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How to Raise Your Vibration Instantly With 15 Proven Ways

What Does Raising Your Vibration Mean?

Before we talk about how to raise your vibration, I wanted to first touch on what “raising your vibration means”.

Think in terms of positive thoughts and energies. We are all made up of tiny little particles that are constantly vibrating. The rate of vibration is affected by our emotional, mental and physical states.

When we use the term “raise your vibration” in the context of applying the law of attraction, it simply means to raise your overall positive state of being to one that is ready to receive and attract the object that you are trying to manifest.

This could be you dream life, more money, a specific lover or a healthy, fitter life.

Understanding Your Vibration

Your vibration is your current state of being and is made up of energy, thoughts, attitudes, emotions and many other factors that makes up your state at one time.

“As you think, you vibrate. As you vibrate, you attract.”


Raising your vibration to one that is ready to receive the object of your desire is a necessary step in the process of manifestation. Only when you are in the right vibrational frequency with your desires, can the Law of Attraction then work to bring it closer to you.

We are all made up of vibrational energy determined by our internal thoughts, attitudes and reactions to the environment around us. This in turn affects the kind of energies, people and opportunities that we attract into our lives. It follows then that our physical reality is largely shaped and created by our internal environment.

Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality

Robin Sharma

The vibration of a person lying on the floor depressed is vastly different from that of a motivated person who is actively chasing his dreams.

Hence the quicker you are able to raise your vibration, the faster you will be able to manifest your desires. This is why manifestation is a deeply personal endeavor and the results often differs from person to person.

Once you fully understand how to raise your vibration, you can ultimately start to take control of your life by controlling your vibrational frequencies.

Ways to Raise Your Vibration To Manifest Faster

1. Cultivate Positive Intentions

Intentions are perhaps one of the most powerful ways to raise our vibration instantly. Whenever we conduct an action or say something verbal, the intention that we are trying to impart matters more than you think.

If you infuse your intentions with positive energies and feelings like love, warmth and compassion and you can instantly lift your vibrational energies and improve your spirit.

Setting your intentions at the start of each day can have a profound effect on yourself and those around you.

It’s all about creating harmony in the world that you live in and you have the power to do so. This energy that you put out at any given moment will be reciprocated by the environment. The world responds to your energy and intentions.

2. Apply Positive Affirmations

Want to raise your vibration fast? Then you’ve got to try out daily positive affirmations. The best way to apply them is by reciting them at the start and end of each day. Depending on the type of goals you want to achieve, proper use of affirmations can send powerful suggestions to your subconscious mind.

Here’s a list of some of the best positive affirmations including a guide for how to use it. If you want to get even more specific, check out the articles below for specific affirmations to apply in the different areas of your life that you want to manifest.

Subconscious Mind Power Technique - Daily Positive Affirmations

3. Eat Healthy Food That Can Raise Your Energy Vibration

The food we eat affects our health and body, so it’s no surprise that what we consume can also have a profound impact on our vibration energies. Stay clear of junk food and stick to healthy organic food and beverage to maintain high vibration levels. Things like fresh fruits, tea, warm milk, and spring water are some examples of healthy foods that would work (in moderation of course!).

4. Practice Gratitude

Gratitude in a person is related to the level of happiness and can work wonders for your vibration.

A technique that I’ve found to be very useful is to drop everything you’re doing right now and just focus on something in your life that you have gratitude for. This immediate shift in mental focus can dispel negative emotions and induce positive thought patterns. Better still, make a list of things that you are grateful for and get in touch with those emotions.

5. Slow Down Your Breathing

RELAX. You are in control.

You always find it easier to manifest your desires in a calm state as opposed to a hectic and stressed out disposition. When you feel your stress levels or anxiety building, it’s great to take some time of to meditate and get in touch with your thoughts and intentions. Employ visualization techniques to achieve a state of mindfulness which will skyrocket your vibration to greater heights. Take a few deep breaths and regulate your breathing pace. Feel the power coming but to you as you inhale deeper with each breath.

6. Achieve Mindfulness Through Meditation

Performing guided mediation or quiet reflection on your own can help to achieve a state of mindfulness that will raise your energies.

7. Seek Out Things And People That Are Filled With Good Intentions

We’ve mentioned that setting positive intentions can help to raise your vibration instantly. It makes sense that people of a certain intention tend to attract other people and things with similar energies. So make it a point to actively seek out things that give you the kind of energies and intentions that you want!

This even applies for inanimate objects. A study conducted on people drinking tea revealed that when the tea was “treated” with good intentions, it actually enhanced the mood of the person who consumed it!

Here’s a plus point for homemade products that are genuine and made with love as opposed to commercially mass produced goods.

8. Do Something Kind for Someone

Kindness is a very powerful emotion that can be often overlooked. A simple act of kindness can go a long way in lifting your positive energies and of those around you.

When you do something kind to someone, your intention is to provide value to the world instead of focusing on your own needs and wants.

People of high vibration tend to practice kindness and in turn they find it easier to attract similar energies in their daily endeavors!

9. Physical Affection – Give Someone a Hug!

When was the last time you hugged your mother? What about your spouse or children? A study by University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine revealed the pervasive and detrimental effects of “touch deprivation”. This means that if you’ve been denied physical affection for a long time, your natural vibration could be extremely low.

A hug is a great way to transfer positive energies, especially if the person is also filled with good vibes. Human beings NEED physical affection in order to thrive and a simple act like a touch, pat or handshake to show support can raise your vibrational frequencies instantly. You can’t control being the one to receive affection, but you can make an active effort to be the one giving it. The effect works both ways!

10. Get Running!

Yes! Take a break and go do some light exercise. Health is an important factor to our overall well-being and energy. It’s difficult to maintain good vibrations if you’re plagued with health issues so remember to keep fit.

One thing to note is that exercise is also a stressor for the body. That means if you push yourself too hard, your body might go into panic mode resulting in more stress. If you’re not into competitive sports, keep those workouts light so that they can provide you just the boost you need elevate your mood and get back to manifesting.

11. Connect With Nature

Stress can build up when we’re too caught up in the monotony of daily life and trying to manifest our dream life. For most of us conscious manifestors, we have the go-getter mindset of hustling hard to achieve our goals. This is great, but sometimes taking a break to connect to nature can rejuvenate and recharge the mind and body allowing you to achieve higher vibrations than before.

12. Try Out This Simple Exercise With a Cup Of Water

This exercise works particularly well if you feel slightly depressed or under the weather. It works well to dispel negative thoughts and emotions. I’ve tried this before with a number of my students and the results have always been overwhelmingly positive. If you’re up for it, grab a glass of water (or your favorite beverage) and try this exercise out now!

13. Make an Effort to Think Positive

Did you know that positive thoughts are related to longevity? If you think about it, it makes sense that people who are happy with their lives tend to live longer. Make the decision to be happy, and refocus your thoughts on spreading positivity in your life.

14. Listen to Soothing Music

Listening to songs that you love and has a powerful effect on your overall mood and current disposition. Ideally you would want to choose songs that are more lively and filled with positive energies. (Yeah I know, I was into that emo phase once too, but that might not be the best when it comes to manifesting)

If you prefer tunes with powerful vibrational frequencies that don’t have any lyrics in it, check out this playlist on Spotify that I found to be really uplifting! (you can save it and listen later)

15. Take a Shower

Don’t take it the wrong way, I’m not implying that you smell bad (maybe?). The only reason I suggested taking a shower is because it can actually prime our mind to change from a dormant to active state, especially if you’re feeling lethargic or just lazy in general.

As someone who works from home, the tendency to get lazy and slack off is always there. I find that taking a shower when I’m feeling low on energy can actually help to re-frame the mind and get me in a super productive mood.

And that’s 15 straightforward methods that you can start applying instantly to raise your vibration and positive energies!

I hope this article helped in your journey to mastering the law of attraction and manifesting your dream life. Let me know how you intend to raise your vibration today in the comments below and happy manifesting!

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