How to Apply the Law of Attraction - Guide To Manifesting Your Dream Life

How to Apply the Law of Attraction – Guide To Manifesting Your Dream Life

Discover the secret to applying the Law of Attraction and how you can use it to manfiest your dream life. Learn to use your thoughts to shape your reality.
Scripting With The Law of Attraction

Scripting With The Law of Attraction – Powerful Manifestation Technique

What is Scripting? Scripting is a powerful technique that is often used in application of the law of attraction. As the name implies, you write the story that you wish to see come true in reality. Almost as if you are the director of the…
best louise hay affirmations
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Top 30 Louise Hay Affirmations That Will Raise Your Vibration

30 of the best Louise Hay affirmations to transform your life with more success, positivity and abundance. Click here to raise your vibration!
How to overcome obstacles before manifestation

How to Overcome Obstacles Before Manifestation

Trying to manifest a goal but experiencing obstacles or setbacks? Here's why it may be a sign that your manifestation is close and you can easily overcome them.
Learn to Channel Positive Thoughts to Get Productive

Feeling Unmotivated? Learn to Channel Positive Thoughts to Get Productive

There are some days you get up and GO - you roll right out of bed, freshen up, put on the clothes you have meticulously prepared the night before, and finally grab your things and leave the house to seize the day! However, there are also…
Why Is God Saying No to Me
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Why Is God Saying No to me?

Do you often find your prayers unanswered? Maybe you prayed for God to change your life, or for guidance, or a miracle, but he didn’t deliver. Yes, sometimes we feel frustrated when we don’t get what we want and end up feeling lost…
Positivity Poems

Your Best – A Poem of Inspiration

If you always try your bestThen you’ll never have to wonderAbout what you could have doneIf you’d summoned all your thunder. And if your bestWas not as goodAs you hoped it would be,You still could say,“I gave todayAll that I had in…
Guide to Toxic Positivity

What is Toxic Positivity and How You Can Overcome It

Do have these symptoms of toxic positivity? Here's how you can identify them and turn it around into meaning affirmations.
Overcome the Fear of Criticism

Is The Fear of Criticism Killing Your Dreams? Here’s How to Overcome It

Fear is Your Biggest Hurdle to Manifesting Success Beware the repercussions when giving into fear… The fear of criticism is a pervasive  symptom that inhibits purposeful action when it takes root in your subconscious mind. Every once…
Countering Negative Thoughts – A Simple Exercise With A Glass of Water

Glass of Water Manifestation Technique – Countering Negative Thoughts

If you're feeling down lately, this simple trick with a glass of water might get you back up on your feet. Try out this visualization method for yourself!
Happy and Healthy

5 Realistic Ways to Get Healthy with Positive Thinking

Look Good, Feel Good A large percentage of people who fail in their diets do so because they began with the wrong mindset in the first place. Unfortunately, many are driven to desperation and quick-fix diet or exercise because of societal…
Build Your Positive Reality - Cover Image

How to Use Positive Thoughts to Improve Your Life – Even Lengthen It

The Power of Positive Thinking A psychological test revealed that the optimism level of an individaul is correlated to longevity. Yup that's right... having a positive attitude can help prolong your life. Intuitively it shouldn't…