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15 Amazing Positive Affirmations for Manifesting Abundance

Positive Thoughts, Positive Life The Law of Attraction essentially revolves around the power of the mind to translate our thoughts into material things in reality (manifestation). You're probably wondering how manifestation works and…
Manifest love in relationships

Apply the Law of Attraction for Relationships: How To Manifest Love

Learn to use to the Law of Attraction to manifest love into your life,

How Manifestation Works – The Science of Manifestation.

Manifestation - A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy refers to a belief or expectation that an individual holds about a future event that manifests because the individual holds it. (Good Therapy, 2015) This psychological…
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How to Use Positive Thoughts to Improve Your Life – Even Lengthen It

The Power of Positive Thinking A psychological test revealed that the optimism level of an individaul is correlated to longevity. Yup that's right... having a positive attitude can help prolong your life. Intuitively it shouldn't…

Your Magnificent Obsession – How Being Obsessed is Actually Great for Your Dreams

To Be the Best, Obsession is a Necessity "If you want to be GREAT. And I don't mean good… If you want to be the BEST at what you do… Obsession is a necessity"C.T. Fletcher Sounds pretty hardcore huh? Truth be told, I "borrowed"…

How to Manifest Anything You Want in Life with 7 Powerful Steps

Manifestation is happening all around you. These 7 powerful steps will show you how to start manifesting positive intentions in your reality.
The magic happens

How to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Take Action Now

It's Monday and you have a presentation due, but crowds terrify you... The appraisal season draws near, and you know it is time for a raise, but you don't know how to work up the nerve to approach your boss... The work you're doing now…
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The Standing Man – How Persistence Will Lead You to Greatness

Bridge of Spies: Conviction Overcomes Fear In this compelling film directed by Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks plays a stoic laywer, James B. Donovan, who attempts to defend Rudol Abel (Mark Rlyance) an alleged Russian spy. A reenactment…
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Become a Conscious Manifestor Today!

Hi There! A very warm welcome to this humble site. No matter what unique journey has brought you here, I'm glad that we finally have a chance to meet. And I do not believe in coincidences. Something magical happens when you start…

How Being Overly Defensive Can Destroy Your Relationships – But You Can Stop It

It's Natural to Be Defensive When We Feel Threatened My parents were in town last week. During a conversation we had, my mom shared an opinion that I strongly disagreed with. And as I responded to her, she said this to me: “You’re…
A fire burning

Why You Need to “Burn the Ships” in Order to Succeed

A General's Conviction Legend has it… Of a great battle that once took place. An army led by a great general had landed on shores of foreign land. The imminent war was inevitable. When he found out that the enemy men outnumbered…