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How to Use Positive Thoughts to Improve Your Life – Even Lengthen It

The Power of Positive Thinking

A psychological test revealed that the optimism level of an individaul is correlated to longevity.

Yup that’s right… having a positive attitude can help prolong your life.

Intuitively it shouldn’t be surprising that “happier” people are more likely to live longer.

Positive attitude starts with a smile

But it does tell you something about the power of mindset and attitudes on physical outcomes in reality.

If the quality of being positive for the sake enhanced well-being isn’t compelling enough… positive thinking isn’t just about being in an upbeat mood.

Adopting a positive attitude can also cause a chain reactive of positive outcomes that manifest through your thoughts and intentions which creates REAL value in your life.

Make no mistake, positive thinking is a formula for prosperity and abundance. Developing a positive attitude is bound to change your life for better.

How to Think Positive Thoughts?

The good news is: Positive thinking is an attitude that can be learned and cultivated… regardless of your background.

With the right influences, thoughts and guidance, you should be on track to living a life full of abundance.

It all begins with a smile… ?

1. Train Yourself to See Good In Every Situation

In contrast, people who are negative and gloomy are easily defeated by temporary failure and setbacks. They jump at any excuse to fail, then blame the Universe for it.

You only get as good as you give buddy…  

A negative mind will never get you positive results.

The way to see good is to treat every situation as an opportunity to learn and improve.

If you want to manifest great things in life, you must set your mind up to be ready to receive success.

2. Destroy Your Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts are conquer by a strong conviction to remain positive in every situation. Find out what negative limitations are preventing you from reaching success in this quiz.

If you feel you can’t find anything good to affirm in the situation, then focus your thoughts on your OWN ability to succeed rather than the situation itself.

Whenever you’re faced with a difficult situation, repeat positive affirmations again and again until you drown all self-doubt.

What you express repeatedly over time will take root and flourish in your subconscious mind.

3. Focus on Your Dreams and Aspirations

Look forwards towards the goal instead of the setbacks that have already happened.

When you use your energies only for things that you can directly change, you’ll have more purposeful action that will bring about better results.

Victory is pointless in the absence of sacrifice, and every minor defeat is but a small sacrifice for your desired end result – which you will eventually achieve.

4. Take Some Time to Meditate and Re-Focus

Sometimes we need to take some time of to redirect our energies to the things that matter to us.

In fact, a research by Fredrickson (1998, 2001) reveals that people who meditate display more positive emotions than those that do not.

It could be as simple as spending 15 minutes everyday to focus on the things you want to manifest in your life.

Meditation is has been a staple practice of many successful people with benefits like enhanced mindfulness, greater purpose, reduced stress and even better health.

Incorporating with this breathing technique will help bring you into your ultimate “flow state” – a state of mind that provides optimal cognitive and physical performance.

Being Happy is a Decision

A common misconception is that happiness is a fleeting emotion that happens when things sometimes go our way.

A common misconception is that happiness is a fleeting emotion that happens when things sometimes go our way.

If that truly is the case, then woe to human kind… for we have no power over our internal condition… held to the whims and fancy of fate itself.

Thankfully, happiness is a state of mind that can be determined by our attitudes.

Resolve to never be undermined by failure or setbacks, choosing to see them as opportunities for the long journey to greatness.

Then put it into practice everyday.

Say No to Skepticism – Don’t Give in to Doubt

Being skeptical is a defense mechanism.

Certain (often hurtful) situations in life could have placed us in the position where we start to harbor mistrust, fear and suspicion over every other person’s intentions.

I used to be quite a skeptic myself, so I don’t blame them.

But in order to , you need to move beyond skepticism – into the realm of positive thinking.

The skeptic never takes action because he suspects that all actions will lead to disaster or ruin in the end… Thus, depriving himself of the gift of fair opportunity.

A positive thinker JUMPS at every opportunity he gets because we focus on our own limitless potential.

Thanks for reading this post, I hope it inspires you to develop a positive attitude towards life. Leave a comment in the bottom to tell me what you think!

Nothing can stop you from the success you crave unless you allow it to.

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