law of attraction corona virus

Is it possible to manifest a world where we have triumphed over the deadly corona virus?

How can we apply the Law of Attraction in such times to fight against the spread of the deadly disease?

With so much talk about the virus in the news and media feeds, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and driven into panic mode. So many people are living in a state of fear and constantly worrying about whether or not they will contract the virus.

The Law of Attraction works on the thoughts you carry within your conscious and subconscious mind. The more fearful you become and constantly supplement yourself with thoughts of the deadly virus, the more you are opening yourself to the possibility of attracting it.

The trick is to first overcome the fear. Fear that makes you weak, both mentally and physically. In fact, being stressed and panicky can even compromise your immune system.

I’m not saying that you should be oblivious to everything and try to completely the corona virus. Sensible precautions like being responsible and working from home should still be heeded along with other government directives. However, we should not be overly stricken with panic, emotion, fear and worse of all – a mindset of scarcity.

These feelings serve no purpose other than to create stress upon our bodies, make the body weaker and more vulnerable.

It is in these crucial moments when one should turn to positive thoughts of hope and believe. Instead of feeding the panic, be positive and hopeful for the outcome! This is perhaps the most important premise of applying the Law of Attraction.

Focus on strengthen your energy, vibration and spiritual development. Practice affirmations to correct your mindset and boost your vibration at any point in time. Here’s a list for you to choose from

Know that life is beautiful and that we as a people will come out of this stronger, more resilient and united. No disease, virus or epidemic can overcome the strength of the human will. In this time of need, it is all the more important for us to strive to be in a state of gratitude, love and abundance.

We, the people of the world are stronger than this virus. Even though we may be separated and confined within the space of our own homes, let our solidarity be the spark that will united this world and purge the virus once and for all. Together, we shall overcome.

Using the Law of Attraction to Fight the Corona Virus
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