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15 Dream Job Affirmations for Getting a Job You Absolutely Love

Dream Job Affirmations to Manifest the Job You Love

Are you looking to manifest your dream job right now? Then these 30 dream job affirmations are sure to raise you vibration and get you attracting your perfect career in no time!

It’s normal for all of us to want a job where we feel empowered, recognized and look forward to every day. The truth is, not many people are satisfied with their current jobs and

The good thing is that you can absolutely use the Law of Attraction to manifest your dream job. Sometimes all it takes is a mindset shift to align yourself in to the Universe in order to to start manifesting your goal.

Positive Affirmations for Getting a Job

At this point you might be wondering, “why are positive affirmations so powerful and how can they help me to manifest my dream job?” Applying positive affirmations regularly is a great way to raise your vibration and reprogram your subconscious mind.

The goal is to develop a mindset of abundance that spur you on towards career success and force the Law of Attraction to work in you favor when it comes to employment. These dream job affirmations also help to remove any self-limiting beliefs that might be blocking you from manifesting the job you’ve always wanted.

The job affirmations provided below are a collection of powerful statement of intentions that will make you commit to achieving your goal each day. As much as possible try to use these affirmations as part of your daily morning routine for maximum effect. I found that using affirmations in the morning really helps to set you in the proper frame of mind.

These 30 dream job affirmations are positive statements that represent your thoughts, character and intentions. You may wish to adapt and tweak them so that it will suit you perfectly. You can also write them down in your daily journal and use them whenever you feel the need to.

30 Dream Job Affirmations To Get The Job You’ve Always Wanted

  1. I deserve unlimited abundance on my life and career. My dream job is on it’s way to me
  2. I do my best in every task, project and assignment and move towards success
  3. I am on the verge of finding my dream job
  4. The universe is opening new doors for me to find the perfect employment opportunities
  5. I am confident in my skills and ability to work hard to attract my dream job
  6. At this very moment, I am manifesting a job that pays well, offers me great job satisfaction and will fuel my hunger to succeed daily
  7. I affirm that I am worthy and capable of attaining a job that I truly love
  8. I am in perfect alignment with my dream job at right now
  9. I am moving closer to my perfect job with every passing day
  10. My job brings me joy and satisfaction to do better
  11. I am excited to receive the career opportunities that are headed my way
  12. I will strive to do good work everyday because I know that it takes me closer to the perfect job that I love
  13. I have an amazing work ethic that will allow me to attract any job that I want
  14. I am grateful for all opportunities that come my way and I know that I will eventually manifest my dream job
  15. I have unique skills and talents that I will contribute to my job position
  16. I am ready to take on the joys and excitement of starting my dream job today
  17. I am manifesting a job that will pay me a handsome salary for my hard work
  18. I am aligned with the infinite abundance that the Universe has to offer. My dream job is on its way to me.
  19. I will eventually be paid so much more for all the hard work that I put in today
  20. I open myself to all the amazing job opportunities that the universe is sending my way
  21. I am constantly attracting positive outcomes in my career because I have a strong positive vibration
  22. Nothing can get between me and my desire to manifest the perfect job for myself
  23. I trust in my ability to be the very best at my chosen field
  24. I am a dream job magnet. Great job opportunities are attracted to me all the time because of my positive work ethic
  25. There is an overwhelming pool of opportunities for a person of my skills and abilities
  26. I have all the skills, knowledge and dedication needed to start my dream job today
  27. I am worthy of a rewarding and joyful career
  28. Every day is a new opportunity for me to finally manifest my dream job
  29. I am the hardest worker in the room and my efforts will be recognized and respected by all
  30. I will never back down in the pursuit of my dream job until I get it

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