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How to Write a Law of Abundance Check to Attract Money

One of the most obvious applications of the Law of Attraction is to manifest money quickly, and writing an abundance check is a great way to raise your vibration and start to attract more money into your life.

When you decide right now to write an abundance check for yourself, you are putting out a definite intention and purpose into the Universe that will set you up for success. This tells the Universe that you are open and determined to receive the exact amount of money that you have stated.

Writing abundance checks also have a very powerful psychological impact on your mental disposition and attitude towards money. By declaring your intentions, you are also reprogramming your subconscious to expect and do whatever is necessary to achieve this goal. This raises your positive vibrations towards money and also empowers you to take Inspired Action towards your goals.

People who have successfully applied the Law of Attraction are those who have achieved mastery over their internal environment (mindset & attitude) as well as their actions to effect positive change in their lives.

Why Are Abundance Checks so Powerful? Do They Actually Work?

Visualization techniques are very popular in the Law of Attraction field, and the reason why Abundance Checks are so powerful is because they enhance the whole visualization process and automatically puts you in the frame of mind where you already have achieved this amount of money.

This heightened mindset and vibration is powerful, because it sets the stage for whatever actions you decide to take next that will lead you closer to the goal.

Need more proof that Abundance checks work? Here’s a video of Hollywood actor Jim Carrey who appeared on Oprah and shared his secret to success…

Back when he wasn’t famous, Jim Carrey actually wrote himself a check for $10 million dollars.

Sounds crazy isn’t it? How do you expect that you’re going to make $10 million dollars when you’re not even close to it yet?

Still, Jim was bold enough to demand that kind of money from the Universe… and guess what? He actually achieved his goal in 1995.

One very important thing to take away from the video was the line that Oprah mentioned “visualization works if you work hard!”. Aligning your mindset and vibration is the first step, taking action later with your empowered mindset is also an integral part of manifestation.

Writing Your Law of Abundance Check

Here’s a big tip when writing your abundance check from scratch, you want to make sure that it looks as realistic as possible. The more realistic your check looks like, the more effective it is going to be at convincing your subconscious mind that it is real.

It’s entirely up to you how you want to do it. You can draw on a piece of paper, write on a real check or get creative and make your own!

I’ve created a abundance check template for myself and am excited to share it with you as well! Feel free to download the file and print it out for your own use (:

Law of Abundance Check
Abundance Check Template (PDF) – Click Here to Download (you can right-click the image and select “save as image”)

All you have to do is fill in the blanks and you’re all set!

Steps to Make Your Abundance Check Work For You

Here are some steps that you can follow when writing your abundance checks that will help to maximize its effectiveness.

1. Keep it close to you

You’ll want to keep your abundance check as close to you as possible so that you can always refer to it in times of need. I like to carry mine in my wallet (because that’s where I keep my money) to serve as a constant reminder and give me a boost whenever I feel like I need it.

2. Think, Feel & Visualize Daily

The worse thing you can do is just write a check and forget all about it! For it to effectively work, you need to constantly put it to good use! That means taking a look at it every day to visualize the amount of wealth that you would like to receive.

For me the best time is always in the morning because it gives me and immediate boost in positive vibrations every time I see and visualize attracting unlimited wealth with my abundance check.

3. Combine visualization with positive affirmations

If you’re looking to enhance your visualization further, than I would recommend always combining them together with positive affirmations. Likewise, positive affirmations are also really effective in aligning your vibration to what you want to attract.

These powerful money affirmations work particularly well if you’re looking to attract more wealth and abundance!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this short post on how to effectively write a law of abundance check and use it to attract tons of money in the future. Leave a note in the comments section if you liked it!

How to Write an Abundance Check to Attract Money

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