African Fat Flusher Review

The African Fat Flusher Diet is a powerful weight loss supplement that was developed by Gary Watson. For those of you who are trying really hard to achieve your weight loss goals, this supplement promises an effective and natural way to get long-term results.

The Fat Flusher Diet is a combination of an enhanced dietary supplement coupled with a killer program involving a 10-second daily ritual that helps you burn fat way quicker than you would expect. Naturally, this is making quite a bit of a stir in the healthy living community, because of the stunning results that people are claiming to have achieved after performing this quick weight loss ritual!

But the real “burning” question is: Is it really a fat-flushing miracle? Are there any side-effects when using it? And is it even worth your money to try out? I’ve gone one step ahead of you by actually purchasing the full program to answer these questions. This complete African Fat Flusher Diet review will give you a full breakdown of the system so that you can make an informed decision.

If you haven’t seen what the African Fat Flusher Diet is about, you can watch the largely popular and somewhat controversial video here.

What Is the African Fat Flusher Diet?

If you’ve watched the full video, you’ll know that this program is actually based on the discovery of an African Shaman who identified several natural ingredients that boost your metabolism and fat burning response. The African Fat Flusher Diet is actually inspired by an exotic African herbal grape stem extract that that seems to flush belly fat when you sleep.

Whilst this secret ingredient is not particularly easy to come by, effective use of the supplement will allow you to suppress any excess food cravings that contribute to over-consumption of calories.

Fat Flusher Diet: Gary Watson's African Fat Flusher Supplement ...

Central to the Fat Flusher Diet program is also a 10 second ritual that you should do everyday. Yup you read that right, 10 seconds! According to Gary, this 10-second tip works so well for stubborn belly fat because it contains a compound that neutralizes the outer, protective coating of each fat cell.

Who Is Gary Watson? (Creator of African Fat Flusher)

Gary Watson a certified strength and conditioning specialist and also the author of a healthy living blog, Wake the Fork Up. He has developed multiple programs that has helped people lose weight effectively through proper application of diet, exercise, and mindset. Gary often advocates a science based approach to weight loss instead which has changed the lives of thousands of men and women.

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How Does the Fat Flusher Actually Work?

The African Fat Flusher pills contain the presence of a powerful compound known as OralVisc (a combination of hyaluronic acid and nutrients known as CAGS) that is very effective at burning fat. There are some key benefits of the African Fat Flusher that help to contribute to effective weight loss and overall health improvement.

  • Enhances Fat Burning efforts: If you’ve been struggling with stubborn fat for a while, this supplement will boost you metabolism and enable you to burn fat at a much faster rate. Couple this with short exercises and you get one very powerful combination
  • Balances Your Leptin Levels: The supplement works particularly well on both Men and Women in helping to balance out Leptin resistance. This will lead to a more controlled appetite and lesser food cravings
  • Supports Joint Health: The ingredients in the supplement simultaneously promote bone and joint health that it is important especially for middle-aged adults to seniors


  • Very easy to use: The guidelines for usage are simple and easy to follow.
  • A variety of health benefits: Although the supplement is effective for weight loss, it also has a number of other health benefits such as relieving fatigue, indigestion and improve joint health.
  • Made with natural ingredients: all ingredients contained in the African Fat Flusher pills are 100% natural. That means that
  • No adverse side effects: Apart from curbing your hunger cravings and experience faster fat-burning in your body, there have been no reported side effects from the use of this supplement. In the 2 weeks that I’ve tested them out, I have not felt any adverse symptoms. In fact, I felt happier and in a better mood for the entire day.
  • No drastic diet changes in lifestyle: some programs force you to start on “impossible diets” that may produce some weight loss results at the start (because you’re starving yourself…duh), but is actually harmful and not sustainable in the long run. In contrast you don’t have to make crazy changes to your diet. Just make a conscious effort to eat healthier and couple them with the supplement to control food cravings.
  • Money Back Guarantee: because the creators are so confident of their product, they are also willing to offer a money back guarantee so you can try it out first and see if you get any results!


  • Results may vary from person to person: From my experience with weight loss supplements, I know that the effectiveness can vary for different people. My personal experience was that I starting experiencing noticeable changes in my weight after 1 week of consistent use (plus the ritual of course)

Is the African Fat Flusher Supplement Effective?

African Fat Flusher Supplement Review

(The supplement is known as both “African Fat Flusher” and “WTFU Fat Flusher”, don’t get confused!)

I can’t speak for everyone, but from my own performance I managed to lose 11 pounds within the first 2 weeks of the program. Granted that’s not super huge, but I like how it was a consistent gradual process for me and I can see progress week on week.

I also did not really take part in active exercise because I was too caught up with work. All I did was a light jog once a week on Saturday mornings for about 30-45 minutes, plus the 10-second ritual daily of course!

The recommended dosage is a single dose every day for the best results, so I stuck with this dosage and it seems to work well for me. If you’re just starting on the supplement, I would say give it about a week or so to “warm-up” because for me, I only started to see significant changes around the 1 week mark.

So yes, it works! Of course it work work slower or much better for you, but you’ll probably only know if you try it out.

African Fat Flusher Real Customer Reviews

Here’s a collection of several reviews that I found online.

“It’s just so clear and simple. My husband can’t believe my results… Frankly, neither can I. Thank you guys so much for everything you do!” – Karen, January 2020

“I love the results. I love the coaches. I love the community. I love everything!!!” – Rebecca Watson, March 2020

“I thought it was too late for me… THANK YOU for reminding me that age is just a number!” – Joanne L., May 2020

They all seem to very positive and boast amazing results which was ultimately what pushed me to trying the pills out for myself too!

Where Can You Buy the African Fat Flusher Diet?

The only place you can currently buy them from is from the official website here. Make sure to purchase from a legitimate source because their money-back guarantee only applies if you bought directly from them and have a valid receipt number!

Final Verdict

If you’re really determined to try them out, I would suggest going for the bundle deals to take advantage of the discounts if you’re planning to go long term. One bottle contains roughly a month’s supply, so if you start seeing results you might need more than one.

African Fat Flusher


Overall Score



  • Easy to use
  • Variety of health benefits
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Money back guarantee
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