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How Long Does It Take to Manifest Something?

How long does it usually take to manifest a desire and how long should one wait for the manifestation? This article will attempt to address this issue in full and offer some practical insights that might help to make your manifestation process much easier.

Some people seem to be able to manifest almost instantly within the day whereas others may find that it takes a much longer time then they would like. When the manifestation of your desires take longer than expected, the tendency to get discouraged is there. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have some visible signs of that your manifestation is on the way?

The truth is: it varies from person to person. Frustrating? Yes I know, but the following explanation will shed greater light on how it works and how you can speed up the entire process.

It’s important to understand how manifestation works because then you will know how to align your thoughts and actions to achieve results faster – and even instantly.

Vibration is the Key

The speed of your positive manifestation depends on your vibration. A majority of your creative effort is spent on focusing your thoughts and aligning your intentions to that which you desire and thus a large portion of manifestation takes place on a vibrational level. Your manifestation can be nearly complete, as much as 99%, before you see any physical evidence of it.

What you allow to affect your level of vibration will ultimately influence how fast you are able to manifest.

Manifestation Starts Immediately

When you set forth with the intentions to manifest a goal, you immediately put into motion a series of events in the universe. Your manifestation is a journey and not a destination. When you hold a thought in your mind the Law of Attraction begins to immediately to attract people and opportunities into your life, no exceptions.

This includes attracting the people who have already achieved their own goals and dreams which will help to stimulate your desire even more. This may be why you are constantly seeing people who have already achieved success, know that this is great sign that can help to boost your positive vibrations even more.

Comparison is the thief of joy…

When you see others prospering, the universe is actually sending more positive vibes your way and it may well be your turn next. Don’t start to compare or question the lack of your want because this shifts your entire vibration levels.

Instead be glad that you have the opportunity to surround yourself with positive people and energies and allow these energies to flow to you and empower you in your process of manifestation. Always work towards raising your vibration which will eventually skyrocket your manifestation process.

The positive emotions that you are feeling in anticipation of your manifestation is also sign of your progress. When you start to feel excited and good about what’s coming to you next, you know that you’ll be able to fully manifest your desires soon.

Develop Certainty and Persistence

Everything in your life is a result of what your mind has manifested. When your mind starts to breed doubt or uncertainty, so to will these uncertainties start to hinder your progress.

The counter to such negative thoughts is to develop persistence to achieve your goals.

Persistence guarantees that the results are inevitable.

In summary, how long it takes to manifest depends on the nature of your manifestation and your internal state. You can however help to speed up the process by doing things that will raise your vibration, remove comparison to others that might affect your vibe and develop persistence to manifesting your goals in the face of uncertainty.

You may also find that you encounter several obstacles before your manifestation, but know that these are not sent to stop you but rather to guide you along the right path. Sometimes these obstacles may even be a sign that your manifestation is close at hand.

Whatever your ultimate dream, never give up and stay strong on your manifesting journey!


John Abraham

Hi there, John here! I'm the founder of this site and the author of Build Your Positive Reality. I believe that thoughts can truly become things with the right kind of magic. Stick around and you'll discover you have what it takes to become a powerful manifestor in no time! (:

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