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43 Love Affirmations for Romance, Relationships and Attraction

One of the most satisfying accomplishments in life is being able to build strong relationships on love and understanding.

These powerful love affirmations are designed to help you attract more love, romance and fulfillment in relationships within your life.

It is my strong believe that in order to build successful relationships with others, you must first develop a strong sense of self-love. This is something that many people miss out and hence fall short when they try to manifest great relationships with others. Start from within and then spread your joy outwards.

The love affirmations found in this post will help you to overcome your fears, limiting beliefs and insecurities that you may have around other people and allow you to build strong, meaningful relationships.

Why Positive Affirmations Are So Important

Affirmations are a great way to shape our mental disposition and overcome limiting beliefs that have been conditioned into us since young. The process of applying affirmations can instantly lift your mood and change your vibration through positive thoughts and emotions.

Don’t underestimate the power of positive affirmations, especially with the principle of compounding.

One instance of reciting affirmations may seem small and insignificant, but if you inculcate the habit and do it consistently every day then you generate momentum and allow the continuous reinforcement of positive thoughts to shape your reality.

Here are some powerful affirmations for those wish to manifest more love, romance, meaningful relationships and happiness into their lives. If you wish to manifest a specific person into your life, these affirmations will help greatly as well.

Affirmations for Love & Romance

  1. There is nothing between me and the floodgates of infinite love
  2. I have a magnetic personality that makes me irresistible to those around me
  3. I am grateful and worthy to have love
  4. I am strong, in control, and ready to manifest the perfect love
  5. Love is attracted to me and I am attracted to love
  6. Everywhere I go I am attracting love
  7. People desire to be around me
  8. I exhale negativity and inhale love & happiness
  9. I am worthy of love and deserve to receive it in abundance
  10. I am open to the opportunities that the Universe brings me for love and romance

Affirmations for Relationships

  1. I am a magnet for positive relationships
  2. I spread joy and laughter to does around me
  3. I am at peace and harmony with everyone beside me
  4. I am infinitely grateful for my friends, family and the people I meet
  5. I love sharing my positive vibes to everyone around me
  6. I spread love to everyone around me and it returns to me in abundance
  7. I welcome new relationships with open arms
  8. I create amazing connections with the people around me
  9. I build genuine relationships and thrive in the company of others
  10. I loved and treasured for who I am
  11. My relationships always fulfilling and meaningful
  12. I am attracting wonderful, positive people into my life
  13. I am grateful each day for how much I am able to love and be loved by people around me

Affirmations to Manifest a Specific Person (Special Partner)

  1. I am actively attracting my soulmate at this very moment
  2. I am confident in my own ability to manifest my special partner
  3. I am open to the promptings of the Universe that will take me to my special partner
  4. I deserve to find the love of my life right now
  5. It is possible for me to love and be loved forever
  6. I am a magnet that will attract the love of my life soon
  7. I am attracting the most loving person in my life
  8. I trust in my ability to manifest whoever I want into my life
  9. My positive disposition and confidence will attract the perfect match to me
  10. I am drawing love and romance into my life today

Affirmations for Married Couples

  1. My partner and I are growing deeper in love with every passing day
  2. I am grateful for my spouse and the wonderful life that we are building
  3. I am growing closer to the love of my life
  4. I am grateful that I am married to my soulmate
  5. My marriage is a blessing to me and the entire world
  6. I am wanted and desired by my partner
  7. My lover accepts me for who I am
  8. I am comfortable and accepted in my marriage
  9. I am blessed with an amazing partner and supportive spouse
  10. My marriage is blissful and we attract more love, abundance and happiness everyday

Of course it may not be ideal to use all 52 affirmations at one go. Feel free to mix and match them as you see fit so that it will suit your needs and better still if you can incorporate these affirmations into your daily routine.

Remember, you must always correct the internal before you start to see significant changes in your external reality!

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43 Love Affirmations for Romance, Relationships & Attraction

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