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Is The Law of Attraction a Shortcut to Success?

Hey. So, many of us started our journey with the Law of Attraction because of promises that we would be able to manifest our dream life much more quickly. After all, the Law of Attraction is meant to be a shortcut to manifesting our dreams isn’t that right? WRONG.

I hate to break it to you, but the Law of Attraction is NOT a shortcut to success in the way that many people perceive it to be.

Can it cut down the time needed for you to manifest your dreams? Yes, absolutely. But don’t mistake it’s effectiveness for a shortcut or “easy way out”.

My number one pet peeve when it comes to misconceptions about the Law of Attraction is that it’s a “sacred force of the Universe that’s meant to give you everything you want without you having to do the work.” Sound familiar?

You may already have some idea of why this misconception has come about. But here’s my take…

With the rise in popularity of the Law of Attraction over the years, so too are the rise in the number of people trying to take advantage of this to make a quick buck. There are so many manifestation courses online trying to make earn “easy money” that they fight to use the boldest claims and attractive copy to push readers to make a sale.

So many empty promises of “overnight money” and the ability to “manifest anything in 24 hours”. It’s a real shame how the market has descended to such a sorry state. The only one’s earning “easy money” are the people who created these programs!

Because of these “creative” sales copy, many people have also been conditioned to believe that the Law of Attraction is a shortcut to their success. They expect easy returns without having to put in any work and when that doesn’t happen, they flip out and lose faith in the process of manifestation.

At this point it might seem like I’m bashing the Law of Attraction up, but that’s really not my intended outcome. I’m simply here to be real and to tell you the truth.

That’s why only a handful of people are able to apply it effectively in their lives to receive massive abundance and success.

These are the one’s who have kept it real and are not afraid to work their butts off for that success. If you’re one of the few here, then huge RESPECT to you.

There is no shortcut to success in life – only those we imagine.

That’s not to say that the Law of Attraction is all gibberish. What I’m saying is that “the way it’s often sold” is often exaggerated and even bordering on untrue.

You’ve got to be able to differentiate between the sales pitch and the real talk. The Law of Attraction is a beautiful principle that empowers individuals with the awareness that they have full control over their lives and the things they choose to attract.

It’s not about shortcuts, quick money, or instant manifestations. A million dollars isn’t going to drop from the sky just because you’re thinking and visualizing it.

By raising your vibration, cultivating positive thoughts and apply positive affirmations, you are making an attempt to communicate with your subconscious mind which will aid you in taking inspired action to reach your goals.

ACTION is NECESSARY for manifestation to happen. To think otherwise would be folly.

To all those out there who understand and agree with this philosophy, keep fighting the good fight and I know you will eventually reach your dreams one way or another.

Enough of all the shortcuts and “easy-way-out” nonsense sales pitch. Focus your thoughts, keep grinding and go out there to manifest that success you deserve!

Success ain’t gonna roll out the red carpet just for you. You’ve got to DEMAND it from the Universe.

All the best and happy manifesting!

Is The Law of Attraction a Shortcut to Success?

John Abraham

Hi there, John here! I'm the founder of this site and the author of Build Your Positive Reality. I believe that thoughts can truly become things with the right kind of magic. Stick around and you'll discover you have what it takes to become a powerful manifestor in no time! (:

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