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How to Overcome Obstacles Before Manifestation

Have you ever felt like you were just so close to manifesting your goal but you weren’t sure if you were going to overcome the obstacles to get there?

When you’re face with obstacles, its natural to wonder whether or not your manifestation is coming.

We are all creatures that need assurance. When things start getting difficult, it is in our human nature to doubt or look for signs of re-assurance that our manifestation is coming.

Maybe you’re wondering what are the signs that my manifestation is coming? Is this just a test from the Universe?

Depending on the size of your manifestation goals, the process of re-creating your thoughts from an intangible idea into its physical equivalent in reality isn’t a walk in te park.

1. Accept That Obstacles to Manifestation are Natural

Leave your comfort zone | How to Overcome Obstacles Before Manifestation

Nothing good for your progress ever happens in the comfort zone.

For us to push past our perceived limitations and achieve the things that we’ve never gotten before, we need to also be willing to go past the point of comfort and attempt new things. This will of course result in some discomfort, uncertainty and obstacles that are all part of the natural process of growth and self-development.

It’s a simple principle of no pain no gain. Are you prepared to sacrifice for your dream?

Only those who are willing to do the things that other’s wont, will be able to achieve the things that others don’t.

It is only when we attempt new things which take as beyond our original limitations are we able to achieve massive success like we’ve never had before.

For manifestation of your goals to happen, you need to place yourself in situations were you might not be comfortable. I don’t mean make things difficult for yourself out of purpose (I’m ain’t no sadist), but I do mean get out of your comfort zone and start taking deliberate action to make things happen!

The obstacles that you encounter today will be the stepping stones on your path to realizing your greatest dreams.

2. Understand What’s the Cause of Your Obstacles to Manifestation

Understand What's Causing Your Obstacles | How to Overcome Obstacles Before Manifestation

Many times when people experience setbacks, they tend to sit back and cry out “why is this happening to me!”

Instead of sinking into despair, attempting to understand the source of your problems is a good way to start.

What I’ve learned from my experiences is that more often than not, the obstacles that we face in trying to manifest a dream often originate from our own minds.

The people we are surrounded by, the environment and our upbringing are all factors that may lead to limiting beliefs and negative thoughts.

These insidious thoughts not only block us from success, but they often exist subconsciously such that we act in a manner to perpetuate these thoughts even though we may not be aware of them at the moment.

It’s best that we come to terms with them and learn to suppress these thoughts instead of letting them control the circumstance. Some of these limiting beliefs can also be defeated by reinforcing positive events.

For instance, a lack of confidence in public speaking may be reinforced the more you are forced to speak to a group of people as you finally develop more confidence in yourself and your ability to carry this out effectively. Of course, this requires moving out of your comfort zone and facing your fears head on.

If you’re not entirely sure if there are any limiting thoughts holding you back, here’s a Success Blocker Quiz that may help to identify them and to correct them with the proper techniques.

3. Obstacles Are a Sign That You’re On The Verge of Manifestation

Obstacles are a sign that your manifestation is close | How to Overcome Obstacles Before Manifestation

Experiencing setbacks or obstacles are a powerful sign that your manifestation is close at hand.

Using the analogy of a video game, progressing through each level is fairly easy its always the final boss that’s the hardest, but you’re rewarded handsomely for defeating him.

You should look at obstacles in a similar light. Don’t shirk when it comes to challenges, instead approach any obstacles with great enthusiasm knowing that your dream is coming closer to you with each one you conquer.

Think of it as the price of success. After all it really that easy to get, everyone else would also have it.

4. Never Quit

Nothing Can Resist The Human Will That Will Stake Even It's Own Existence On Its Stated Purpose

Here’s a 100% proven method of achieving your dreams.

Resolving to never quit in absolute dedication to your goal.

Failure only follows the person who gives up, but I man who never quits can never be said to be defeated.

If anything, such a resolution is a true embodiment of applying the law of attraction.

Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Jack Ma are penultimate examples of people who have do not quite in the face of adversity. It’s cliche I know, you’ve probably heard stories of their “stubbornness to succeed” thousands of times but that only goes to reinforce the power of persistence.

Because nothing can stop a person who is willing to do anything to achieve his dreams.

Our greatest glory is not in failing, but in rising every time we fail.



Many people see obstacles as a hindrance. But I actually believe that in this process of manifestation, the challenges that we face actually act as a guide to ensure that we’re on the right path.

We know that nothing worth having comes easy, and so we develop a persistence to take on any obstacle. The more obstacles we defeat, the closer we are to the realization of our dreams.

The night is always darkest before the dawn.

Never give in to any obstacle on the path of manifestation because your dream could just be right around the corner.

Stay tall, keep fighting and soldier on.

I have absolute believe that you will manifest your dreams in due time.

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