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What Is The Infinite Intelligence In Manifestation?

What is the Infinite Intelligence in Manifestation | Your Positive Reality

The concept of the infinite intelligence in manifestation has long been a core principle, which is why it’s important to understand the correct ideology behind this incredible source of power.

The concept of the infinite intelligence in manifestation has long been a core principle, which is why it’s important to understand the correct ideology behind this incredible source of power.

The term “infinite intelligence” has being used by many thought leaders in the Positive Manifestation and Law of Attraction field. Notably is the frequent use of the phrase by Napoleon Hill in his landmark best-selling book, Think & Grow Rich were he describes it as a universal power in the world.

This article was written with the intention of the subject and to help manifestors all over the world gain a deeper insight into this incredible source of power. A deep understanding of manifestation will allow one to tap into the abundance of the Infinite Intelligence and manifest anything they desire in life.

It’s origins are deeply rooted in New Thought philosophy which regards the Infinite Intelligence as a supreme source of knowledge and energy from which our human spirituality can tap into for abundant manifestation.

What Exactly Is The Infinite Intelligence?

The Infinite Intelligence is sometimes referred to as God or the power of love. It is the expression of all essential power, knowledge and healing.

In the book Think & Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill defines Infinite Intelligence as the force that gives order and origin to everything in the entire universe. It is the prime source, the first cause of everything that comes into existence. The only way we can tap into the Infinite Intelligence and harness its power to manifest in our lives is through a spirit of absolute faith.

The Infinite Intelligence is a higher, supreme being that is universal across all religions

Is The Infinite Intelligence Another Term for God?

The term Infinite Intelligence refers to God, but not for a specific God in any religion in particular. When we refer to the Infinite Intelligence, it is important to note that it is in fact a religion neutral term which is meant to apply across all faiths. It is an acknowledgement of a higher supreme, universal and omnipotent being from which comes the source of all life and existence in the Universe.

The idea of the Infinite Intelligence as the prime source of all existence means that it possesses the power to manifest anything we so desire within our lives. The trick then lies in acquiring the knowledge to cast aside our earthly shackles of limiting thoughts in order to tap into this abundant power for our self-manifestation efforts.

Characteristics of The Infinite Intelligence

1. Everyone is Connected to the Infinite Intelligence

A major characteristic is the closeness (or “connectedness”) that we have as spiritual beings with the Infinite Intelligence. As the essential source of all power and experience in the Universe, we are all connected to the Infinite Intelligence in one way and hence can tap into it to find our major purpose.

2. We Are Expressions of the Power of the Infinite Intelligence

As human beings, the best state that we can be in at any one time is when we are directly expressing ourselves based on the directions of the Infinite Intelligence. When we are in touch with this unlimited power source, we will find that we can manifest anything that we set our minds to accomplish. The only limitation being the ones that we perceive to be limitations within our own mind.

3. Divinity Lies Within Us

Since we are all part of the same universal and supreme power of the Universe, we also possess some form of its divinity that is waiting to be unlocked together with our full potential.

All that is needed to access this power is a combination of absolute faith in the dream and an unwavering persistence, both of which can be accomplished within the human mind. Thus when we are in tune with the proper psychology and mental power, that’s when we can truly manifest thoughts into things.

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