connection. respecting each other’s boundaries and always taking into account the other person’s point of view. This goes also when speaking to each other

4. Your Goals Are Aligned

Couples who have their goals aligned for the future is a sign of strong connection and compatibility. It’s so much easier to maintain a relationship when you both are working towards the same long-term goals.

If you have similar hopes, dreams and aspirations and are readily supportive of each other, that’s a clear signal of a powerful relationship.

5. You Share Everything About Your Life Openly (No Secrets!)

Soulmate Sign - You Share Everything About Your Life Openly

Trust is a huge part of relationships and I would go so far as to say that it forms the foundation of relationships between couples. That’s why my wife and I always enforce the rule of “no secrets” between each other. Whatever the issue or how embarrassing it may be, we always make it a point to share what we’re feeling with the other person.

This is important in ALL relationships. Your soulmate must be someone that you can be open with and you don’t have to hide things from.

6. You Both Are Best Friends

Who says you can be romantically in love with your best friend? When you meet your soulmate, you’ll realize that he/she is also your best friend. It’s because you both have already formed such powerful connections with one another and have allowed the other person into all areas of your life.

That’s not to say that you can’t have any other close friends other than your soulmate, but the emotional connections that you form with soulmate are on much deeper level that cannot be replicated with other friendships.

7. You’ve Got Each Other Backs

This may seem like an obvious statement at first, but so often I’ve seen couples at odds with each other even in the smallest things. What many people don’t realize is that the small things add up and form your disposition towards your partner. Its important to at times put aside your own personal pride or judgment, and remain supportive in the smallest of things.

Your ideal soulmate is someone who supports you in your pursuits and endeavors no matter how silly it may seem to because they know that it’s important to you. That doesn’t mean they have to understand your motivations.

I can’t for the life of me figure out why my wife loves to go for 3 consecutive yoga classes every Saturday but I’m always there to pick her up when she’s done. The fact that it gives her fulfillment and happiness is enough for me to keep showing up! (Just don’t ask me to attend all of them at once).

You Don’t Have To Hide Anything

Building a long term relationship is all about trust and authenticity. If you feel like you have something to hide for fear of judgment from your partner, that may not be a good sign. If you’ve found the one, there will be no need to pretend or hide things in your life. Your soulmate is someone who you should not be afraid to show your true self in all its glory without fear of judgment. It also breeds a self-reinforcing cycle of trust and strengthens your soulmate connections.

Is Your Soulmate Your Best Friend?

Your soulmate is someone who will be there for you through thick and thin, so of course he/she should be your best friend as well!

If you feel like you’re having some issues with your relationship or partner, fret not. Acknowledge that relationships aren’t perfect and you both can still work towards better soulmate connections. As long as you and your partner are willing to do this together, anything is possible.

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