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Boost Self-Confidence to Manifest Love in 3 Simple Steps

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Have you ever wanted to prove yourself so bad, you find all possible ways to show that you can – yes, it even applies to the time when you thought you had telekinesis powers to bend spoons and then maybe secretly (or subconsciously) using a little bit of thumb power to bend it and flaunt your special mind bending skills in front of all your friends. BOOM.

Was it thumb power or telekinesis powers that you possess?

Manifest Love… Just Like Magic

When you truly and wholeheartedly believe that something will happen, you align that energy toward that thing happening, and it does.

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You are here because you want to manifest an incredible relationship. Just like how you wanted to impress your friends with your spoon bending skills, you have to take the same steps.

You have to believe you can have an incredible relationship, and you must align your energy toward making it happen.

Just follow these steps, and you will definitely be closer to finding the love you desire.

3 Simple Steps to Become Boost Confidence in Your Love Life

1. Be the Person You Want to Be

One of the core concepts of manifestation is to know and feel what you want to create before it arrives. Just like our mind-bending example above, we know that the end goal is to impress others/prove ourselves, and we bask in the little victories of doing so in our minds before we set foot on the journey of manifestation to do so.

Likewise in our romantic relationships –

Be the person you want to be before the relationship exists. 

A relationship exists because you want to share your life with another person, to learn about yourself and others, and to discover growth in more ways than you could imagine on your own. This will only be fulfilling if you feel whole and happy before your partner arrives.

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2. Define What you Value in a Partner

This is such an important step – but many of us tend to skip this because we think that love (as an emotional feeling) can conquer all. In our daily lives, we don’t order cinnamon rolls twice in a row if we find out that we actually dislike the cinnamon taste, so why do so in our relationships?

What kind of person do you see yourself with? How does this relationship make you feel? What are your values and beliefs in life? Does this person share your values and beliefs?

Answer the above questions and you will feel enlightened about the person you seek. Goals that are clear are much easier to accomplish as opposed to diluted ones.

3. Love Yourself

This is the most important thing you can do to manifest love in your life – and it is usually the hardest.

In theory, it seems simple to understand that you’re supposed to love yourself – but what does it actually mean?

Take a few deep breaths, ground your sitting bones, straighten your spine, roll your shoulder blades back and down, and feel the rise and fall of your belly.

Now, close your eyes. Can you feel that there is love and fullness there? Do you feel that there is peace, right here in this moment? Are you feeling a faint sense of connection? If you answered “yes” (even just a little bit), you’ve found self-love.

Self-love is how you connect to the essence of love that lives within you. It’s a resource that’s in us all, just waiting to be tapped in. By feeding yourself more self-love, you connect to the most potent attractive force there is: love from the inside-out.

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