A Love Letter From The Universe

You are born in the energizing Sun,
Thou shall Radiate

You are born of the dazzling Stars,
Thou shall be Fortunate

You are born of the free flowing Waters,
Thou shall Navigate

You are born of the fertile Land,
Thou shall Proliferate

You are born of the powerful Winds,
Thou shall Resuscitate

You are born of the abundant Nature,
Thou shall Rejuvenate

You are born of the igniting Fire,
Thou shall Liberate

Yes, my child
You are born to this Great Universe
and thou shall be

The Master of Thy Fate

This is a short but powerful poem that speaks from the perspective of the Universe to tells us that our divinity lies within and that we humans are the ones who are truly capable of determining our fates.

Be bold, be strong, and carve your mark in this world without fear. For you are the master of your own soul.

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