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My Law of Attraction Success Story – How I Manifested $5000 in a Month

A Real Life Manifestation Example

Applying the Law of Attraction can be challenging for many people, especially if they haven’t had any experience. That’s why I wanted to give a real life manifestation example of how one can actually manifest thoughts into things – starting with a story about myself!

It all started with an idea.

I remember saying to myself, “wouldn’t it be nice if I were to manifest $3000 for the month of February?”

At this point I didn’t know how I was going to do it (in fact I didn’t have a clue!), but my determination to make the dream become a reality was certain.

You see then I had just started my own company for a few months, specializing in doing decorations for parties and events (mostly handicrafts because that’s what I love to do).

I had taken a big leap of faith to do something I loved for a living rather and had quit my day job for the venture. Unfortunately business had not been picking up and I was struggling to find clients. I was starting to feel a little stressed out and anxious at this point – looking back perhaps this was a limiting thought that was holding me back from success as well.

Now that I had created a great desire within myself to see the dream through, it was time to start devising a gameplan and putting it into action. I had read countless of books on the Law of Attraction and manifestation, so I decided to apply a technique that I learnt to rewire the subconscious mind to work for me.

How I Applied the Law of Attraction

Here’s what I did. Every morning when I woke up from sleep, immediately I would repeat to myself the following phrase:

I will manifest $3000 in the month of February, in exchange I will provide superior value to my clients.

I would repeat this phrase just before going to bed and any time during the day when I needed some affirmation. Just one simple phrase, nothing fancy or elaborate.

But somehow this little phrase started to work wonders for me…

Instead of waking up and feeling anxious or , I was now filled with renewed spirit and confidence. I knew what I wanted the Universe to give me, now I just had to put in the effort to attract the big reward.

Throughout the course of the month as I continued to repeated the phrase with persistence, I had several promptings – flashes of inspiration through my mind that told me what I needed to do: such as approaching neighborhoods in the vicinity, printing and giving out lovely handmade flyers, and even doing cold calls during the day.

Rejection was plentiful, I . But each time I told myself that I absolutely HAD to manifest this goal, there was no turning back now.

Well, I’m glad I did because the persistence paid off…

My Success Story Came Through!

On the 25th of February, I had signed deals to provide decorative work and props for a total of 7 events worth $5,300 collectively!

I had just manifested $5,300 based on a single thought that I had gotten at the start of the month!

I wanted to share this with you because I truly believe that the Law of Attraction is one of the most powerful concepts that we can master.

I had allowed a single dominating thought to take control of my actions. Through daily affirmations and visualization to reinforce my goals, my subconscious mind took over and allowed me to take the actions that I needed in order to make the dream into a reality.

And that’s how I manifested money into my life!

But more importantly, I now know that I have the power to make any idea I have come into reality. And so do you!

I can’t wait to hear your law of attraction success stories too (:

Comment below if you have anything to share and thanks for reading!

Law of Attraction Success Story - How I manifested $5000 in a month
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