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How Do I Manifest If I Can’t Believe It’s Completely Possible?

As you probably already know, an important pillar of manifestation is the believe that you can achieve the end result…

But what if you’re struggling with faith and just can’t seem to develop that believe?

I mean it’s not like you didn’t try. But you can’t just drop everything right now, snap your fingers and suddenly convince yourself that you will become a billionaire right? Seems a bit fake and premature don’t you think?

Well, I understand your frustration and predicament. In fact when most people start out on their manifestation journey, they don’t have the slightest inclination of how they’re going to manifest.

Here’s the real inspiration behind this article, something that Grace has shared with me recently:

“Hey John, thanks for all your sharing and wisdom. I’ve been struggling awhile with my own manifestation journey. And the thing I want to know is that, how can I develop believe when I don’t even believe that it’s attainable myself? I mean I know my dream is possible, because many others have done it. But how do I even believe wholeheartedly when I’ve never experienced anything like that before. I don’t want to feel like i’m “pretending” to believe in the goal even when at the back of my mind, I know that the chances of me succeeding is very unlikely. I know my thinking is likely limiting my success, but how can I correct it and really start to believe?”

The sad thing is that we’ve all been worn down through life and accumulated mountains of limiting thoughts that affect our subconscious mind. Believe is constructed within the mind based on our current mental outlook, limiting thoughts, fears and how we perceive our circumstance.

The difference between believe and lack of it is merely a matter of perspective. Here are some powerful ways that can make use of powerful psychology that have been proven to help induce believe in even the most skeptical hearts.

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Realize That You’re Chasing A Different Reality

The first thing you need to understand is that when it comes to manifestation, there are two realities that are primarily involved.

The first is the current reality that you’re living in right now with all the circumstances that you’re currently facing in life, and the second one is your future reality, the one that you desire to attain.

For many people, the mistake lies in their inability to separate both the realities. It’s human nature for us to focus only in the moment. Most people are influenced by the emotions, attitudes and circumstances that they are facing right now, and they project this (often bleak) image on any potential opportunity in the future.

Don’t be held back by the present, chase your desired reality

The key lies in switching your focus from thinking about your current situation, to trying to create the situation that will bring about the second reality, which is the one that you desire.

Recognize that manifestation requires substantial changes in lifestyle, mindset and even character. If you think that it is attainable with your current skills, disposition and circumstances, then of course it’s not going to come through.

You lack believe because you’re trying to convince yourself that you can achieve the goal with your current situation – you know it’s not going to work. But if you believe that you can achieve the goal by becoming a new an improved version of yourself, and acquiring the skills, mindset and knowledge to get there, then it becomes so much more achievable. Your main priority becomes that of self-improvement.

It’s Okay To Not Believe 100% That Your Manifestation Can Come True

Nobody starts off with absolute believe. Believe often begins with a single thought impulse. The more we choose to give attention to that thought impulse, the larger it grows until it becomes an unstoppable force.

No one is saying that you must suddenly develop an unshakable believe at the start. Perhaps begin with this question in mind:

Do you think that your dream is possible?

If the answer is yes, then your focus should be on that possibility and what you can do to reach the stage where you are in a ready state to manifest that dream.

I cannot stress more the importance of FOCUS in the process of manifestation.

The Law of Attraction dictates that we attract into our lives more of what thoughts we fill our minds with. Our mental focus is everything. Don’t worry about the lack of complete believe, instead focus on your current believe in the possibility of its manifestation.

These will set in motion a series of opportunities that will take you closer to your goal. Each time you seize that opportunity, your believe and self-confidence grows.

Believe that good things happen and they will | How Do I Manifest If I Can't Believe It's Completely Possible?

When the believe that you have in your conscious mind is passed on into your subconscious mind, that’s when the magic begins. The principle of autosuggestion plays and important role in helping you fill your subconscious mind with positive thought of success.

Visualize yourself in possession of the dream. It’s okay if you know that you haven’t yet achieved it, the important thing is to picture yourself in that position.

But How Can I Believe If I Don’t Even Know How Exactly I’m Going to Get The Dream?

You don’t have to know exactly how to get the destination in order for you to believe that you can get there.

It’s not your job to create the complete blueprint to get to your dream before you can believe that you will get there. In fact that exact blueprint simply doesn’t exist.

There is no way that the mind can calculate the infinite possibilities present that will get you to your dream. The exact plans to get there isn’t something that you have to map out, but rather acquire AS you put your desires into action.

Take for example a man who just got a call from the hospital telling that his wife is going to go into labor anytime now. In order to reach the hospital in time to witness the birth of his son, he needs to travel from one city to another. At this point in time, he doesn’t know exactly HOW he can get there, he believes he will get there because he MUST!

No ones knows exactly how the route to manifest a dream will actually turn out. But the exact “how” doesn’t matter really matter, because armed with the believe that he must do it, the man will find a way no matter what turn of events plays out.

If the flight is cancelled, he’ll rent a car. If the car breaks down, he’ll hitch a ride from someone. If the ride breaks down and all other methods fail, he’s even prepared to walk there on his own too feet. Whatever it takes to get there.

This my friend, is the power of believe infused with a burning desire to succeed.

It is his believe that he WILL get there no matter the odds, that allows him to subconsciously manifest the exact “how” to get to the destination.

This illustration is simply to show that believe and manifestation is possible even in the absence of a definite masterplan laid out before you right now.

When you have developed your first drop of believe, and you began to use the techniques that will translate this believe into your subconscious mind, that’s when you start to force your mind to work for you and deliver the dream.

When your desires are passed into your subconscious mind, the Universe will start to expose you to ways that will take you closer to the dream. Some of these opportunities may be better than others, but the important thing is that you act on them in a spirit of great passion.

Now Over to You

Did you learn anything from this article? Or perhaps you have some experiences and advice to share? Let me know whatever thoughts you have in the comments below!

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