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Taking Inspired Action – 5 Ways to Know You’re Doing It Right

The Law of Attraction isn’t all talk and no effort. One of the most important steps for getting it to work is in fact taking Inspired Action.

“What exactly is Inspired Action?” you may ask. It’s simply taking action that will bring you closer to your goals when you are in a heightened state of vibration.

It’s about making full use of the present moment to take concrete steps to bring your desired manifestation into reality. When we talk about applying the Law of Attraction, we often focus more on raising your vibration and cultivating an abundance mindset.

When we are in such powerful states, we often get dominating thoughts and ideas that flow into our mental consciousness. These promptings should not be ignored as they are instrumental to the eventual manifestation of our desired reality.

The question then is how exactly can we tell if what we’re doing is indeed Inspired Action or perhaps something else?

How to Tell If An Action Is Inspired Action

1. You Are In a Mindset of Abundance

The first step to taking Inspired Action is to first raise your vibration to a heightened state. This can be done through various Law of Attraction techniques such as meditation, positive affirmations, visualization and mind movies.

Once you are in a mindset of complete abundance, you will find that powerful ideas start flowing to you on how to make your dream come to reality.

Don’t ignore these ideas. These are important promptings from the subconscious faculty that you should act upon to get closer to your manifestation.

Taking Inspired Action - Abundance Mindset

2. You Feel Inspired and Excited to Do Things

When I first took Inspired Action to start this blog on the Law of Attraction (, I didn’t know if I was going to succeed but I was determined to see it through to the end. Every morning I would wake up with so much anticipation for the day that I didn’t even need an alarm clock.

I was so excited to jump out of bed and get down to building what I believed was going to be an amazing of source of content on the Law of Attraction to help others in their manifestation journey.

That’s exactly what taking Inspired Action should feel like! Even though it was hard work (I spent 7-8 hours a day blogging, optimizing and making so many minor tweaks on this website), I felt really fulfilled at the end of the day and ready to conquer the next!

3. You May Need to Take Risk

Success always involves risk. There’s no such thing as a 100% sure-proof way of achieving success.

Sometimes it’s simply stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something you’ve never done before. There is a chance that what you’re doing might fail, and as fearful as that sounds, the greater folly would be to do nothing and let your dreams take a back seat.

But whatever the case, taking Inspired Action is always worth the risk because you are so locked in on the desired outcome that you know with absolute certainty – you will make it happen.

4. You Don’t Give Up

Nothing can stop the will of a man determined to never give up.

It is not the failure that defines us, but rather how we react to failure that separates the successful from those who lack the courage to persevere to the end. Whenever you take Inspired Action, you should not be afraid of setbacks and challenges.

You cannot fail if you don’t give up. Always get back up and keep going.

5. You Feel A Deep Sense of Satisfaction

Last but not least, Inspired Action always leaves you feeling satisfied and accomplished. That’s not to say that it doesn’t involve hard work.

Any action that takes you closer to your dreams is never easy. The good news is you won’t feel tired or drained doing it, but rather it will feel you with satisfaction because you know that you’re living life on your terms and to your fullest potential.

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