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Why “Like Attracts Like” With The Law of Attraction

The Principle Behind Attraction

Have you ever wondered about the type of relationships that you are getting in your life? Are they supportive and filled with positive energies? Or do you constantly feel stressed out and critical about the people around you?

Whether we are happy with our current situation or are frustrated by it, we have somehow unknowingly attracted it into our current reality.

This simple phenomenon can be explained by the Law of Attraction. If you haven’t heard the term before and want to find out more you can read this guide on the Law of Attraction. Basically, the law can be summarized with the words “like attracts like”.

You may have heard the saying before, but how does it really work in reality?

In the next section you’ll see an real life example of how “like attracts like” in reality.

Why We Attract The People We Attract

The types of people we attract into our lives are a result of the energies and thoughts that we have put into it.

Back when I was in high school, I had a friend named Emily who loved to complain about everything.

I bring up this particular example because her constant disposition towards negative energies made such a big impression on me, I vowed never to end up like that.

During class one day I observed a rather interesting phenomenon.

We where instructed by the teacher to break up into pairs of our choosing for a particular project. That was when I saw Susan approach Emily to inquire if she was interested to form a group.

Now Susan was the total opposite of Emily, she was always cheerful and full of energy.

Upon initiating the conversation, Emily started to talk about how “dumb” she thought the project was and it was such a waste of time.

Susan tried to convince her that it would be fun and that they should set a date to meet, however Emily refused because to her it didn’t make sense to put too much effort and that they should just split the work and get it done with quickly.

As it turned out in the end, Susan decided to group with someone else and Emily was paired with Isaac, who was well known for skipping school and almost never did any school work.

Not surprisingly, Emily had a rather poor experience because they both put off the project to the last minute and she realized that she had to do everything by herself because Isaac really didn’t care if he passed or failed.

For the next two weeks, she would also go on to complain about Isaac to any one who would care to listen.

So what transpired in this interesting take of a high school project assignment?

I felt that this was the perfect example to illustrate how “like attracts like” and how the thoughts that we put out into the world can create the beneficial or unfavorable circumstances that find ourselves in.

In this example, Emily had unknowingly repelled an otherwise great partner who had amazing character and would have made the project a huge success. The worse thing is that by focusing on her negativity, she also began to attract people who were also negative towards life’s challenges – in the process making her own life hard.

What Does This Mean For Us?

What does this all mean and how can we get the law of attraction to work for us?

So often do we think that our situation is result of the world happening to us, but we forgo the fact that it’s actually the other way round – the thoughts that we focus on are what eventually influences our environment!

As John Milton wrote in his famous poem, Paradise Lost:

“The Mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.”

– John Milton, Paradise Lost

The implication of this knowledge is that we create the environment around us based on the thoughts that we put out. By altering out thoughts, we are also able to alter the opportunities and people that are attracted to us. Our negative vibrations can easily be transformed into positive ones through various positive realignment techniques such as scripting with the law of attraction, affirmations and uplifting visualization sessions.

We Are Creators of The Environment Around Us

We create the environment around us

Now that we know that “like attracts like”, here’s another interesting fact. The Law of Attraction is always working!

That’s right, whether or not you’re aware of it its always there. Just like the law of gravity, it is a universal law that applies to all things.

The thoughts that you ultimately form and make up your vibration which in turn works to attract similar things to you. If you’re constantly putting out good vibes, self-believe and determination, then the life that you’ll have is one filled with the fruits of your labor.

Many times our thoughts may be influenced by the attitudes and beliefs within our subconscious mind that we have accumulated over time. You can’t just “think” of happy thoughts now and expect your reality to be positive forever. We may have to reprogram our subconscious mental paradigms so that our minds are now filled with powerful thoughts, and removed from limiting beliefs.

If you wish to receive more love and build rewarding relationships with others, then you also need to first create a strong sense of self-worth by developing your self-belief so that you’re in the right frame of mind to engage in positive and meaningful encounters with people.

Thoughts are powerful. Thoughts become things.

Choose the thoughts that you allow to dominate your mind carefully, and remember to always shy away from negativity.

This way you will be able to create a positive reality were you are happy and satisfied.

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