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6 Steps to Manifest Money with The Law of Attraction

In this post I’ll be discussing how one can can manifest money and wealth using the law of attraction. Many people find this a difficult task, but once you understand the principles behind the law of attraction you’ll see that this is very much possible.

It’s no secret that everyone wants money.

But its not just about the money, it’s about taking control of your own financial freedom and living life on your terms and providing for your loved ones. The quest to attract wealth into your life isn’t as “evil” as some often make it out to be. Our desire often stem from noble goals that will bring us closer to our desired reality.

But not many people are capable of attracting large wealth into their lives. You’ve seen countless others accumulating riches and wealth at such incredible levels so you know it’s definitely possible to manifest money.

The question is how do you do it effectively?

Applying the principles of positive manifestation and the Law of Attraction will allow you to manifest the wealth you’ve always dreamed of into your life. Accumulating money itself isn’t hard if you follow the following steps.

What’s Stopping You – Eliminate All Limiting Thoughts & Beliefs

The BIGGEST problem that prevents people from attracting wealth into their lives is a limited mindset. More of often than not, this “poor” mentality has already been hammered into us since birth all up till this very moment.

To uncover more money into our lives, we will first need to reverse the process and cultivate a mind that is ready to receive wealth and abundance. Failing to do so will almost guarantee you won’t see huge amounts of money in your life, and even if you do it is likely to be short-lived.

Here’s why so many are stuck with the poor mindset.

Victims of Circumstance

Ever heard of the saying that the rich will get richer and the poor get poorer? A phrase commonly uttered by unsuccessful individuals to blame their lack of success on the origin of their birth.

The saying is true, but only to the extend that it perpetuates the limited mindset that the poor are so often happy to embrace. The poor get poorer only because they believe they are stuck in a repeating cycle of poverty that they perceive they cannot escape from as. The real prison is the self-constructed one created in their minds.

Why is it that some poor people managed to break out of the cycle and achieve so much abundance that nobody could ever imagine?

Here’s a tip: they didn’t believe that the poor would always remain poor. They believed that by working hard and sticking to their dream that it would eventually pay off. They had the audacity to think that it was possible even though everyone told them otherwise.

The question is do you have it in you to believe that you can get the riches that you deserve?

The 6 Steps that Will Help You Manifest Wealth & Prosperity

Step 1: Define Your Purpose for having Money

When it comes to setting targets, being vague shows lack of ambition and commitment. The worse thing you can say when someone asks you what you want is “Oh, I just want more money”.

You need to be very clear of what you want to achieve, in order to make the specific decisions that will take you there.

Whats the purpose behind accumulating all this wealth?

Are you doing it because you want to provide for your partner and family?

Trying to pay of all your debts and take control of your financial freedom?

Are you trying make an active contribution to the community and change lives for the better?

Do you have a strong reason to succeed?

Whatever the reason, make sure it will remain a strong source of motivation for you to succeed. The first thing that comes to mind is the real reason what you’re doing this all for. Find the reason and keep it close to heart, because this will be your source of strength and comfort when the going gets tough.

Step 2: Commit to How Much Money You Need

For most of us here, the goal is to achieve financial freedom. To be able to accumulate wealth independently on our own and not to simply rely on a single source of income that may be removed at anytime.

Now what you need to do is define how much money you would be earning in your desired reality to be able to enjoy financial freedom. How much are you earning in a year? a month?

Don’t just say “I want to make millions”. Set down a realistic target that you can achieve, then multiply it by 2 to compensate for your underestimation. (we always underestimate our own ability to perform, the magic happens when we begin to aim high and believe)

Next set a time-frame for you to achieve your goal from anywhere between 1 to 5 years time. This will give you the time you have to work towards that goal.

For me, the goal is to earn $100K/month in 1 years time through my online businesses alone.

Step 3: Don’t Listen to Reason When Chasing Your Dreams

When I think of the goal I’ve set of $100K/month in 1 years time, I’ll have to admit that it does seem pretty ambitious.

If I were to look at this goal through the eyes of reason and logic, it may seem that given what I have now, the goal is impossible.

But I’m not asking you for logic, I’m asking you to believe. Believe that you will transform yourself to be a person that is capable of achieving that goal in a year’s time.

You don’t have to be capable of achieving the goal right now. But you have to believe that you will be in the future.

Sir Roger Bannister was the first person to ever break the 4-minute mile barrier. When he first started working towards the goal do you think he was capable of beating it at the time?

Roger bannister breaking the 4 minute mile

No, of course not! That’s why he needed to train!

But the key thing is that he BELIEVED that with consistent improvement he would eventually be capable of beating the mark, and that’s exactly how he did it.

The experts told him it was impossible, nobody had done it before. If he had listened to “reason” at the time, and “logic” of the experts then he would never have accomplished that amazing feat.

Once you have something in your mind’s eye, believe in your ability and just go for it.

Step 4: How Will You Earn the Money – What Value Will You Provide in Exchange

Okay so we know that we want more money in our lives, but how exactly do we go about achieving it?

You don’t need to have a entire master plan mapping out how to reach your goal, but you do need to pin point which target audience you wish to serve.

Yes, you heard me right I did use the word “serve”.

I believe that money is simply the measure of value that I create for other people.

Feel free to disagree with me on this point and I’m sure that some people much richer than I am will. You can let me know what you think in the comments section (:

Of course there are ways of not providing value to the community and still accumulating money – running scams, selling drugs and human trafficking. But my philosophy believes in creating a positive reality for both myself and others.

If my goal is to earn $100k/month then I will need to make sure that I am creating equivalent value for others to that amount.

Think of what kind of service you want to do that can help others and at the same time support your financial goals.

Step 5: Think, Feel and See Yourself Already in Possession of the Money

millionaire celebrating success

This is a key step for manifesting money in your life. Remember the “poor getting poorer” attitude that we talked about at the beginning of this post?

Visualization of the desired end result mixed with faith and believe will reverse the process of limiting thoughts and transform them into dominating ones that get you closer to the goal.

Picture yourself in possession of the money; the things you would be doing; the people you would meet; and the impact you are making on the world. You need to mix this visual image with emotion and desire. Get used to how good it feels to accumulate this much wealth and abundance and tell yourself how much you want this to come to pass.

The more you can visualize yourself, the more the law of attraction will start to work for you and the closer you will get to manifesting money.

The subconscious mind works to shape your reality when an idea is infused with faith and believe.

By doing so, you are actually programming your sub-conscious mind, which is largely responsible for the 35,000 decisions we make every day, to behave in a way that will attract this desired reality into your life. With a simple technique you can effectively re-program your sub-conscious mind for success.

Step 6: Think About Your Future with the Money

Once you’ve accumulated the money you we’re aiming for, what do you intend to do with it?

Reinvest in your income streams to make more money? Contribute back to the community? Maybe take a long break with your partner in some tropical islands to enjoy your success?

Whatever it is, remember that success is an unending journey of constant progress.

Once you hit your goal, set a bigger goal and keep working towards your dream. Successful people never stop, they find new ways of challenging themselves and manifesting more into their lives – in this way you truly manifest abundance.

Step 7: Get Rid of the Thought That Money is Bad

The root of all evil? Sometimes when I hear people talking about the issue of wealth and money, they speak like having money is a bad thing.

Some people (usually the good, deserving ones) let the fear of having money deter them from chasing their dreams. The only thing wrong with having money is if you use it for evil schemes. But if you attract money by serving others and then using it for righteous means then, why should you deny others of the value you can provide – all because you are afraid of having money?

If you believe that you will do good things with the money that you accumulate, then you should have no fear of accumulating the success you deserve.

John Abraham

Hi there, John here! I'm the founder of this site and the author of Build Your Positive Reality. I believe that thoughts can truly become things with the right kind of magic. Stick around and you'll discover you have what it takes to become a powerful manifestor in no time! (:

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