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The Best Law of Attraction Blogs in 2020 to Manifest Your Desires

I’m sure you’ve wondered, what are the best law of attraction blogs for me to follow in the manifestation space?

Every blog is different because they offer a fresh perspective on different life topics and on applying the Law of Attraction in your life. Manifestation is a continuous journey and there’s no better way to feed your mind with positive thoughts of success then to learn more about the Law of Attraction through the sharings and stories of others.

I’ve compiled this list of the top recommended LOA blogs that I read, follow and engage with. They have in some way taught me many valuable insights to successfully apply the Law of Attraction into my life and allowing me to share my knowledge, thoughts and experiences through Your Positive Reality.

If you are a conscious creator and want to take charge of manifestation abundance in your life, these websites and resources will help you in some way or another.

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List of the Best Law of Attraction Blogs

I’ve categorized the list under “Most Influential LOA Blogs” and “Smaller LOA Blogs”. The one’s listed as influential typically have great content and are constantly coming up with new posts everyday, whereas the smaller blogs share more personal stories and might be more relatable. Both are great resources! Feel free to explore them all and let me know how you find them.

The Most Influential Law of Attraction Blogs

1. The Heart Of Manifesting by Sarah Prout

What I loved about this blog is that it’s packed full of resources, guides and goodies all focused on helping you to manifest with the law of attraction. There are many courses and programs for sale as well – look out for the those with promotions where you can make your money’s worth.

I’ve actually tried out Sarah’s manifesting academy which is a membership site (you have to pay a monthly fee of $29/month).

An inside look at the manifesting academy by Sarah Prout

The best part in the academy is the lessons, mentoring sessions and meditations. However these can be easily completed within 1-2 months and then you can cancel the subscription (so you don’t have to pay monthly payments indefinitely).

2. The Law Of Attraction by Katherine Hurst

Katherine Hurst’s blog is probably one of the largest law of attraction blogs at this time. The blog publishes content very regularly and have quite a number of well written articles that can be helpful for beginners and advanced manifestors alike.

3. The Good Vibe Blog by Jeannette Maw

A blog with a simple layout and useful resources.

4. Mind Movies Blog by Natalie Ledwell & Team

Mind Movies is a comprehensive blog that publishes great content on the Law of Attraction, health & wellness, abundance and relationships.

If you’re looking to get serious and start applying advanced techniques for manifestation, you can try out these powerful resources by Natalie and her team:

5. Vibe Shifting by Nathalie Thompson

6. Thoughts Become Things by Mike Dooley

7. Life Made To Order by Kelly Kooper

8. Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Blog

Wayne Dyer’s blog focuses on meditation and mental techniques to prime the mind for success. Wayne constantly shares his experiences and teachings on the philosophy behind living a life of positivity and being purpose-driven.

Smaller LOA Blogs (With a More Personal Touch)

The thing I love about smaller blogs is they tend to give much more personal insights on how they apply the Law of Attraction to their daily lives. Whilst larger blogs are great for information, content and guides, I believe that the intimate sharing and stories of manifestation that smaller personal blogs share allows us to relate better.

1. Apply the Law of Attraction by Elizabeth Daniels

This blog is a collection of personal experiences and learning experiences that the author has gone through in her own life. What I like is that it’s more down to earth, kind of like the average person trying to find their way to success. That’s what makes it truly relatable and endearing.

If you’re like me and love to follow the personal experiences of others, then you’ll enjoy this blog!

2. Your Positive Reality by John Abraham (yours truly!)

Your Positive Reality is a law of attraction and manifestation blog created by yours truly with the intention of sharing all of my humble teachings on the law of attraction.

Having turned my life around from a point of absolute failure to one of abundance, joy and financial freedom, my goal now is to empower others to do the same.

Sharing all the knowledge and experience that I’ve gathered throughout the years of applying the law of attraction is one my biggest passions. If you’ve entered into my circle of influence, then it’s my job to inspire you to get more out of life.

Anything is possible.

Financial freedom, health, abundance, joy, love and – it could all be yours! You are only a decision away from living your dream life.

If you want to find out more about me and at the same time learn the principles to positive manifestation, grab a free copy of my book “Build Your Positive Reality” here!

3. Deliberate Receiving Blog by Melody Fletcher

A quirky and simple blog by Melody Fletcher containing a wealth of personal insights from a law of attraction coach. Melody frequently shares her consultation session logs in her blog so you also get to experience them first hand.

4. Live a Life You Love by Boni Lonnsburry

I like the minimalistic design and artwork of this blog as well as the intriguing personal content that Boni shares in her posts. Although the posts aren’t necessarily very long, the short snippets are great for a pick me up and or often insightful.

5. Positive Thought Blog by Beth and Lee

Tell me about your favorite Law of Attraction blogs as well and give me some feedback in the comments below! I’m constantly looking out for new and amazing content for my readers so if you have any great content please share them with me (:

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