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My name is John Abraham and I’m honored to welcome you into this community of positive manifestors all around the world.

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I’m sure you’re interested to find out why I’m doing all of this for you.

Without further ado, here’s my story…


My ultimate goal is to create community of positive thinkers who are empowered with the believe that they can manifest whatever they want into their lives.

Over the years I have seen the tremendous power of human believe – how the right mindset can spring forth great monuments of success from nothingness, whilst a single limiting thought can tear someone seemingly unstoppable to the ground.

I have experienced first-hand and through shared experiences of my thousands of wonderful subscribers, the true magic of the Law of Attraction at work – I’ve learned the best ways to harness it’s power to manifest your greatest destiny.

From a devastated man, faced with surmounting debt and failure, a chance encounter saved my life and brought me out of the clutches of depression – when I had nearly all but given up.

That is why I am compelled to share ALL of these secrets with you…

Manifestation is real and taking place as we speak. No more excuses, no more “buts”. It’s time you start taking CONTROL of your life and manifest your own positive reality.


I’ve never been more proud of my successes now. But just about 4 years ago, I was at my WITS END.

I started with big dreams, a healthy wallet, and a strong desire to succeed not just in one, but ALL areas of my life.

Deep down I had always known I was meant for great things.

Most of my friends believed that I quit my old job because I wanted to start out on my own.

True, but the real reason was that I was unappreciated and overworked in my previous job, with very little job security.

I knew that at any time, my company could easily replaced me with some fresh grad for half my salary. I needed to find other ways of achieving financial freedom – FAST

Well, here’s some dose of reality…

Nobody batted an eye when I left, it was like my existence didn’t even affect anyone

Feeling a sense of great insignificance, I felt the need to prove to myself that I was something more in this world of cogs and machines.

I decided launched several business at once with high hopes to succeed.

Everything seemed to be going well.

But then my first big mistake came.

At the time my social feed was constantly bombarded with videos of fake “gurus” in fancy cars and expensive suits charging crazy amounts to give you their “secret of success”.

I was hooked from start with these promises of riches.

Through their “guidance”, I spent a ton of money on bad business models.

And EVERYTHING came crashing down…

Lost all the money, lost all the businesses… I had nothing left.

I blamed everyone but me, even those who still cared for me.

I was jobless, lost all motivation and had sunken into the clutches of depression – even taking pills just so that I could function.

And then a chanced encounter drove me into a sudden realization:

  • I could either continue living like a bum and blame everything that had happened – and probably never achieve anything in my sorry life
  • Or I could give a major kick to mindset and embrace my path to greatness – which wouldn’t be easy, but I would see it through.

I discovered a simple technique that helped me to reconfigure my mindset for success. It didn’t happen overnight mind you, but I was determined to follow through and turn my life around.

The fact of the matter is… I had lost myself along the way – trapped in a mental prison of my own limiting thoughts.

But I found the magic key to unlocking the full potential of my mind, and from then on there was no turning back.

The Law of Attraction is real, alive and kicking.

Because you’re reading this, I know you have DREAMS. I know you have things that you wish to accomplish – to manifest in your life.

No matter whatever your circumstance or situation, I’m here to tell you that it is POSSIBLE.

I was there at the bottom of the barrel, but I’ve done it for myself – and I’ve dedicated myself to helping countless of others achieve their dream reality too.


This is the start of an amazing journey – one that will change your life to the fullest if you let it.

All the articles, tools, products and resources on this website have been carefully crafted to help you get to your success destination. There are and more being prepared for you as we speak…

You can start off with the resources shared below!

Browse them, consume them or hoard them as your treasure – it’s entirely up to you. The important thing is that you make full use of it and apply it to your life.

Believe in yourself. We’re in this together and we’ll reach the destination soon enough!


You are reading this for a reason. Whether you believe in fate, the fact that whatever magical compelling force brought you here knows that you have dreams, desires and intentions all waiting to be achieved.

You were meant for more, and my purpose is to help you uncover the amazing power of positive manifestation in your life.

Speak soon,

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