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5 Law of Attraction Prayers for Abundance

Do you sometimes feel like your prayers are going unanswered? When you pray, do you wish for something to happen or get inspired? And should you also use the Law of Attraction to manifest your desires at the same time?

Depending on what religion you come from, prayer is a form of communication to a higher being or consciousness where we draw strength, solace and comfort. The Law of Attraction is not a intended to be a substitute for prayer. Prayers can help to bring our align our desires with our body’s true focus. In a very practical sense, prayer connects us with out innermost desires and serves to help align our focus and attention with our subconscious mind – if used properly that is.

The best way to pray is by visualizing your end desired outcome and repeating it multiple times if necessary with positive expectancy of the outcome. When you are feeling inspired or brimming with anticipation of the future, that’s the best time to pray and visualize the result that you wish to achieve. Think of it as a destination. You may not know exactly how to get to the end at this point, but trust and expect that the route will be presented to you in due time.

The next step of course is to take inspired action when the opportunity presents itself!

These 5 Law of Attraction Prayers are specifically catered for you to achieve abundance and success. Feel free to use them and I even encourage you to re-write them to suit your needs! Your manifestation should be unique to you, so it’s good if you add your own desires in it as well.

Law of Attraction Prayer #1

I am attracting a better life and abundance right now. I have discovered a powerful secret – that all manifestation starts with me.

I will change myself first so that I can align with everything that I desire and wish to achieve. I remove blame from others and take full responsibility for the direction of my life.

Everyday I grow stronger, more powerful and become better at attracting the dream life that I have always wanted.

Law of Attraction Prayer #2

I attract love, abundance and prosperity to myself naturally. I know that the entire Universe is conspiring to make me prosperous and abundant.

Prosperity and Abundance is my birthright and I already have it within me. I let go of all the resistance and limiting thoughts to wealth and allow it to flow naturally to me with each passing minute.

I am in a state of constant gratitude & fulfillment that nobody can take away. I have abundant love and joy in my life and I am free to accomplish everything that I set out to do.

Law of Attraction Prayer #3

Dear God, you are the way and the substance of all life; all that is good, and as your child all that you are is within me.

I now understand my divine birthright and I call it forth letting your everlasting abundance manifest in my life.

You are the Source that ignites my dreams and meets my every need in perfect order. I am truly blessed.

Law of Attraction Prayer #4

With the deepest gratitude for all life, I open my heart completely to your Divine Presence. I open my mind to receive clear guidance for the highest prioirity of next steps in the process of manifesting what is most important to me now.

I open my body to be filled with the energy needed to translate this guidance into clear actions that I can schedule into my calendar right away.

I open my entire being to the floodgates of wealth, abundance and love that is flowing to me right now.

Law of Attraction Prayer #5

I call upon the Archangels to pave the way for my abundant future, filled with love, happiness, gratitude and faith. I set the intention this will be the best year of my life.

I call upon Archangel Michael for the strength I will need to meet challenges in the year ahead.

I call upon Archangel Gabriel for the words and communication needed to pave the way of my truth and desires for my present and future successes and relationships.

I call upon and release to Archangel Raphael to enable processes for healing of my ego and higher self; to no longer allow my past fears to control my present future.

I call upon Archangel Uriel to activate and embrace my true inner power and love; to direct me easily and effortlessly to my soul lessons in this lieftime.

I call upon Archangel Raguel to balance all relationships in my life with peace and harmony. Allow me to recognize, accept and release any relationship that is not for my highest and best, to send them gratitude and peace.

Dear Archangels, I am always open and willing and deserving of love and guidance

5 Law of Attraction Prayers for Abundance

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