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How to Develop Persistence to Manifest Any Goal Without Quitting

Persistence – The Sustained Effort That Guarantees Your Dream Will Come True

Success isn’t easy to achieve.

All of us are great at setting goals because they spring from desire within our hearts to attain something. Yet, few are able to persist with a dream and achieve it in fullness before succumbing to to the habit of giving up.

When the going gets tough, many give up at the first sign of trouble, choosing to sacrifice their dreams for a “safer” path with less worry, resistance, criticism and opposition.

The fact that you’re reading this right now is likely because you acknowledge the power of persistence and the role it plays in helping you to secure a desired end result.

Call it willpower, mental strength, or perseverance. The most important thing that you need to know is that persistence is essential to the manifestation of ANY goal.

Persistence guarantees that the results are inevitable - How to Develop Persistence to Manifest Any Goal Without Quitting

Without persistence, you are already defeated even before you start.

Perhaps you have already given up on a number of goals because it became too hard to manifest. Or you just couldn’t wait. Or you lost your believe.

Well enough is enough. You’re feeling determined to lock in on a dream right now and to see it through, you know that all you need is to develop persistence.

Great thing you’re here, because I’m going to show you how you can cultivate an unwavering spirit of persistence and never quit on your dreams again.

Factors That Influence Your Level of Persistence

The Intensity of One’s Desire

Simply put, the foundation for persistence depends on how fiercely you desire the outcome. We humans only persist in things that we truly love. If the idea of earning one million dollars was merely a passing thought and my desire to achieve it is weak, then I will also find that I lack persistence and hence bring about weak results.

In order to maintain and elevate your desire to succeed in any particular goal, you need to always keep it a constant in your mind. You need to think about your dream every single day, and make sure you take the actions require to bring you there. Applying autosuggestion techniques to influence your subconscious mind will help you in manifesting your desire.

With this in mind, what does it mean to persist through hard times? It means that when faced with surmounting obstacles, your desire to achieve success is MORE than your desire to avoid those obstacles.

When you stoke the flames of your desire, so too will persistence grow.

The Magnitude of Your Believe

Believe is the other pillar that forms the very great foundation of a persistent spirit.

Do you know why people still triumph in the face of seemingly impossible odds? Have you ever wondered what sets this person apart from the rest? What magnificent power allowed him to emerge victorious?

The reason these individuals were able to overcome the impossible is because somewhere in the recesses of their minds, they held the incredible believe that they could do it no matter how hard the odds.

The perception of impossible is shattered by faith. This in turn breeds resolve and persistence.

The goal here is to cultivate absolute believe, otherwise known as faith. This implies that you aren’t actually in possession of the dream, but you KNOW that eventually you will get there.

Desire mixed with believe is a truly unstoppable combination employed by the every successful person.

How to Become More Persistent

The habit of persistence is a state of mind which can be developed no matter what stage of life you’re at. Here are 5 definitive steps that will guide you to cultivate this habit. Read them and apply them as much as you can in your daily life.

1. Fan the Flames of Desire

How much you desire an object contributes to your level of persistence. The question here is how badly do you want it?

Is your dream worth failing countless of times? If you have identified a dream that you believe in and you truly desire to have it at whatever the cost. Then you’ve entered into a heightened state of confidence. If not, read this article to learn how to develop powerful dreams that last.

As you continue to grow your desire you will find that you become more and more obsessed with the goal, this is a good thing. Continue feeding the obsession to succeed. Contrary to popular opinion, being obsessed is actually great for your dreams. In fact to achieve success at a higher level, obsession is a necessity.

2. Have A Definite Purpose

To develop persistence you need to identify the definitive end result that you wish to achieve. Only then can you direct all your efforts into making it become a reality.

Remember that manifestation of a goal can only take place if you know exactly what it is you want, and it has to be precise. Instead of saying “I want to develop persistence to help me manifest money into my life”, set a precise goal for yourself like “I WILL achieve my goal of earning a hundred thousand dollars a month by the age of 40”.

Commit your purpose in a written statement and come back to it constantly. Read it everyday with emotion, visualize yourself already achieving it and the things you have to do to make it happen. Feed your mind with thoughts of success. In this way, you are also reprogramming your subconscious mind and forcing into to manifest your desire.

3. Embrace Failure

This is a phrase that is close to my heart and something I use to affirm myself every time I am met with a great setback.

You will be met with failure. Make no mistake about it my friend, for this is a phenomenon that every individual who has achieve great deeds has been well acquainted with.

But remember that failure can never materialize if you accept that all defeat is only temporary. Persistence is the magic elixir that will turn defeat into victory.

Fail and fail again, until you taste victory. This is the very essence of what it means to be persistent. With each failure that you choose to cast aside and soldier on, you train your mind to develop an indomitable will.

4. Fill Your Mind With Positive Thoughts (Eliminate Negativity)

The mind is a very susceptible creature. Oftentimes, negative influences harm us in ways greater than we can imagine.

Persistence has no place for negativity. To develop this quality you must cast aside all negative thoughts. Any influence that goes against your dream and tries to discourage you (whether intentionally or unintentionally), you must shut off your mind to it.

This includes the negative suggestions of family and friends who. In fact, many times my biggest source of discouragement came from those around me. They tried to put my ideas and dreams down, because they feared I would be disappointed. Because they felt it was impractical. But I was already firmly locked into my believe.

Acknowledge that they may have your best interests at heart, but their advice is not always the what’s best for you.

5. Create a Group of Support

I cannot stress how important it is to identify a group of support that encourages you along the way and is always rooting for you. No man is an island, studies have concluded that we are most productive when we have the encouragement and support of others.

Ever heard of the saying, “you are the average of the five people you surround yourself with”. Whilst the statement may not be true in every case, the main point is to stress the importance of the daily influences that we receive because our environment does shape us subconsciously.

Identify like-minded individuals who are also working towards a goal, share with them your plans and support one another. Sometimes you may even have to actively seek for others. With the rise of the Internet and social media, there are so many interest groups and support groups online. You only have to search for it.

If you’re looking for a place to start, you can begin by following us on our Facebook Page. We would love to connect with you and hear your stories, struggles and triumphs.

Recognizing the Symptoms of Lack of Persistence

In this section you will find the common weaknesses that is likely is preventing you from achieving the goal you seek. Read them so that you can identify and correct any of these symptoms and you will.

  1. Procrastination – the worse thing about procrastination is that we tend to justify it with a whole list of excuses to convince ourselves that it is
  2. Failure to Identify a Definitive Purpose – If I asked you right now what it is that you desire to achieve and you cannot give me a definite answer, then you are bound to lack purpose and direction.
  3. Lack of interest to improve your skills – If you want to succeed, you must always be taking the pro-active approach. The moment you find yourself relaxing too much and in a reactive stance, it’s time to kick your gears into motion again.
  4. Blaming others for your mistakes – a persistent individual will never let his circumstances define his results. He accepts responsibility for his actions, and knows that he has the power to change his current position
  5. Thinking of How Hard It Is to Succeed – you attract into your life whatever you focus your mind on. If you’re constantly thinking of excuses and reasons why you will fail, then that’s where you’re going to end up
  6. Wishing for Things to Happen instead of making it happen
  7. Looking for a Shortcut to Success – there is no victory without sacrifice. You must be prepared to pay the price in order to attain the achievement. Instead of wasting time looking for an easy way out, better to spend it trying to improve your current skills

Defeat Your Limiting Thoughts With Action

The key to defeating these weaknesses is to take decisive action immediately. Persistence is like the momentum of a moving boulder, once it picks up it gets easier to sustain and gather speed. But if it stops, you’ll find its much harder to get it moving again.

If you find yourself exhibiting any of these actions in the list, drop whatever you’re doing and take one step in the direction of your goal.

It doesn’t have to be something huge, even simple actions like repeating positive affirmations to yourself, setting some short-term goals or reading your statement of purpose over and over again will get the ball rolling.

Then it’s only a matter of keeping up with the momentum.

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