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8 Secrets to Manifest Miracles in Your Life

Have you ever desired something you thought was so out of reach that you would need a miracle to see it come true?

We call them “miracles” because we believe that such deeds are only achievable through divine help and hard to reach circumstances. These dreams of ours seem so distant and far away…

And yet, people of all backgrounds across the world are manifesting miracles daily. All of them never expecting that something so great could appear in their lives, and yet they somehow have done the actions required to bring about such miracles. So why not you as well?

How great it would be if we were able to finally manifest these miracles without a second thought.

The principles of the Law of Attraction are immensely powerful and when applied in the right context, can truly make miracles come true.

How to Manifest Miracles Into Your Life

1. Set Your Intentions

The worst starting point for a manifestor is to have no real direction of what he or she wants to manifest. I’ve seen countless of people who would jump on the bandwagon to for everything, they want more money, more friends, more relationships, perfect health. There’s nothing wrong with wanting all of those things, of course we all want these good things to happen to us. The problem lies with a lack of focus.

If we really want to work on manifesting a goal or miracle in our lives then focusing our thoughts on its existence is essential. After all, the law of attraction works best when we surround our mind with thoughts of a similar nature. Only then will it know what is it we truly seek and work to bring it into our existence.

If you feel like you have too many thoughts in your head and too many desires, then learn to prioritize. List out all the things that you want to manifest and rank them in order of which ones are the most important, then focus on the one thing at the top of your list.

2. Activate The Subconscious Mind

To manifest the miracles that you desire, your subconscious mind is an incredibly powerful tool. Once you allow your dominant thoughts to translate to pass through the conscious mind and be accepted by the subconscious, it will work tirelessly to apply the law of attraction and bring about the manifestation of your desire.

You can speak to your subconscious mind by applying the principle of autosuggestion. It simply means feeling your mind with powerful, dominating thoughts of your success on a daily basis.

3. Craft Powerful Affirmations

The most powerful and measurable method within your full control is the effective use of daily positive affirmations. Depending on the goal which you wish to achieve, you can craft specific affirmations to suit your needs and make sure that you are always on track to your miracle. Affirmations are a way to instantly raise your vibration and should be use daily for maximum effect.

Whenever you recite your daily affirmations, remember to incorporate the method used in the next step.

4. Think, Feel and Believe

Reciting affirmations will feel your mind with positive thoughts and allow you to focus on your goal everyday. However it isn’t enough to simply recite the words, especially if you don’t mean what you say. The best way to apply them is to use the method of “Think, Feel & Believe”.

Whenever you recite your affirmations you must always make it a point to think and visualize what it would be like if you are already in possession of the object of your manifestation. Speak in past tense, as if you have already achieved your goal. Those individuals who go on to achieve great deeds are those who already held the believe that they could, long before they even achieved it.

5. Cultivate Believe

Believe is an unshakable pillar of applying the law of attraction.

The starting point of all great achievement begins with a simple believe in something seemingly “impossible”. In a similar fashion, if you want to manifest miracles then you need to believe that it can be done. You may not be in the perfect state to manifest it at this give moment, but you need to believe that you will be able to acquire the skills, resources and people needed to make it happen.

Don’t fret if you can’t seem to create absolute belief in your dream at the start. The more you affirm your thoughts and cultivate your subconscious mind, the stronger your believe will grow.

6. Take Inspired Action

The next step which is equally crucial is taking inspired action.

Inspired action is different from normal or forced action and is usually accompanied with elevated feelings of hope, excitement and enthusiasm. This occurs when you have sufficiently activated your subconscious mind to the object of your desire, all you have to do is allow the subconscious mind to take control and let it transmute your dominating thoughts into physical equivalent. When you take you, you are in a heightened state of productivity and everything flows smoothly to allow you to manifest.

Do not give in to fear or doubt as it is likely to block you from entering this state. Instead when you sense that you are entering a state of elevated inspiration, trust your subconscious take action immediately. Don’t question or ponder too much. Often, indecision is worse than making a wrong choice.

7. Remove Limiting Beliefs and Fear

These are negative beliefs that you have deeply ingrained in you that have existed for a long time, often subconsciously. You may not be fully aware of them, but these insidious beliefs are usually what holds you back from manifesting miracles. For instance, the deep rooted belief that you were not meant to achieve great things because you were told otherwise as a child.

This quiz may help you to identify them and learn to overcome each of your limiting thoughts. When you do this you’ll be able to overcome all obstacles you face before manifestation of your desire.

8. Stay the Course

If you’ve done everything up to this point then you’re right on track!

Stay the course and don’t falter. Remember that believe is a crucial component of manifesting miracles. You must believe that you WILL achieve them in order for them to come true.

Even if your miracle may take longer than others, know that the Law of Attraction is working to attract them to you. Look out for any signs of manifestation that will tell you your manifestation is close at hand.

Is It Possible to Manifest Miracles Instantly?

People often ask if manifesting miracles can take place overnight, or even instantly. The answer is yes, it can. But that’s not the important thing, the important factor for every manifestation is the believe that it will come to pass.

You may be wondering: “how long will it take for my manifestation to be complete?“. My favorite answer is always: as long as it takes. The boldest of miracles only occurs for those who have the courage to dare and fortitude to see it through.

Remember, every day as you continue to fill your head with positive thoughts of success and raise your vibration, you are getting one step closer. Never give up and happy manifesting!

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Hi there, John here! I'm the founder of this site and the author of Build Your Positive Reality. I believe that thoughts can truly become things with the right kind of magic. Stick around and you'll discover you have what it takes to become a powerful manifestor in no time! (:

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