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8 Miracle Prayers for Money and Urgent Financial Breakthrough

How to Pray For Money?

I’m sure you’ve been wondering: “What’s are the best prayers for money that will work for me”?

We all want to find a way to manifest money immediately for different reasons. For some it could be to achieve financial freedom to provide for their families, to never have to worry about debt or have not enough to eat. By reciting these money prayers and affirming our believe in our eventual abundance, we’re opening the doors to attracting a life of financial freedom, happiness and prosperity.

The most effective prayers are those that speak from the heart, and is filled with absolute faith. Sometimes the act of praying is enough to activate our subconscious mind into a state of that actively seeks out abundance. When we combine out prayers with faith and persistence, that is when we can truly state to manifest money and attain the financial freedom that we desire.

Best Prayers for a Money Miracle

Here are a list of powerful financial prayers that will help you to get closer to your financial goals. You can select your favorite ones to repeat every day, or mix and match the different money prayers for some variation. Depending on the circumstance, some prayers may work better than others. Choose whichever works best for you and keep believing that your financial success is right around the corner!

1. Prayer For Instant Money

This prayer works well in any scenario. Whether you’re in urgent need of money or just want to manifest more wealth for yourself, this prayer will help you to bring more money into your life.

Dear God in Heaven,

I humbly come before you today in heart, mind and soul to pray for your divine abundance. Through your love & grace, look with favor on upon your servant and bestow me with personal fortune and prosperity so that I can give back to those around me.

The more I give, the more I will receive. The more I receive, the more I will give.

At this very moment, I open myself to the multitude of ways to receiving money in my life. I cast aside all limiting thoughts and embrace my divine heritage in your name.

Please let this financial miracle be immediate, so that I can go forth and do your work – to spread the love and joy that you have to all those around me.


2. Prayer for Financial Breakthrough

Sometimes you feel like you’re just on the verge of achieving the financial freedom that you rightfully deserve. This financial breakthrough prayer will strengthen your resolve and open you up to new opportunities to manifest your wealth.

Dear God,

I have been steadfast and faithful to my convictions in upholding your word. I have put in the effort and I believe in your promises to make me prosper.

I have struggled financially up till now, but I am now ready to receive my financial abundance with your grace. Please rain down your blessings with an abundance of money and prosperity.

I promise to make the most of it, and share the fruits of this gift with those around me.

Thank you God.

3. A Prayer To Get Out of Debt

This prayer will help if you’re in debt and seeking for ways to get rid of it. You have to understand that sometimes focusing on what you are lacking in (in this case money), is the major cause of your subconscious mind acting in a such a way that will limit your abundance.

When you instead focus on where you want to get, the changes can be enormous!

Dear God, I am in need of your aid. I have a mountain of debt, and I do not know how to overcome it.

But still, I trust in your promise and love for me. I know you will never leave me alone and defenseless.

With your divine grace, I will turn this adversity into a success. I will rise up from the depths of despair and seize new opportunities as they come.

I resolve right now to never focus on my lack, instead I will transform my burdens into blessings. You have shown me that your love for me has no limits. Grant me this financial miracle and cast aside the chains of debt that hold me back.

A financial breakthrough is coming for me soon. I know that with your help, I will prosper and give back to those around me so that your name will be exalted by all.

I believe in your divine grace and mercy.

4. Prayer for More Fortune

This prayer is for fortune in the face of upcoming events or big changes in your life.

Dear God, please send forth your angelic assistance upon me today.

Something big is coming up in my life and I require your powerful guidance to help me decide on the best course of action that will lead to to the greatest financial fortune.

Please send forth your blessings upon me. Empower me with your divine intuition and discernment.

I will trust in you.

5. Prayer to Win Big Money

Turn to prayer when you are in urgent need of money in your life. Sometimes the simplest of actions can create the strongest results.

Dear God,

I turn to you in my hour of need. I leave everything in your hands now.

I trust and believe in your grace. I know that with you by my side I can only prosper.

6. Prayer to Attract Unexpected Income

Sometimes the best things in life are unexpected. But you need to ensure that you’re ready to receive these blessings!

Dear God, kindly shower upon me blessings of rich, lavish financial now!

Oh kind God, you have ways which are unexpected and unimaginable.

You have myriad ways to bless me.

Let the money come to me through unexpected avenues.

I now open my mind to receive riches and wealth from you in unexpected and unique ways.

Let your miracles of wonder begin to happen.

7. Prayer to Manifest Wealth & Prosperity

This prayer is for when you want to attract new opportunities, people and things into your life that will help you to manifest a life of wealth and abundance.

Dear God,

I ask you to take control of my subconscious, and influence it to work in ways that will help to secure my financial future. Let my success be in your name as I give all glory and honor to you in my life.

Help me to constantly attract positive influences that will take me along the path to abundance.

By myself I am weak, but when strengthened with your power I know that I can achieve all things. Fill me with your spirit of discernment, and allow me to manifest my greatest dreams so that I can glorify your name.

If you liked this prayer, you may also wish to check out these powerful money affirmations that will help you to manifest wealth.

Abundance Breakthrough

8. Powerful Prayer for Money Blessings

Dear Lord, please descend upon me your eternal blessings of abundance and wealth.

When all else fails I will rely on your blessings for financial security and prosperity. I believe that you can turn any circumstance around and I pray for your divine blessings to help me manifest more money into my life.

I promise your gift wisely and for the benefit of the community.

I affirm today that I am a money magnet. With your grace I will be rich with wealth and love for others.


These money prayers are extremely powerful and will work wonders when applied in the right situation. For those of us who are struggling financially and need a financial breakthrough miracle, please try out these prayers for more prosperity.

The last thing to note in the pursuit of financial freedom is that we should never forget that our main purpose is to create VALUE for the world. After all, money is a measure of the value that we create for others.

Let us focus on creating more value so that the world benefits as we prosper together!

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