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Your Magnificent Obsession – How Being Obsessed is Actually Great for Your Dreams

To Be the Best, Obsession is a Necessity

“If you want to be GREAT. And I don’t mean good… If you want to be the BEST at what you do… Obsession is a necessity”

C.T. Fletcher

Sounds pretty hardcore huh?

Truth be told, I “borrowed” this phrase from C.T Fletcher, a gym and powerlifting icon with one of the most unique stories.

At the peak of his career Mr. Fletcher flat lined 3 times on the operating table…

His physical heart had failed him… but the metaphorical one NEVER gave up.

The doctors told him he would never be able to lift those heavy weights ever again.

They said that his body was too weak.

They told him what he couldn’t do.

What he shouldn’t do.

What he isn’t meant to do.

And guess what?

He went politely went out the door, and did it ALL anyway…

Now he is a renown figure in the fitness industry, and a bad-ass motivational speaker.

C.T. Fletcher - Gym and Bodybuilding icon
Check out his YouTube Channel for Gym Motivation.
WARNING: Profanity and loud noises included!

Impossible Until it Becomes Possible

“It’s impossible… It cant be done.”

That’s what they told him.

Those where the words he constantly heard.

That’s what the experts said.

It is impossible, until someone crazy enough comes along, with the audacity to think that it is possible.

You gotta admit that guy had spirit… 

He wasn’t gonna let anything stand in the way of his pursuit for greatness.

Absolutely dedicated 100% to his passion.

More than that, the man was OBSESSED. 

Obsessed with the burning desire to succeed, no matter the odds.

A desire definitely not designed for the faint-hearted (pun intended… sorry I couldn’t resist)

And his persistence paid off in the form of success.

The Will of a Man is Everything

Here’s what Mr. Fletcher said later on:

“If I die in the pursuit of My Magnificent Obsession… then so be it.”

Read that phrase again, and let it sink in.

Hey…I saw you breaking a sweat there…

Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to pledge your life to anything. 

More of the fact that I wanted to highlight the immense will of a man.

With absolute conviction, nothing is likely to stop such a man from achieving what he wants.

Benjamin Disreali once said:

Nothing can resist a human will that will stake its very existence on its stated purpose.

Perhaps now you begin to understand and realize the real power behind obsession.

Direct your obsession to positive intentions and you’ll be one step closer to the positive manifestation of your abundance and desires.

Now go out and get obsessed with your dream.

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