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Top 5 Limiting Beliefs that are Blocking Your Manifestation

Limiting beliefs are the worse because they may seem small at first, but actually play an alarmingly huge role in shaping our lives.

There is nothing in this world that can trouble you as much as your own thoughts...

The sentence is true, but the amazing thing is that we can turn that entirely around and build a life filled with positivity and abundance simply by changing our thoughts as well!

In this post, we talk about the top 5 limiting beliefs that most people have and how you can eliminate them.

What Are Limiting Beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are pre-conditioned negative beliefs that we have developed in our subconscious mind. They act in a destructive manner towards our pursuit of abundance. Because they are negative in nature, they are counter-productive to our manifestation efforts and in some cases, even prevent us from moving forward with our lives.

Everyone has accumulated different forms of limiting beliefs in their life journey so it’s actually a phenomenon that everyone faces.

How Do Limiting Beliefs Come About?

Limiting beliefs are often created by our environment and upbringing. If we are the sum of our experiences, then the people and circumstances that we have come across in our life has had a huge impact on the way our thoughts, attitudes, and overall mental paradigm is shaped.

We may have been conditioned from young to believe that we were “bad at something”, or that “we aren’t good enough” to achieve massive levels of success. Obviously, these thoughts aren’t true. But they’ve stuck around long enough just so that our subconscious mind has accepted them and are now projecting them into our reality.

The only way we can change our reality and move forward is to first remove these thoughts from our subconscious mind.

Top 5 Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs stem from fear and often come about due to decades of negative conditioning of the mind. When it comes to manifesting, the subconscious mind can be your best friend or your worse enemy.

1. The Fear of Failure

This is perhaps the biggest of all fears. Many people fear failure so much that they just can’t get themselves to take the leap of faith that could propel them to greater heights of success.

2. Fear of Rejection

People who suffer from this limiting belief often find themselves subconsciously avoiding meaningful relationships or asking help from others because they are overcome by fear.

3. Fear of Success

Have you ever met people who constantly put down successful people and give reasons why those people where just “lucky”? It could be that those very same people carry the fear of success which is why they feel the need to justify their lack in the face of other’s triumph.

4. Feelings of Unworthiness

Do you feel that you are worthy and deserving of success in life? Sad to say but some people are stuck in a cycle of self-loathing and blame which is really disastrous to their ability to lead a positive life filled with abundance.

5. Fear of Competition

I know of several people who are always looking for the next shortcut to attain wealth. These people never stick to a solid plan for long because they are afraid of hard work, consistency and competition.

All of these limiting beliefs listed are equally insidious because they block you from making decisions and taking Inspired Action that can lead to your desired reality.

This is why people sometimes find it so hard to apply the Law of Attraction no matter how hard they try. If you don’t attempt to correct your limiting beliefs before embarking on your manifestation journey, you’re going to have a hard time and the chances of failure are much higher.

How to Eliminate Limiting Beliefs

Although they may be deeply ingrained into the back of our minds, eliminating limiting beliefs is still very much possible. First we’ve got to be able to identify what they are and the root cause that is responsible for these negative perceptions lingering in our subconscious.

If you’re really interested to find out more, I highly recommend you visit this live training session by Natalie Ledwell who will be showing you how to identify self-limiting beliefs and subsequently – eliminating them for good.

Natalie is a renown abundance speaker, author and teacher who has successfully coached hundreds of students in applying the law of attraction to improve their lives so she definitely knows what she’s talking about.

According to her, all limiting beliefs can be classified into several root types and tackled at the source.

I also recommend positive affirmations as an extremely powerful tool to counter negative thoughts and reverse any negative beliefs.

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