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Deliberate Creation: What It Means And How to Apply It

What is Deliberate Creation?

Deliberate Creation is actually a form of manifesting your goals and intentions consciously, or deliberately. It means to take deliberate control of your thoughts and hence “create” (or manifest) them into your life by focusing your intention, thoughts and energies to it.

We are manifesting all the time with the thoughts that we allow to remain in our minds. Often times, not many people are aware that they are manifesting this way and can find it hard to manifest their desires.

Deliberate creation is the process of controlling our conscious thoughts and allowing them to pass onto the subconscious mind through which we communicate to the creative intelligence.

Deliberate Creation: What It Means And How to Apply It

Why Deliberate Creation is So Powerful

Deliberate Creation - What It Means and how to apply it

As opposed to unconscious manifestation which is mix of all the fragments of thoughts and believes that run through our heads (including negative and limiting thoughts), deliberate creation is to focus our intentions and desires on achieving a goal.

When we apply the correct Law of Attraction techniques and start to populate our minds with positive thoughts of success, that’s when we can rise above the limiting believes that we once had which may have been keeping us from manifesting our dreams.

An effective manifestation technique to raise your positive vibration and manifesting energies is the use of positive affirmations. This is a way of controlling your thoughts and driving in positivity and success-consciousness into the subconscious mind for it to act upon. Constant repetition mixed with faith and emotion will reprogram our minds with the principle of autosuggestion and hence influence the people, things and opportunities that we attract into our lives.

This is opposed to manifestation that takes place even though we are unaware of it. Manifestation is taking place based on our thoughts whether or not we are aware of it. If we deliberately control our thoughts, believes and attitudes, we will be able to influence the things that we manifest into our lives as well.

Can You Manifest Your Dream Without Deliberately Controlling Your Thoughts?

Some people have asked this whether you can still manifest your dreams with taking the steps to consciously control the thoughts that run through your mind.

The answer is YES! In fact, many people have successfully applied the Law of Attraction to manifest their goals intuitively without textbook knowledge of its principles and application. Some people are just born with the right attitudes, mindset and circumstances that allow them to suppress their negative thoughts and attract positivity consistently.

Oprah Winfrey - Conscious Creator

With that being said, it’s always better to be in control of your thoughts! Even if you had the potential to manifest by yourself, imagine how much more focused your intentions would be if you consciously pushed them into your subconscious mind. Your rate of manifestation would drastically skyrocket! You’ll be manifesting dream after dream with .

Deliberate Creation is a principle that enhances the manifestation process by helping you to eliminate the resistance (limiting beliefs and negative feelings) whilst boosting your Law of Attraction powers to attract good things into your life.

Deliberate Creation - What It Means and how to apply it 2

Become a Conscious Creator

Now that we’ve talked in greater detail about Deliberate Creation and Conscious Manifestation, the choice is yours… Will you choose to take control of your thoughts and life, or decide to leave manifestation to fate and circumstance?

If you wish to become a conscious creator, here are some resources that will help you greatly to begin your manifestation journey:

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