7 Day Prayer Miracle Review – Scam or Real?

An Honest Review of 7 Day Prayer Miracle

Getting in touch with your blessings isn’t easy. Especially in this day and age where we are all so caught up with our daily lives and technology, it can be difficult to remember to practice gratitude which raises your vibration to receive more blessings.

7 Day Prayer Miracle is a system that cleverly combines elements of spiritual faith with the law of attraction. It was designed to help counter negative thoughts and to keep an individual in a state of “feeling blessed” all the time. This heightened state of consciousness in turn allow you to attract more blessings and abundance into your life.

This review will attempt to answer questions like: “Does 7 Day Prayer Miracle work? Is it worth the money? And where to purchase at the best price?

If you wish to skip ahead of the rest you can visit the official website here:

What is 7 Day Prayer Miracle?

When I first saw the 7 Day Prayer Miracle website, the first thing that came to my mind was:

“Hey Jesus, never charged anyone to teach them to pray. Why should I be praying for this 7 day prayer miracle?”

As it turns out after I had purchased it, I realized that this program isn’t simply just a prayer but rather an entire comprehensive program that involves deep elements of the law of attraction and advanced manifestation techniques whilst infused with an additional element of prayer which makes it all the more powerful.

You see the law of attraction often involves speaking to the subconscious mind and telling it what you desire in reality. The more you believe in a thought or outcome, the more your subconscious acts in accordance to manifest this thought into its physical equivalent.

The clever incorporation of the spiritual element of prayer significantly has the potential to boost your subconscious vibration. The individual prayers found in this program are powerful on its own but when coupled with the manifestation techniques, you get a whole complete system to manifesting abundance into your life.

I found the program easy to follow and the exercises where very easy to complete. You don’t need to be very experienced in manifesting or prayer, just follow the instructions and you’ll be able to execute the program successfully.

This program is quite an interesting take because for many law of attraction programs that I’ve come across so far, many of them have been missing the spiritual element of faith. If you are someone who believes in the power of prayer as well as apply the law of attraction to achieve abundance in your life then this program will be perfect for you!

You can check out the official website here for the lowest price download!

What’s In The 7 Day Prayer Miracle Program?

1. The 7 Day Prayer Miracle – Grabbing the Attention of Heaven

The first item you’ll get is a 30,000 words powerful ebook guide to the power of prayer. It’s specifically catered as a step-by-step guide to learn the way in which Daniel prayed for protection, success and abundance. Its an ebook that gives you a crash course on your relationship to the spiritual world, to God and to His angels, and how to exercise your ability to connect directly to heaven.

2. 7 Day Prayer Journal

Not only will you get 7 amazing prayers – you’ll also get a beautifully-designed ornate prayer journal to go with it. I particularly liked the use of effective journal keeping in this program.

Its a great activity that stimulates neural activity within the brain that is linked to better emotional well-being and the ability to focus on achieving particular goals. So what’s happening is that you’re priming your brain to manifest the things that you want easier.


1. The Archangel Michael Prayer of Boundless Blessings

A straightforward powerful prayer for abundance and protection from the Archangel Michael himself.

I’ve got a secret! If you want to get this prayer without having to purchase the entire program than you can get free access here. If you want to check out how its like before getting the program you should definitely secure your free gift through the link. 😊

2. A Song of Shifts

The miracle frequency that communicates with Angels to help you manifest (528Hz). This is an audio file that comes in .mp3 format. It actually has quite a soothing tune and it only takes up to 11 seconds of listening to reach this it’s wavelength.

3. Divine Hearing

With this guide you’ll learn to recognize and decipher important messages from your Angels, especially when you feel like you can’t seem to get them to hear your prayers. It could just be that you’re not listening attentively enough. In other words, it’s time to dig out your spiritual ear plug in order to hear your divine guides better!

4. Divine Numbers

A guide on how to Interpret Angelic Sequences and Unleash Their Blessings. If you’re constantly seeing things like 11:11, 555, 888… these are known as angel numbers and understanding the meaning behind these “coincidences” could play a vital role in our lives.

5. The Prayer of Daniel

A powerful prayer 476 word prayer that the author employed to turn her life around from the depths of adversity. It’s split into 4 verses and works best if recited every day.

About The Author – Amanda Ross

Amanda Ross

The 7 Day Prayer Miracle was created by Amanda Ross. In the video she recounts her tragic personal tale of how she had almost lost her life in a car accident with her husband, yet surprisingly she attributes that as one of the GREATEST blessings in her life (talk about being positive through adversity!) It’s a really interesting story and really tells you a lot about perspective.

She’s also created a solid program that mixes faith with manifestation and abundance-seeking to give maximum results when applying the law of attraction to work in your life.

The Bible And The Law of Attraction

Since this program revolves around the power of prayer to apply the law of attraction, naturally it is centered around many bible stories and teachings. In particular there is a strong focus on the tale of Daniel which originates in the bible (you’ll get access to the 476 word prayer of Daniel in the program).

You can also find out more about what the bible says about the law of attraction here.

If you didn’t already know, Daniel was a prophet in the bible who started of as a slave and was very deeply rooted in prayer and obedience to God. This slave eventually went on to rise through the ranks and served as the right hand man of King Nebuchadnezzar (one of the most powerful figures during that time).

Daniel survived the lion’s den

The video exerts that it wasn’t so much that Daniel was “born special”, but rather the technique that he used to pray that caused him to live a life with high-vibration towards miracles. By merely repeating a few sentences, he managed to all adversity and became invincible.

Naturally, this program will only work well for someone who believes in the power of prayer and the blessings of God. If you’re not into religious worship or come from a different religious background then this program may not be for you. However if you don’t mind the spiritual element than approach it with an open mind and you’ll see wonders start to work for you!

Summary of 7 Day Miracle Prayer Review

To sum it all up, 7 Day Miracle Prayer is an exciting new law of attraction program with a spiritual element that helps to bolster the subconscious mind with greater faith and ability to manifest. I quite enjoyed Amanda Ross’ structure program and feel that it has the potential to change thousands of lives as it did for me.

There are tons of testimonials for the program which offers strong social proof of the number of lives it has touched.

Another great news is that the program is that it is sold on the Clickbank platform which guarantees a 30 day guarantee. If at any point you do not like the program you can always reach out their support and get a FULL refund. You even get to keep the program! For this very reason I believe its a risk-free investment and you can check it out without fear of purchasing a poorly design program.

Beware of many fakes or scam websites that are touting the program with a similar name, if you’re interested to purchase or just take a look at it be sure to see if here at the official website with the lowest prices.

I hope you enjoy this review! Let me know if you have any questions or share you experiences with the program in the comments below.

7 Day Prayer Miracle




Ease of Use


Money-back Guarantee



  • Digital product
  • Good manifestation techniques


  • If you don't believe in prayer

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