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Use The Law of Attraction for Weight Loss – Think & Grow Lean!

Losing weight is often perceived as a tedious and time-consuming endeavor that not many people are able to sustain. The truth is – it doesn’t have to be a struggle at all!

It’s not surprising that losing weight is as much a mental endeavor as it is a physical one (people tend to focus only on the physical side because it’s so obvious). In fact, if you feel like you’re struggling, then you’re most likely doing it the wrong way.

If you want to successfully achieve your weight loss goals, then applying the Law of Attraction effectively will help you to achieve a fitter, healthier body. Remember that the first rule of the law of attraction is that, like attracts like. If your thoughts and vibration are not in harmony, then you’re only going to attract unwanted distractions and temptations.

Start first by changing you way of thinking before embarking on any major diet changes in your life.

These article will show you the various steps that you can take to manifest weight loss with the law of attraction.

Steps to Apply the Law of Attraction for Weight Loss

1. Determine Your Reason “Why”

Not just for weight loss, this is the first step to manifesting any thing that you desire. You must first determine your reason for doing it and what are your main motivations.

Let these reasons be the guiding light for you even through the tough moments. Are you doing this because you want to get better health and spend more time with your family? Perhaps you’re doing it to set a good example to your kids or even to beat a particular illness. Whatever the case, get in touch with your emotions and motivations.

These will form the foundation for your weight loss journey.

2. Set Your Weight Loss Goals

Picture Your Goals

Be as specific as possible when setting your goals. Try to set a deadline to make it more effective.

In my own particular case, I aimed to lose 1 kg per week (2.2 lbs). Nothing too drastic, but I preferred a goal that was slow and consistent that I can live with long term. This goal was specific, almost achievable, and I knew exactly when to expect it.

3. Visualize The Results

This is simple exercise that I like to call, the “Miracle Dream“. Here’s how it works.

Imagine that you go to sleep today in your current state and when you wake up the next day, you realize that a miracle has happened! All the goals that you have set for yourself have miraculously manifested into reality. You are now the exact version of the person that you wanted to be – the perfect body and level of fitness that you’ve always wanted!

Now comes the important part. Think, feel and visualize exactly how you are feeling at this point in time. Look at the changes to your physical aspect as well as non-tangible ones. How happy and satisfied are you with your body? Do you carry yourself with much more renewed self-confidence? Are you happy with the way you look and how your body functions in a healthier state? Do you enjoy exercising and what types of exercises are you really in to right now?

See and bask in the glory of your dream come to life and believe that you will eventually see this future.

Apart from setting a strong benchmark that you can aspire to strive towards, this exercise is very effective in raising your vibration and feeding your subconscious mind with positive thoughts that will bring you closer to your goal.

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4. Take Inspired Action

Now that you’ve aligned your thinking to the weight loss goals that you want to achieve, it’s time to take inspired action. In your heightened state of positive vibration, accept the promptings of the Universe and start putting your plan into place.

Go out and get everything you need to start on your journey. Do you need comfortable clothes to work? Do you go to the gym or at home? Where, how and often do you buy fresh produce and lean meats? How are you going to make room for your budget for whole fresh food?

5. Be Happy

Be Happy

I can’t stress how important it is for you to enjoy the process. So many people start their weight loss journey with entirely new programs that make drastic changes to their lifestyle and aren’t happy in the process.

Happiness should NOT be the outcome of your journey, but rather the driving force behind it. You may think that you should suffer now because you will be happy eventually after you’ve achieve a solid six-pack and bulging biceps, but the truth is that being happy and satisfied with what you do is one of the major determinants of program success. If you are stressed and feeling “forced” to lose weight then the chances of dropping out are actually very high.

Try and find ways to reduce stress and don’t keep too rigid a routine. Allow yourself some space to also relax and enjoy the finer things in life. Reducing stress is also know to boost recovery rates, lowers cortisol and contributes to an overall healthier state to tackle your goals.

6. Always Focus On The Future – Not What Is Lacking

One major reason I’ve found that so many individuals are unhappy with their weight loss journey is because they tend to focus on what they are lacking. Doing so could be disastrous because the law of attraction is then triggered to act upon what you are focusing on.

Yes your body may not be in the best shape now but your mind is ready and you are steadily working towards your goals one step at a time. Always focus on what’s in front and not on the lack.

If you want to lose weight, think about how you will be like after completing this journey and why you absolutely have to do this. Be happy in your pursuit of better health and always try to visualize the end result.

6. Eliminate Doubts

Believe is a crucial factor when applying the law of attraction. You need to think, feel and believe that you are already in possession of your goal for you to be ready to attract it.

This also means eliminating all doubts and limiting thoughts from your mind. Whether or not you were fat, skinny, bullied or went through some past trauma because of your stature does not matter in the pursuit of your future outcome. Cast out any negative thoughts and be ready to receive your manifestation.

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7. Align Your Thoughts & Build Powerful Habits

Instead of thinking of exercising or diet as a chore, tell yourself that you feel comfortable exercising and that it’s a fun way to keep your beautiful body in shape. When you wake up every morning, make sure you have the energy to wake up and get moving. Your body will follow what your mind believes.

8. Apply Positive Weight Loss Affirmations

Positive affirmations are the backbone of apply the law of attraction for weight loss or any other area of your life. Daily constant repetition of affirmations will develop believe and help to grow your mental toughness against challenges in the face your goal.

You may not believe that your body is attractive or desirable at the start, but using the correct positive affirmations can help to change this perception and create a stronger mental paradigm for fitness and weight loss. Once your faith aligns with what you want to attract, your body will take steps to make that belief a reality.

Positive affirmations for weight loss can be something like these:

“I have a slim and a beautiful body.”

“My eating habit is healthy and nutritious every day.”

“I always have high levels of energy.”

“Exercising is a hobby to me, I feel the energy coming from and flowing through my body.”

You can find more powerful weight loss affirmations here. Feel free to change and adapt them for your own use.


Using the law of attraction for weight loss is extremely effective because the mental paradigms shifts that you create will eventually translate into reality. Remember that like attracts like, so always focus on positive thoughts and your desired outcome instead of where you are right now.

What you need to understand is that the current situation you are in is inconsequential to where you want to be in the future.

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Jessica Maine

I am a fitness enthusiast with a strong passion for Yoga, Strength Training and Calisthenics. Venturing into the spiritual realm of manifesting positive intentions is a life journey that I wish to share with all of you. Join me in my stories as we explore and learn to construct positive manifestations to achieve a healthier, happier and more purposeful life.

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