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10 Affirmations To Attract A Specific Person or Relationship


Are you currently in the midst of trying to manifest a specific person or relationship into your life?

Using the Law of Attraction for love can be extremely rewarding if applied effectively. Here are 10 inspiring affirmations that will boost you vibration and enable you to immediately start attracting your special partner.

Attract a Specific Person With These Positive Affirmations

  1. Streams of love and affection are flowing to me every single day
  2. I am thankful for all the love that I have received, and will continue to receive from my soulmate in the the future
  3. I give amounts of love to my partner and he/she multiplies it all back to me
  4. I am simply irresistible to my special partner
  5. I know that right now the Universe knows and is attracting the love of my life to me
  6. I cast aside all fear and trust wholeheartedly that my relationship will blossom into greatness
  7. From this very moment I am attracting my soulmate, and we shall be bound in love and light
  8. I love myself for who I am unconditionally and I have a magnetic personality.
  9. My soulmate is effortlessly attracted to me in every way
  10. I spread love to those around me and it is returning to me in full abundance

Apply these affirmations daily to get the maximum effect!

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10 Affirmations To Attract A Specific Person or Relationship

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