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Why You Need to Start Letting Go Of Your Manifestation

We all want to manifest things that we believe are good for us and will help to enhance the quality of our lives. Sometimes we want it so badly that we feel unsettled and restless that it is not yet in our grasp.

For some, this frustration it might even lead to sentiments that evoke negative feelings or emotions that could be harm our mindset and determination. Perhaps it’s time to start letting go of our manifestation.

There is a difference between being driven to achieve your goals, and being too attached to manifestation goals that might be unhealthy for you. Having worked closely with so many people over the years, I’ve seen some become so obsessed with reaching their manifestation that it actually hurts their vibration and positive attraction.

It’s not wrong to be concerned or passionate about receiving your manifestations. But what many people fail to understand is that the Law of Attraction comes from a place that is much more related to acceptance rather than obsessive need.

Of course the reason you want to manifest anything in your life is likely because you don’t already have it physically. However the focus should not be on the fact that you don’t have it, but rather trying to bring your mental frame and mindset into one that is already in possession of the said goal.

The Law of Attraction isn’t mean’t to be a shortcut to success but rather a technique that allows you to reframe your thoughts and achieve things that you were not able to before because of a previous limited mindset. The mastery lies within the mind before it is translated into actions and experiences.

If you approach your manifestation from a place of “lack” and “neediness” then chances are that it’s not going to work well for you. These are likely to build unreasonable expectations, and only serve to distance you from your actual manifestation desires.

The Truth Behind Letting Go

The Truth Behind Letting Go

Some people think that “letting go” means giving up on your dreams. When I say that you need to “let go of your manifestation”, what I’m actually referring to is letting go of your EXPECTATIONS of when and how it will happen.

It means not stressing day and night about why your goal isn’t already here yet. The goal is to remove all thoughts of lack, and focus on achieving complete mindfulness. When you’ve managed to cast aside these shackles of worry and start experiencing more joy in your life, you will send the Universe vibrations of happiness and positivity to will enable you to manifest your goals much better.

Stop asking questions like “when am I going to receive my manifestation?”, or “how come it’s taking so long”. Reflect on these statements and see how they are actually coming from a place of lack in your mind. The real magic happens when you approach your manifestations from a place of positivity and optimism.

Remember that the thoughts and energy you hold in your mind are the key to strong vibrations and manifesting power. We should always aim to achieve mindfulness in our lives and “let go” of the neediness and expectations that we have of our manifestations. Look at the signs that your manifestation is coming and don’t be overly attached or frustrated because great things take time. Your desires will come in time.

Why You Need to Start Letting Go Of Your Manifestation | Your Positive Reality

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