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How to Build a Clear Vision of What You Want to Manifest

In order to manifest a particular goal, you must first form a clear and definite picture of what you want. You cannot manifest something that you do not have a clear picture of.

The nature of manifestation is that you must already “have it” before you can receive it from the Universe. Many people fail to impress this upon themselves because they only have a vague idea of the things that they want to manifest or become.

If you desire to accumulate wealth and riches, it is not enough to simply have a desire for wealth. Everybody has that, there is no difference between your desire and that of a beggar’s.

Your manifestation must be a clear, coherent statement of intent. This is what it means to know what you really want, and to have a definite goal.

Think about it this way. If you send out a letter to a friend, you would not send the letters of the alphabet in their order and let him construct the message for himself, nor take random words from the dictionary. You would have to send a coherent message where you express exactly how you feel. The same is true with your manifestation. You cannot just say “I want to be rich” and let the Universe decipher the “alphabet” for you.

Developing a Powerful Desire Through Clear Vision

Unless your desire to get rich is strong enough to hold your thoughts to the purpose, it is unlikely that your manifestation will have any effect otherwise. Your desire must be strong enough to overcome inertia and laziness to get to something that you’ve never achieved before.

The more definite the picture of what you want to manifest, the more you will dwell on those thoughts and develop a stronger desire & drive.

Building Faith

Once you have developed a clear mental picture of what you want to manifest, something else is also necessary for it to become realized. Behind the clear vision must be the purpose to realize it and bring this idea into tangible expression.

See the things you want as if they were actually there all the time. Feed your mental picture and take ownership of your attitude and purpose. Then take the steps to carry out the Inspired Action that will get you to your goal.


John Abraham

Hi there, John here! I'm the founder of this site and the author of Build Your Positive Reality. I believe that thoughts can truly become things with the right kind of magic. Stick around and you'll discover you have what it takes to become a powerful manifestor in no time! (:

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