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15 Amazing Positive Affirmations for Manifesting Abundance

Positive Thoughts, Positive Life

The Law of Attraction essentially revolves around the power of the mind to translate our thoughts into material things in reality (manifestation).

You’re probably wondering how manifestation works and what are the best ways to make use of this principle in order to bring about the greatest effects.

Remember that the Law of Attraction works both ways, so its crucial that your daily focus is always on positive manifestation and materializing things that bring value to your life.

Cup with words: today is gonna be a good day!

The Fuel for Manifestation

Positive affirmations are an effective technique that is often overlooked.

The core principle of positive manifestation is to focus our thoughts on the object of our desire. Effective use of positive affirmations help to enhance this – giving our thoughts greater power, and eventually bringing them into reality.

Manifestation involves consistent focus on our desired thoughts. Fleeting thought impulses or wishful thinking doesn’t work, simply because we never give them enough consideration to effect change in our lives.

The best way to manifest thoughts into deeds is through re-programming of the subconscious mind. The Law of Attraction is largely psychological in nature which is why the mind is the most important conduit for positive manifestations.

The Science Behind Daily Affirmations

Faith is a state of mind which may be induced, or created, by affirmation or repeated instructions to the subconscious mind, through the principle of auto-suggestion

Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

The trick is to keep repeating the goal to the brain until it absorbs the essence of what we are trying to achieve, and translates it into our physical actions, emotions and attitudes.

A definite purpose (which springs from desire), backed by faith in its accomplishment is bound to be translated into reality.

Repetition of affirmation of orders to your subconscious mind is the only known method of voluntary development of the emotion of faith.

Faith, in other words, can be described as near absolute belief in the goal. This can be achieved through consistent repetition of the goal until you fully believe in the dream as something that will definitely come to pass.

Combined with this technique of reprogramming the subconscious mind and you’ll see vastly amazing results in no time.

Believe and Emotion

But affirmations will only work if you mix them with believe and emotion. For instance if I repeat the phrase “I will make 10 million dollars a month” every day for the sake of it without any ounce of believe that it will come to pass, then the effort would be futile.

Every time you repeat the affirmation, you must think, feel and believe that you are already in possession of the dream. Then and only then will it start to take root in your subconscious mind and start to manifest in reality.

The trick lies in hammering your mind repeatedly day in and day out until you starve all feelings of doubt and believe absolutely in your goal.

If you want to find out more on how to write and craft your very own positive affirmations, this guide (The Ultimate List of Positive Affirmations and How to Apply Them Instantly) will help you (along with a list of over a hundred affirmations for you to choose from).

15 Life-Changing Affirmations that Create the Largest Impact.

The following affirmations have been chosen because they elicit the largest psychological impact on the person who religiously repeats them every day.

Remember that these are suggestions and you are free to tweak it any way you want that will suit your needs. In fact, I strongly insist that you tweak it for yourself. Only then will you develop a sense of ownership and responsibility for these words.

Make sure you select and customize your affirmations to resonate well with you. You can’t just be repeating them for the sake of it.

  • Mix them with emotion and believe
  • Speak them in present tense (as if you can already see what you have accomplished)
  • Use the words “I AM” – take responsibility and feel good that you are working towards your own unique goal

Read them out loud and select the ones that resonate well with you:

  1. I am receiving abundance now in expected and unexpected ways
  2. I have absolute confidence in my ability to create the reality that I desire
  3. I am making a meaningful contribution to the world and I am wonderfully compensated for my contribution.
  4. I am in complete control of my life with my dominant beliefs; and I AM improving the quality of those beliefs.
  5. I am powerful with my dominant beliefs and have eliminated all limiting thoughts
  6. I am self-made, strong and able to change the outcomes in any situation
  7. I am well respected, trusted and have the power to influence the community
  8. I have faith in my ability to excel in any given situation because of my indomitable mental disposition
  9. I am fully capable of creating a positive reality, filled with optimistic spirit, thoughts and good vibrations
  10. I am capable of receiving infinite blessings, miracles and abundance from the Universe
  11. I am an over-achiever because I obsess with becoming the best in any job or work that I do
  12. I am worthy of love, abundance, success, happiness and fulfillment
  13. I have the power to control my thoughts and can manifest anything that I want in life, as long as I set my mind to it
  14. I am proud of my achievements but I am constantly setting new goals to accomplish
  15. I am victorious in every situation because my desire to succeed is stronger than any external force. I know no such word as failure.

Want more affirmations? See The Ultimate List of Positive Affirmations and How to Apply Them Instantly

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Always Look Forward – Focus on the Outcome

When you first start out, you may only have a simple believe and hope for what you desire. But as you repeat the affirmations daily and infuse them with your emotions and faith, your believe will grow stronger and stronger.

Until the outcome becomes inevitable…

Better still, you can write out a statement of purpose for what you want to achieve in your life and read it everyday as well. Eventually your subconscious brain will pick up your determination and translate it into your life.

Remember to always focus on the outcome that you wish to manifest in your life instead of your current position.

Manifestation is a process of transformation. You can’t remain the exact same person if you wish to attract greatness and success into your life.

To do this you must always set your sights and the goal and keep moving forward.

Persistence, tenacity and unwavering believe are the vehicle that will deliver you to the destination that you desire.

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