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Top 30 Louise Hay Affirmations That Will Raise Your Vibration

Louise Hay’s affirmations and teachings are the stuff of legend. If you’re currently practicing the law of attraction and haven’t heard of the name “Louise Hay”, then boy are you missing out on a whole ton of value!

Truly one of the greats that have contributed so much to the field of manifesting.

Louise Hay (1926 – 2017) was well respected figure in self-development and had devoted a lifetime to changing the lives of thousands of people through her works in the law of attraction space. As a motivational author who enjoyed sharing her teachings with others, she has written several books that cover how to apply the law of attraction with over 50 million copies sold.

One of her top publications, You Can Heal Your Life, talks about overcoming physical and health constraints on the body using the power of the mind – even when mainstream science may have failed.

Through the power of positive affirmations and self-believe, she has successfully beaten cancer, come back from abuse and opened the floodgates to a life of prosperity and abundance. She then founded the Hay House publishing to share her teachings to the rest of world.

A truly inspiring figure and role model, here are some of the best Louise Hay affirmations that we too can apply into our lives.

The Best 30 Louise Hay Affirmations

  1. I deserve only good in my life
  2. My good is constantly coming to me, so I relax and enjoy my life
  3. I release all resistance to money, and I now allow it to flow joyously into my life.
  4. I have unlimited potential. Only good lies before me.
  5. I am a Divine, Magnificent Expression of Life, and I deserve the very best. I accept this for myself now. I accept miracles. I accept healing. I accept wholeness. And most of all, I accept myself.
  6. My self-esteem is high because I honor who I am.
  7. I awaken today, appreciating everything in sight, and I give thanks.
  8. I now free myself from destructive fears and doubts.
  9. I act as if I already have what I want – it’s an excellent way to attract happiness in my life.
  10. In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole, and complete.
  11. All that I need to know at any given moment is revealed to me. My intuition is always on my side
  12. I am an open channel for creative ideas
  13. I claim my power and move beyond all limitations.
  14. I now see opportunities for abundance everywhere. I am blessed.
  15. I am a magnet for money. Prosperity of every kind is drawn to me.
  16. I forgive everyone in my past for all the perceived wrongs. I release them with love.
  17. My body takes me everywhere easily and effortlessly
  18. I am one with the very power that created me
  19. I am very thankful for all the love in my life. I find it everywhere.
  20. All is well in my world. Everything is working out for my highest good. Out of this situation only good will come. I am safe!
  21. I am in harmony with nature.
  22. Filling my mind with pleasant thoughts is the quickest road to health.
  23. I listen to my body and give it what it needs on every level to bring it back to optimal health.
  24. It is now safe for me to release all of my childhood traumas and move into love.
  25. I devote a portion of my time to helping others. It is good for my own health.
  26. I am Divinely guided and protected at all times.
  27. I let go of all fear and doubt, and life becomes simple and easy for me.
  28. I now deserve love, romance and joy – and all the good that life has to offer me.
  29. As I move through the layers of other people’s opinions and beliefs, I see within myself a magnificent being, wise, and beautiful. I love what I see in me.
  30. My day begins and ends with gratitude and joy

Apply Louise Hay’s Affirmations

Louise is a firm believer that positive habits breed success and successful people. Excellence is not an act but a habit.

This is exactly the same way that you should view affirmations. If you just skim through these verse you may feel inspired for a few hours, maybe even days, but eventually nothing changes. But if you decide right now to form the powerful habit of applying affirmations daily, that’s when you’ll see the magic start to take root – slowly but surely.

The advice from Louise is to use positive affirmations as part of our routine for at least 30 days consecutively, better still if we incorporate it as part of our lives. Because all healing and manifestation first begins from within.

Here’s an article I wrote where you can find in greater detail how to craft and apply your own customized positive affirmations.

Conclusion – Strong Mind, Strong Life

I hope you’ve enjoyed these affirmations from the true manifestation guru, Louise Hay herself.

Her greatest message to the world is that our minds play an incredible role in molding reality as we see it, even in areas were mainstream science may fail us. Hence applying affirmations to construct a powerful internal mindset is the key to external bliss and achievements.

I hope these affirmations will also empower you to consciously create your life and become a blessing to those around you!

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