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How to Overcome Resistance With the Law of Attraction

It is very normal for people to experience some kind of obstacle during manifestation, the question then is how do you overcome resistance with the Law of Attraction?

There are several common obstacles to manifestation that might be blocking you from realizing your goal. When you face these trying moments, its simply because you are not in vibrational alignment to your desired outcome. The tricky part is you may not even notice this until the last minute!

Even when apply techniques like positive affirmations, daily visualization, scripting or opening your heart energy, this resistance that you experience will still keep you from your dream. The secret to dealing with such resistance is focus on raising your vibration so that you come into alignment.

Here’s my 5 step process to overcoming resistance.

1. Understanding Your Resistance

The term “resistance” is simply a word to describe certain mental and psychological fears that might be blocking you from realizing your fullest potential. Your fears aren’t the enemy. Most of the time they have been developed as a defense mechanism to negative experiences. However you have to realize that these

When these subconscious fears gather over time and are left unchecked, they evolve into limiting beliefs that are detrimental to your overall well-being. When this happens, you might find it harder to manifest and feel like the Law of Attraction isn’t working for you.

In fact, the opposite is true.

The Law of Attraction is always working based on your thoughts and mental paradigm. If you haven’t yet confronted those beliefs and overcome them, then chances are that you may be attracting unwanted energies as well! (Even though you may not be fully aware).

You see it isn’t just the conscious thoughts that defines how the Law of Attraction acts, the subconscious mind plays a huge role in determining the intensity of our manifestation powers.

2. Just Take The First Step

You’ll find that the hardest part is often taking the first step. This fear of starting on something big is often what prevents people from reaching their goals even when they had the potential to do so easily.

When I first started this website there were so many “tiny voices” in my head telling me what could go wrong.

“What if you end up spending all the time & money and nobody reads your posts?”

“What if your writing is bad and people aren’t interested in reading what you say?”

“You don’t even have the skills or abilities to create and run a website!”

What did I do? I manage to hold this negative voices at bay and took the leap of faith. And not once have I regretted since.

Overcoming these resistance is more of a psychological step rather than a physical one. Once you’ve committed to doing something in the direction of your goal, you’ll see that it isn’t actually that hard and things will start to go more smoothly. Get into the habit of taking inspired action rather than just “fussing over what could go wrong”.

It doesn’t matter even if you make mistakes with your first step! Nobody gets it perfect from day one. I can’t remember all the silly little mistakes I made in the process of setting this website up. But I learned from all of them and got real good at managing it. The important thing is to just take the first step and build a strong momentum that will eventually propel you towards your goal.

3. Break Down Your Tasks Into Smaller Bits

Rome wasn’t built in a day. The trick to overcoming resistance is to first break down into small bits that things that you want to accomplish.

For instance if you say “I want to use the Law of Attraction to manifest a house!”. This may seem like a really big task that is hard to accomplish and you may put it off as something that you’ll work on “later”.

But what if you decided to take apart this big goal into smaller bits? For instance building a good credit score, or saving up to 30% of your monthly income in other to be able to pay off the monthly loans. Immediately this makes it a lot more manageable to accomplish.

Don’t stress over the big stuff! It’s a tiny actions you do on a daily basis that count. Break these actions down into a checklist and see yourself reach the goal in due time.

4. Have a Strong Reason “Why”

Never forget your reason why your doing it in the first place. What’s the underlying motivation for you wanting to achieve all of these great things in life?

Is it your family? Is it to be respected? Or just be able to live your days with financial independence? Remember that your reason “why” is always more important than any resistance that you might face.

Whatever it is, hold on to this and let it motivate you to do better. When I made the decision to save up to buy a new house for my wife and I, I drew a picture of what our dream house would be like and our happy family. I framed this up and put it right on top of my workstation to remind me of my dream.

A year later, we finally ditch our rental flat and bought a beautiful house that we are still living in to this day.

Write down your reasons why you want to achieve them and put them somewhere where you can see it every single day. This has got me through some of the toughest times in my life.

5. Expect Setback, But Don’t Give Up

Some people are afraid to start on new goals because they are afraid of failure. But as the saying goes:

“You cannot fail, if you don’t give up.”

To overcome resistance from this fear, you need to develop persistence and the believe that you will manifest your goal no matter what the circumstance. Think, feel, believe and visualize yourself already in possession of this goal and know that you are more than capable of holding it in your hands.

Setbacks are part and parcel of life, but you should never let them stop you. Resolve to never give up in the face of adversity and you will overcome resistance to manifest your dreams.

How to Overcome Resistance With the Law of Attraction | Your Positive Reality

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