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How to Ask The Universe for Help With Manifesting

Isn’t it frustrating how it might seem like your always on your own trying to make your dreams come to really?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was some way you could “communicate” openly with the Universe to know if you are on the right track and receive guidance? Then you would know what actions to take and what would bring you closer to your manifestation goals.

I’m sure we’ve all felt a little lost before and would have loved to have some reassurance and guidance in our lives.

The truth is that it isn’t hard to ask the Universe for help. And once you get the hang of it, you’ll be manifesting your goals away in no time!

Ask & It Is Given

If you want to receive help and guidance, the first thing you’ve got to do is ASK for it. It doesn’t matter if you when or where you say it, whether vocally or in your head, the important thing is that you make a ask for it.

Never underestimate the simple power of asking for something. The Law of Attraction isn’t some deeply coded secret that only a handful can master, it’s always working for each one of us. The moment you put out thoughts and vibrations asking for help, the Universe will hear and answer in kind.

There isn’t a magic formula for communicating with the Universe. But you need to make the first step by putting out the thoughts and energies in order to receive likewise.

It’s as simple as saying “Dear Universe, please help me to know if I should take this course of action and if it will bring me closer to my manifestation goal”.

Open Yourself to The Signs

The Universe always listens. But the tricky part is learning how to interpret the signs that it gives you in answer to your prayers.

There are many ways in which the Universe may choose to communicate with you such as through visions, synchronicity, speaking through others, unusual encounters, etc. The important thing is to open your heart to receive these messages when they happen.

Don’t be so fixated on asking the questions that you end up ignoring the answers around you. It’s also best not to expect an immediate response (although it may happen), these signs often take some time to manifest at the right moment.

Looking out for the signs that your manifestation is at hand is important and you need to be in the right vibration in order to make full use of it. Although you may be feeling a little lost at the point in time, try to purge all thoughts of lack that do nothing to help your situation and instead focus on the future.

Similarly, if you are asking the Universe for signs that your partner is your soulmate then you need to be receptive to them. Some people ask for the sake of asking because they want assurance, but they fail to see the signs that the Universe provides.

Accept that the Universe doesn’t always give positive signals. If it believes that something isn’t good for you, it may react in a way that may cause you to stay away from it. The Universe is always looking out for what’s best for you and to help you realize your full potential in life.

How to Ask The Universe For Help With Manifesting

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