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5 Alarming Reasons Why The Law of Attraction Is Not Working For You

It’s perfectly understandable if you feel frustrated at some point because you feel like the law of attraction is not working for you. We’ve all been there before. Even thought we know that positivity fuels successful manifestations, sometimes it’s just so hard to stay positive and not give in to despair.

You’re allowed to feel frustrated every now and then, but don’t lose hope! There are many reasons why you may be encountering “blockages”. As long as you’re able to identify and turn these negative energies into positive ones, you can still effectively apply the Law of Attraction to change your life for the better.

1. You Think The “Law of Attraction Is Not Working”

You think the law of attraction isn't working for you

“I’ve tried so many techniques and courses, why isn’t the Law of Attraction working?”

Okay so if you’re reading this post chances are you feel like it’s already not working. I get that it can be disappointing when you don’t seem to be able to attract what you want. But when people say something like this, it just means that they’ve gotten the concept of the Law of Attraction all wrong.

The Law of Attraction isn’t something they can just switch on or off. It doesn’t just work or not work. The Law of Attraction is in fact, always working. That means at any given point in time you are already manifesting!

Knowing this will change the entire way you act because now it’s all about making the Law of Attraction work for you.

2. There is more to the Law of Attraction then just “thinking” things.

There is more to the law of attraction than just thinking things

Yup, you may think that the Law of Attraction revolved all around thoughts. That is true, but thoughts alone aren’t going to give you what you want. Just because you want a million dollars doesn’t mean it will rain cash from the skies.

Your thoughts bring your subconscious mind in alignment with your desires which ultimately induces inspired action within you to do the things that will give you your results.

Manifesting what you want is very different from simply having wishful thinking. Forget sitting on the couch and wishing for something to happen, that’s never going to work – period.

The Law of Attraction isn’t really that complicated. It’s a simple process that works based on the kind of input that you put into it. Thoughts inspire action, action inspires results.

3. You Haven’t Corrected Your Limiting Beliefs.

Correcting your limiting beliefs

Another often overlooked factor that many are not aware of when apply the Law of Attraction is that fact that they may have accumulated a series of limiting thoughts up to this point in time that may be blocking them from moving forward.

For instance, you may have been told since young that you were bad at math which caused you to shy away from it when in actual fact you may be just about as good as anyone else with the same amount of practice.

Think about it this way, in order to achieve something you’ve never gotten you need to change the way you do things so that you will be in a better state to receive it. You can try out this quiz to identify and overcome your limiting thoughts.

4. You’re Subconsciously Focusing on “Lack”

Sadly, a major observation that I’ve had about people who want to apply the Law of Attraction is that we usually start from a place of lack.

Why do you want to manifest $1 million dollars? Because you most likely don’t have it yet. However the key to successfully manifesting your dream, is not to focus on your own lack of things but the possibility of your achieving it right now.

Look at it this way. There is a gap between the place you are at now, and the destination that you want to get to. The more you focus on already being at the end destination, the smaller the gap will be perceived to be and your subconscious mind is able to work more efficiently to bring you to that goal.

However if you focus on your lack of results at the starting destination, you build up mental barriers that prevent your subconscious mind from progressing to the end destination.

If you constantly think to yourself things like “why don’t I already have a million dollars? Why doesn’t my crush love me? When am I going to reach success?”. This mindset of lack will limit you from effectively applying the Law of Attraction in your favor.

The answer to this is to altogether forget everything about the start destination and carry yourself like you are already the person in possession of your goals! What would you do if you were already there? How would you act? What kind of attitude would you have? Think it, feel it and believe it.

5. You Just Need to Develop Persistence

Persistence guarantees that the results are inevitable

You may have heard stories of people who manifested huge sums of cash overnight and are holding yourself to that same standard. Whilst it’s true that you can manifest things really quickly if you’re ready, the thing is that it mostly takes time to get yourself into a proper state of readiness. (You may think you’re ready but there may still be blockages that you may need to correct!)

A certain amount of work and effort is required before you are ready to receive the object of your manifestation. If you started off poor and you want to become a millionaire, then it’s gonna take some time to correct any limiting thoughts and realign them into a dominating positive mindset.

Don’t give up and keep trying to develop a spirit of persistence. You may not always know if you’re on the right track, but you can learn to look out for the signs that your manifestation is coming true.

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