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Health is Wealth – Take Control of Your Body

The greatest gift you can give to your loved ones and the world, is a healthy you.

The only person responsible for your health is yourself. Your current physical condition, health and fitness are all manifestations of your thoughts and attitudes in the past.

Consciously or subconsciously, we have created the person we see in the mirror – a person that we may or may not be proud off but can always strive to improve. We have the magnificent power to transform ourselves into healthy beings and eradicate illness from our lives.

As the Law of Attraction dictates, the more we focus our thoughts on achieving something positive, the Universe reciprocates in kind with greater opportunities.

That is why is it so important to first create a stable internal environment that will set the tone for our physical and mental health. If we accept that healing starts first with the mind, it is possible for us to take control of our health and experience complete inner and physical healing.

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Can The Mind Really Heal the Body?

If you want to heal the body, you must first heal the mind


The mind-body connection has been deeply established and backed by numerous scientific research. For centuries, there has been empirical evidence to support the healing abilities of the mind. One such instance are the multiple experiments that have proven the existence of the “Placebo Effect”.

The main takeaway from these experiments is that when the mind was convinced that the would be body healed, even though fake treatment was administered, it yielded real therapeutic results. In some cases, the Placebo Effect on the mind was able to exert an influence powerful enough to mimic the effects of real medical treatments.

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The placebo was also proven to trigger hormonal responses in the body, improve psychological emotions like motivation & expectations and also brought about a full recovery in certain non-critical illnesses.

All this was made possible, simply with the power of BELIEVE.

That is not to say that the mind can replace all modern forms of medication. Modern medication is definitely an integral part of the healing process, but when combined with the magnificent capabilities of the mind can achieve much more accelerated and optimistic results.

What happens in our mental peripheral is constantly being reflected in our bodies. The good news is that we can manifest optimal health with the Law of Attraction by harnessing positive thoughts.

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How to Manifest Perfect Health

1. Practice Gratitude

Gratitude turns what we have into enough, and more… It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity… it makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.

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The way to attracting more health and longevity is by having gratitude for what we already have. Many people who fall sick are consumed by negative emotions, frustration and anger for being in that situation. This doesn’t serve any purpose and in fact By being grateful, we instantly shift the focus from the negative thoughts into optimistic and positive ones.

Apart from having more satisfaction from life and developing optimism for the future, recent studies that shown that practicing gratitude can actually improve your health.

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Gratitude isn’t about drowning out the negative thoughts or sadness. You have to be honest with your feelings and recognize them when they come. But rather, practicing gratitude is to get in touch with your feelings, then turn your energy towards appreciation.

Here’s a small exercise you can try the next time you feel inclined to give in to negative emotions. Whenever the stress is piling and it feels like the roof is going to fall in, I reach for a pen and notebook and start scribbling 10 things in life I am grateful for.

Creating a list of appreciation immediately changes your focus and helps you develop positive thoughts.

2. The Power of Positivity

People who are positive have been shown to exhibit higher satisfaction in daily activities, and even live longer, fulfilled lives. Be clear with the thoughts you want to keep and the ones that don’t do any good for in your life.

Whichever thoughts that you feed will manifest and be given life, so watch out for the what’s going through your head. One way to influence your subconscious mind to more effectively harness positive thoughts is to constantly repeat powerful positive affirmations.

  • I love myself and am perfectly healthy
  • Every cell in my body is health conscious. I am moving towards my perfect health everyday
  • My mind is capable of achieving any goal I set it to
  • I bless my body daily and take good care of it
  • I am in possession of a healthy mind and healthy body
  • I am have a strong heart and am full of vitality

The beauty about affirmations is that you get to mix and match them to suit your needs. Get creative, customize your own positive affirmations, be specific to what you want and have pride what you come up with because it represents you. The Universe is listening, ask and you shall receive.

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3. Reduce Stress

The first time I sat in a roller coaster I was but a young child. My Dad kept telling me to scream out but for some reason, I was too scared to even utter a sound.

By the end of it, my face was a full shade of tomato RED. And as my dear father pointed out, it looked like it was going to burst any minute now…

How many of us keep all of our thoughts and emotions broiled up inside our bodies like the proverbial tomato that was me at the age of 7?

Here’s something you might not now…

Guess what’s the leading cause of most emotional, physical and mental illnesses?

…Yup you got it, it’s STRESS.

Negative attitudes, emotions and thoughts build up over time if we refuse to find some way of letting them out. The worse part is, many aren’t even aware of it until it becomes significant enough to do some damage. Physically fit or not, stress will cause us to live in a state of constant discomfort.

4. Build a Positive Self-Image

The internal mental environment is where it all starts. Building up our self-esteem should be the starting point of all manifestation, it can even lead to significantly reduced stress on our minds.

You must first believe in yourself in order to believe that you can actually achieve a stated outcome. You may not be in the best shape right now but you are always working on making it a reality in the near future. It’s the thought that drives the result.

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Your Motivation Must Come From Within

In order to succeed in long-term health and wellness, your motivation must come from a desire within and not any external pressures from society.

You alone are in control of regulating your thoughts and building the health and fitness that you deserve. A strong willed, positive mind will manifest lasting and effective results.

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