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How to Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs to Reach Your Highest Potential

What Beliefs are Blocking You From Manifesting Greatness?

Are your self-limiting beliefs blocking you from reaching your fullest potential? Often we don’t see the impact that the subconscious mind plays in shaping our lives.

Our current mental paradigm is formed form various beliefs that we have accumulated over the years. If you want to achieve greatness and, then it’s important that you are able to overcome any negative beliefs that have formed within your subconscious that is acting as a barrier.

(You can learn more about what are self-limiting beliefs here.)

How to Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs

To become fully empowered and free from all negative paradigms that restrain you from success, you may wish to follow these steps to reverse any limiting beliefs that might have taken root within you.

This isn’t an easy task so don’t expect to be complete in a day! Your self-limiting beliefs have accumulated and grown over time so it’s natural that you might also require some time to reverse them. Stick to the steps and trust in the process, you will eventually be empowered and renewed with a new mindset of attracting abundance.

1. Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

The first step is in identifying your own self-limiting beliefs. This might actually be slightly more difficult than it sounds because we may not be fully aware of them and might need some help or guidance.

For instance, a few years ago I wasn’t aware that my fear of failure was hindering me from embarking on bigger life goals. I used to have amazing ideas that I wanted to accomplish but I always put them on hold because my mind was only thinking of “what happens if I fail”.

Having successfully overcome this negative belief, I am now living a much more fulfilled life.

This quiz may help to identify any self-limiting beliefs that might be sabotaging your success & abundance.

Success Blocker Quiz

2. Find the Root Cause of Those Limiting Beliefs

Self-limiting beliefs often develop because of impactful events that might have taken place in our lives. Environment, upbringing and the society we are exposed to often play a huge part.

When my first business failed badly, I used to have the believe that my friends & family weren’t supportive of my efforts because of a misunderstanding. This affected me greatly and led me to turn away from them even when they offered help.

Understanding why we have these beliefs and the root cause of it can help us to reverse those beliefs much more easily.

3. Acknowledge That These Self-Limiting Beliefs are Not True

Almost all of the time, self-limiting beliefs are merely mental projections based on past experiences that are simply not true in real life.

Understand that the brain develops these beliefs as a sort of defense mechanism to help us cope with stressful events or bad experiences. These negative experiences have absolutely no effect on any of our future endeavors and should not be used as a gauge of our future potential success.

All negative limiting beliefs hold no real foundation other than the previous poor experience, and can just as easily be reversed with positive experiences in the future.

4. Empower Yourself With Positive Beliefs

To eliminate self-limiting beliefs once and for all, we need to replace them with strong positive beliefs. Consistent repetition of positive affirmations are a powerful tool for reprogramming the brain and form new, positive beliefs.

When repeating affirmations, it is important to think, feel and believe that we are the new person that we wish to become. Replacing old beliefs take time, so be persistent and don’t give up even when it feels difficult.

Here are some really good affirmations that you can choose from and apply for different areas of your life:

Identify and Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs
How to Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs

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