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7 Initial Signs That Your Manifestation Is Close

Are You On the Verge of Manifestation?

Have you been trying to apply the Law of Attraction to manifest a desire in your life?

Applying the Law of Attraction may be difficult for some, especially if there aren’t any clear signs to give us guidance. How do you know if your manifestation is coming? Are there any signs of manifestation that you should look at for to know that you are on the right track?

We know that manifestation is the translation of a desire into its physical equivalent in reality. Sometimes we feel anxious for the manifestation to happen right now and may get a little discouraged if we don’t see results from all the effort put in. This is why it’s important to identify the signs that the law of attraction is working for us so that we can maintain the same level of motivation and persistence to see things through.

I totally understand how you feel and I want to say that it’s a very normal thing for most people to want to seek assurance.

If this is your first time trying to manifest a desire into your life, you may feel lost and unsure of what your status is in the context of the Universe. Or maybe you have trouble trying to develop believe from scratch. Are you really doing it right?

It may be frustrating since there isn’t any accurate indicator of whether you’re on verge of manifestation (if only you could Google maps your route directly to your manifestation destination!). But fret not, these are 7 well-recognized signs that prompt you when your manifestation is coming into reality!

If you’ve experienced any of these signs of manifestation in your life, you are likely already experiencing high positive vibration mode and are bound to attract the objects and people that will take you to your manifestation goal soon.

The 7 Signs That Your Manifestation is Close at Hand

Manifestation Sign #1 – You’re Seeing the Manifestation Numbers 1111

Manifestation Sign #1 - 1111 Angel Numbers | 7 Initial Signs That Your Manifestation Is Close

Are you constantly seeing the numbers 1111 in your life? Perhaps you’re glancing at the clock and see 11:11 or you encounter the digits in some other way. This could mean that your manifestation is close at hand.

In Angel Numbers, 11 is the number of manifestation. When you encounter the numbers 1111 anywhere, its important to occupy your mind only with dominating thoughts and energies of your desired outcomes. The angel number 1111 is the instant manifestation number where you are in a heightened state of manifestation!

Listen and look out for any signs or messages from the Universe that can bring you closer to your goals and make sure you act on them!

Manifestation Sign #2 – You Feel Like the Dream Is Already in Your Possession

A requisite for manifestation is the believe that you are already in possession of the goal. This entails a strong element of faith.

Faith puts you in a state of mind (success-conscious) where you are ready to receive your desired outcome from the Universe. This is crucial for manifestation. If you aren’t yet in a success-conscious mind frame, you will NOT be able to attain the goal or maintain it.

When you first embark on the decision to manifest a desire, you may hold the believe that you can achieve the dream. This believe starts off as a small spark, and must be cultivated until it can develop into the burning flames of absolute faith.

As you continue with your daily positive affirmations, applying the principles of autosuggestion to force your subconscious mind to work for your desire and visualization techniques, you slowly rewrite any limiting thoughts and turn them into undeniable believe by already picturing yourself in possession of your goal.

From my past experiences and recounts from many of my subscribers, when you feel that you can already possess the dream only then will it manifest for you into immediate reality.

Manifestation Sign #3 – Meaningful Encounter & Coincidences (Synchronicity)

When strange coincidences and meaningful encounters occur, usually its a sign from the Infinite Intelligence that your manifestation is coming. These occurrences may appear as signs for you to act upon or to reassure you that you are going in the right direction.

Many people go about their daily lives without realizing the connectivity of our minds with the people around as. The high vibrations and energies that we carry when we are close to manifestation radiates to other supportive minds and allow them to aid us in our manifestation journey.

Do you have an individual unique sign? Or perhaps your seeing a certain number all the time 1111, 2222, 8888? Synchronicity carries deep meaning and is the Universe’s way of communicating directly with our brain receivers. When these thoughts or encounters flash through your mind, take them to be a sign that the Universe is working in your favor and will deliver the abundance that you seek into your life soon.

Manifestation Sign #4 – You’re Experiencing High Anticipation for What is to Come

The human intuition is an extremely powerful indicator that is largely dictated by the subconscious mind. If you’ve successfully reprogrammed your subconscious mind with thoughts of your manifestation, then it’s likely that your intuition will also be primed to lead you to your goal.

When I manifested my jobs, my soulmate, money and business, I always had a strong gut feeling before it was going to happen. This is also built from strong self-confidence in your ability to manifest (faith). You can achieve a state of mindfulness to hone your intuitive skills through the use of daily meditation.

Manifestation Sign #5 – When You No Longer See Your Lack, But Rather Your Manifestation Potential

Want to know whats the most common fault with people who are trying to manifest? They worry too much about where, when and how their manifestation will come to them. In doing so, they focus on the lack that they have, instead of the things they have to do to succeed.

Sometimes the more you want something, the more it eludes you. And when you’ve all but forgotten about wanting it so much (you eliminate all limiting thoughts and focus on your lack of having it), suddenly it pops up right in front of you.

Manifestation Sign #6 – You Are Faced With Great Adversity

I believe that the turning point for manifesting abundance often comes after we’ve passed through some defining moment of crisis. In such scenarios, we are pushed past our perceived limitations and discover that we have greater power hidden within ourselves to accomplish more.

Manifestation is about change. We will not be able to manifest a dream that we do not currently possess but remaining in the same way as we were before. Adversity and trials are what changes us and forces us to be more than we were before in order to overcome them and come out better from it.

Most people who never manifest their dreams are defeated by adversity and stop short just three feet away from gold. Look at adversity as opportunities and a test that the Universe is sending your way to see if you’re worthy to achieve all that you desire.

Manifestation Sign #7 – A Direct Sign From the Universe

Sometimes the Universe gives us huge signs that our manifestation is coming true. It can be in the form of having dreams when you sleep, spiritual guidance and even the people and interactions you have in your daily life.

In order to understand these signs, you need to make the effort to be attentive. Skepticism, distrust and negativity all serve to block your consciousness from receiving its help.

My Personal Encounter

Once I was applying for a job that I really wanted and had just completed the interview. The interviewer said that they would get back to me in 5 days time, so the anticipation during that period was rather intense. At the back of my mind, I was still pretty anxious about whether I was going to get it because there were other more experienced individuals also applying for the role. Then the 5th day came… still no news…

I went to bed rather worried, and that’s when I had a dream about my grandfather who had just past away recently. He didn’t say much in the dream but carried a very pleasant and reassuring smile. Right before the dream ended, he told me this: “you worry too much when you already know you have it in you.”

The encounter filled me with hope and great reassurance. I ended up having a very good rest that night. And guess what! When I awoke and checked my email the next morning… The company had already sent me an offer the previous day but it was stuck in my spam folder for reason (pesky email filters!).

Your Manifestation is Coming For You

Don’t rely only on signs to acknowledge that your manifestation is coming. The people who are locked in to the pursuit of their dreams will not spend time worrying about whether or not manifestation will come because they know that in time it absolutely will. When you do this, you end up focusing on your lack of something which is a limiting thought that produces negative energies (see Manifestation Sign #5).

The only secret ingredients you need for effective conscious manifestation is a burning desire to achieve the dream, unyielding faith and unrelenting persistence.

Remember also the very principle behind the Law of Attraction – we are magnets of the thoughts that we allow to populate in our minds. If you believe that your manifestation is coming, then you attract similar thoughts and energies that will be help you get closer to making it a reality.

And in the parting words of my grandfather who appeared to me in the dream, “you worry too much when you already know you have it in you”. Stop worrying and start manifesting!

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