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5 Realistic Ways to Get Healthy with Positive Thinking

Look Good, Feel Good

A large percentage of people who fail in their diets do so because they began with the wrong mindset in the first place. Unfortunately, many are driven to desperation and quick-fix diet or exercise because of societal pressures, bullying, or lack of self-confidence.

It’s far more effective to fill the mind with. Research backing has proven that program adoption and increases by 300% when the participants carried an optimistic outlook.

Proper diet and exercise isn’t mean to be a guilt-relieve scheme, but rather a consistent, steadfast approach to manifesting great health. Don’t just decide to hit the gym today or skip a couple of meals just because you feel guilty for feasting the day before.

If you make it seem like a healthy lifestyle is a “punishment” for your poor diet choices, then guess what? You’re probably not gonna be keep up with it long-term… Instead, strive to develop an optimistic view towards living healthy and embrace the lifestyle with positive thoughts that build you up rather negative forms of “motivation”.

You can absolutely use the Law of Attraction to develop a healthy lifestyle. It all begins with the power of thought. Here’s 5 ways you can do it.

How to Harness Positive Thoughts to Get Healthy

1. Visualize your end result

Always begin with the end in mind. What results do you wish to achieve with your body and health? Do you want to look younger, with more vitality? Is your goal to lose a few pounds and get slim again?

The end result serves as the core positive motivation (instead of being fueled by negative pressures). Your aim should always be working towards a goal that you actually want to achieve. Not something others try to impose on you.

Make sure you take some time to plan out what you desire to achieve. This is the most important step for manifesting health into your life.

2. Ditch the Negative Influences

Ditch the negative thoughts and emotions from internal and external voices that make you feel bad about yourself. Any voice that tells you that you aren’t good enough and need to change to look better with exercise is insidious and foul. Pay no heed to these influences.

You may think that external pressure is a good thing sometimes because it drives action. In actuality, being driven to “live healthy” by a sense of guilt isn’t going to help you long-term as the behavior isn’t accepted by your brain, but rather because you are forced to do it. Once the pressure is removed or forgotten, you’re likely relapse into the attitudes that you were before.

Focusing on positive thoughts have the direct opposite effect. Lifestyle adoption is fueled by a healthy internal environment – you do it because you believe in it. This has significantly greater effectiveness then the first and will ensure that you remain a healthy body and mind as you conquer your fitness goals!

3. Approach Health with an All or Nothing Attitude

Ever heard the popular fitness phrase: go big or go home?

There’s a reason so many fitness personalities, gyms and trainers live by those words. Because to achieve greatness in life, there can be no halfway. If you really want to develop wonderful health, achieve your ideal fitness and . then you must be prepared to do whatever it takes to get there.

Remember that health is the foundation of your life. Without it, there can be no success… The question is: are you ready to transform your health in order to take joy and manifest abundance in all areas of your life?

That being said, the mentality of going all in has extremely huge psychological impact on people. The harder the journey to reach the a desired destination, the stronger the mindset you need to see it through. And living a healthy lifestyle is no easy endeavor – you will need to make hard choices along the way. By developing a positive, indomitable mindset, it will be possible for you to reach your goal.

4. Practice Mindfulness in Sports or Meditation

Being healthy isn’t just about frequenting the gym or eating good food, it’s also about feeling healthy in thought and mind. Those who have achieved great success in life always practice some form of mindful art in their daily lives.

The best time would be in the morning. When you wake up, instead of rushing headfirst into the day, take some time to gather and compose yourself. Collect all of your positive thoughts, repeat your positive affirmations out loud and focus on the things that you want to accomplish today. Set your daily intentions.

Never underestimate the power of setting intentions for yourself. I pity the man who wakes up never knowing what he wants to accomplish, simply diving into life. He becomes a product of the environment.

Take control of your life the very first thing in the morning and you will feel empowered. You can meditate, do yoga, go for a run, listen to soothing music… whatever it is that can help get you into a state of mindfulness.

5. Use Positive Affirmations

What are the greatest words in the English language?

I believe that the greatest words in the English language are the words “I am”. Because what comes after “I am”, what you see, feel, think and believe after them will shape your reality.

Positive affirmations are the cornerstone of positive manifestation. What drives the end result is a strong unwavering belief of what you can be. The same goes for manifesting perfect health.

Come up with a list of things that you want to achieve in the field of health and fitness and repeat it to yourself everyday.

In the morning when you wake, in the gym when you’re hitting those crazy exercises, when you’re driving to take the kids to school, at lunch before you decide on which type of food to eat… repeat them anytime you get the chance, because the thoughts that you focus on repeatedly day in and day out will attract the life that you want.

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