Law of Attraction

The Complete A-Z Glossary of Law of Attraction Terms and Definitions

Complete A-Z Glossary of Manifestation Terms & Definitions

Welcome to the A-Z glossary of Law of Attraction terms and definitions, designed for beginners trying to learn more about manifestation as well as seasoned practitioners who want to learn more about specific terms.

Have you ever heard a Law of Attraction term being used in forums, social media and websites but don’t know what it really means? This comprehensive LOA glossary offers the direct explanation to common Law of Attraction terms including links to practical resources and guides that where you can get more information.

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In Angel Numbers, 11 is the number of manifestation. When you see the numbers 11:11 on the clock, its important to fill your thoughts with your desired dreams because you are in a heightened state of manifestation. Dates, times and objects that prominently display these numbers are closely related to increased manifestation powers.

Listen and look out for any signs that can bring you closer to your goals and make sure you act on them!

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Everyone has deferring degrees of desire for achievement. The Need for Achievement is a psychology theory of motivation that explains why some people have the keen desire to achieve greater than others. There is no moral obligation for a person to wish to achieve a significant level of greatness in life. However, manifestation is for the people who wish to achieve something more… The very idea of manifestation itself revolves around the achievement of translating a particular dominating thought in the mind into reality.


All the great achievers that we look up to in life have all passed through adversity on the way to success. Often, the turning point for success comes through at some moment of crisis, from which one is pushed to the breaking point and discovers a deeper power within himself that changes his person and allows him to attain the success that one so deeply desires. The key to overcoming adversity is by developing persistence and a burning desire to succeed.


Affirmations are positive statements intended to empower its user with believe and help them to overcome any limiting thoughts that might sabotage your success.

The key to effective affirmations is consistent repetition until they start to work their way into your subconscious mind and become and integral part of your psychological state of mind.


“Being in alignment” means to be occupying your mind with positive thoughts that allow you to naturally attain a state of mindfulness, at the same time enjoying happiness, contentment, relaxation, love, and peace.

In LoA lingo, it is the most similar energetic positioning or state of adjustment between one’s thoughts/object of focus, and the emotion of one’s desired reality.  Adjusting your attention in relation to how you want to be feeling, such that they have the same quality or energetic frequency; so they match. To be in alignment is to be thinking thoughts that naturally allow you to be feeling a state of peace, love, happiness, contentment, relaxation, enthusiasm, or joy. Also to be lined-up, in the flow, have an open valve, feel tuned-in, in the zone, or positively focused.

Alliance of Minds

An alliance of minds is the principle that multiple brains working on the same (or similar) objective is far more efficient than an individual.

A group of brains coordinated in a spirit of harmony will provide more thought-energy than a single brain. There is significant power and efficiency wielded by people who surround themselves with other like-minded people through physical and psychic synergies of the minds.

Any weaknesses or limitations that an individual faces can easily be overcome by forming a Master Mind group of individuals that support one another. This will play a significant role in allowing you to manifest what you want in life.


Ambition is the desire to achieve greatness in one or more areas of your life, the fulfillment of which demands an appetite fueled by self-confidence, persistence and passion. Desire is the starting block of all manifestation. Not everyone has the tendency to be ambitious, but in order to manifest something in your life you will need to cultivate a burning desire to achieve it.

Attraction (to Attract)

Sometimes you may hear the term “attracting (something) into your life”. For instance attracting positive thoughts, love and admiration.

When we say “attract”, we mean that the Universe will respond to our psychological disposition and believes with opportunities and in kind. Whether or not we consciously influence our thoughts, emotions and attitudes, our current disposition is a magnet for similar energies and we will attract back more of whatever we put out.

The concept of attracting actually stems from the well established Law of Attraction. See the Law of Attraction entry for more details.


Autosuggestion is a psychological technique that is used to alter your subconscious mind with positive thoughts to achieve a particular desire or dream. You can click here to learn more about how you can apply autosuggestion to aid in your manifestation journey.



The starting point of all manifestation. In order to invoke the Law of Attraction and manifest anything in life, thoughts must be infused with believe. Without a drop of believe, manifestation is impossible.

Helpful Resource:
How Do I Manifest If I Can’t Believe It’s Completely Possible?

Bible (And the LOA)

The bible has its own teachings relating to the Law of Attraction and manifestation of desires. If you’re interested to find out more, here’s what the Bible says about the Law of Attraction.


Have you ever wondered, what produces thought? In the biological explanation, our thoughts, emotions and behaviours are all brought about based on communciation between neurons that function in our brains.

Brainwaves (or Neural Oscillations) are patterns of neural activity in the Central Nervous System using sharp bursts of electrical pulses to communicate.

Your brain has 5 brainwave states:

  1. Gamma Waves (38 TO 42 HZ) – expansion of consciousness and spiritual emergence
  2. Beta Waves (12 TO 38 HZ) – cognitive tasks and most conscious attention
  3. Alpha Waves (8 TO 12 HZ) – resting state of the brain responsible for most body functions
  4. Theta Waves (3 TO 8 HZ) – dream, imagery, information beyond normal conscious awareness
  5. Delta Waves (.5 TO 3 HZ) – healing and restoration
  6. Infra-Low (<.5HZ) – usually associated with brain timing and network function

Understanding the various brainwaves and how they work allows us to tap into the powers to unlocking the mind to unleash one’s full potential. You can learn more about brainwave states here.


What does Buddha have to do with the Law of Attraction? How you apply the Law of Attraction really depends on your personality which influences your dreams. Buddhist teachings focus on achieving genuine happiness and fulfillment rather than a fixated obsession on manifesting materialistic objects.

Helpful Resources:
The Law of Attraction and the Buddhist
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Burn The Ships

The idea of burning the ships means to go all in by cutting out all means of retreat. This requires absolute conviction and persistence to attain the goal.

There’s a story of how a great general manage to inspire unwavering commitment from his soldiers in a losing battle using this very mind-framing technique. Read about the entire psychology of what it means to burn the ships here.


Carnegie, Dale

Dale Carnegie is the author of the critically acclaimed How to Win Friends and Influence People and several other self-improvement books. His teachings strongly resonate with Law of Attraction principles.


(see telepathy)

Cognitive Reframing

Cognitive reframing refers to a phychological technique of changing your perspective of a particular object and hence alter your experiences (feelings, emotions) and outcomes. It is often used for stress management, improving mental health for the purpose of overcoming irrational, negative and harmful thoughts.

Concentration of Effort

“Concentration of Effort” refers to the action of focusing all your effort on a definite chief aim. This is an important technique when manifesting a goal. It’s about efficiency and getting the job done instead of being “a Jack-of-all-trades”. A man who diversifies his efforts too much often finds himself unable to become very good at any.


Your conscience is your moral sense of right and wrong and in some way influences the way you apply the Law of Attraction to your lives. Some people want material things, power and wealth whereas others are motivated to manifest more altruistic dreams that create value for other people and improve society.

In my humble opinion, I believe in the principle of first and foremost delivering value to people. The amount of money you earn should be a reflection of the amount of value that you are providing to others.

Conscious Creator

A conscious creator refers to a person who is in control of whatever he or she manifests in her life. More than anything, being a conscious creator is a way of life and mindset whereby one assumes full responsibility for his/her own life and recognizes that the power to change any aspect that is unfavorable lies within one’s self.

Most people are unconscious creators – meaning they don’t recognize the extent of the manifestation powers within them and instead choose to blame society or circumstance. Conscious creators have clear vision, believe in the dream and the determination to see it true. They are optimistic and positive towards life and opportunities!

Conscious Manifestation

Conscious manifestation is the art of being able to control your thoughts in order to manifest your desired reality in life. Oftentimes, we are manifesting without even knowing. The thoughts that dominate in our minds (good or bad) is eventually manifested in reality. Conscious manifestation refers to making the effort to direct our manifestation efforts and subconscious mind to work in tandem towards a particular goal.


Consciousness is a mental state where you are aware and responsive to your surroundings. Often when trying to applying the Law of Attraction, achieving a state consciousness will allow one to get in touch with the promptings of the Universe and act in a matter so as to capitalize on any of these advantages.


Control Your Thoughts
The basis of conscious manifestation lies in controlling your thoughts in order to effect change in your reality. The dominating thoughts that stay in your mind are ultimately passed on to the subconscious.
the Law of Attraction


Negative thoughts, fears, doubt and limiting beliefs all serve to block you from manifesting your goals with the Law of Attraction. Courage is always necessary in order to manifest something of great value. Here’s how you can develop persistence for an goal without quitting.

Creative Imagination

The individual mind is able to directly communicate with the Infinite Intelligence through the faculty of creative imagination. This is where and “divine inspiration” is received. This faculty works only when the mind is vibrating at a significant rate when the conscious mind is stimulated through the emotion of strong desire.

Creative Visualization

Creative visualization is a technique used to achieve mindfulness and achieve abundance in all areas of your life. The visualization involves the use of positive mental imagery to put forth what you want to manifest.

The benefits of employing Creative Visualization techniques include stress management, increased focus and state of mindfulness, higher self-confidence, greater inspiration for ideas as well as stimulating the creative function of the brain.

It is recommended to include meditation, visualization and bring emotions during the exercise for better results. You can read more about creative visualization here.


Criticism is common in the pursuit of greatness. Criticism of others can be dangerous because it our self-confidence and affects our feeling and attitudes. In order to apply the Law of Attraction effectively, we will need to be able to discern between the negativity we receive and instead channel it to positive energies that can raise our vibration.

The fear of criticism is a major limiting factor for many people that is blocking them from manifesting their dreams. Here’s how you can overcome the fear of criticism.



Every success begins with the decision to try. For the Law of Attraction tow work and your manifestation to happen, you will first need to begin with the decision to trust that you will achieve your goals. Whilst this requires believe, you don’t have to always be absolutely sure the moment you start. Believe can be cultivated especially as you embark on the journey and start seeing results.

If you’re still hanging on the fence as to whether or not you should decide to start working on your dream, read this article.


Defeat (also known as failure), is a part and parcel of the journey to success. To manifest any goal, it is necessary for you to acknowledge that failure is merely a part of the process, but you must resolve never to be defeated.

If you’ve encountered setbacks and feel that you’re on the verge of defeat, this article on How to Develop Persistence will be a good read for you!

Definiteness of Purpose

A term as coined by Napoleon Hill in his landmark book “Think and Grow Rich“, the one quality that you must possess to win is Definiteness of Purpose. This is the clear knowledge of what you want, and a burning desire to possess it that will stop at nothing to achieve that goal. When you have achieved definiteness of your purpose, you are in a magnetized state of success-consciousness that is ready and open to attract your desired goal into your life.

Deliberate Creation

Deliberate creation is another term used to describe conscious manifestation. It basically means to take deliberate control of your thoughts and hence “create” (or manifest) them into your life by focusing your intention, thoughts and energies to it.

This is opposed to manifestation that takes place even though we are unaware of it. Manifestation is taking place based on our thoughts whether or not we are aware of it. If we deliberately control our thoughts, believes and attitudes, we will be able to influence the things that we manifest into our lives as well.

Helpful Resource:
Deliberate Creation: What It Means And How to Apply It


Oftentimes a major challenge with the Law of Attraction is that it amplifies whatever thoughts, feeling and attitudes that you hold in your mind so if you’re feeling in a depressive mood, you tend to manifest a reality that is also depressive and gloomy.

That’s often how it starts but the good news is there is hope! You can turn those depressive thoughts right around and make the Law of Attraction work for you in attracting more positivity and happiness into your life. Small steps will take you to your end results.

Helpful Resource:
How to overcome depression with Law of Attraction


Desire is the starting point of your manifestation journey. Every great deed begins with the desire to see it come to life. When desire becomes mixed with faith and persistence, the mind becomes an unstoppable force where you are in a success-conscious state where you will start to attract and multiply abundance into your life.

Destructive Thoughts

Destructive thoughts are thoughts that cause harm to your self-belief, confidence and self-esteem and will only serve to block you from manifesting your goals. In order to manifest your dreams

Positive affirmations are a powerful and effective way to counter negativity and destructive impulses. This quiz may also help you to identify your limiting believes and ultimately remove your success blockers.

Determination (Persistence)

Determination is a integral part of the equation that is necessary to manifest your goals. It entails moving forward even in the face of adversity where others would give up. Only those who possess determination after experiencing failure are deserving of manifesting success and abundance into their lives.

(See also persistence)

Dominating Thoughts

Dominating thoughts are the thoughts and ideas that one allows to persist within their minds. These thoughts are especially powerful because they are eventually passed on to the subconscious mind and are all the while manifesting themselves into reality. The goal should always be to ensure that your dominating thoughts are those of success, positivity and practical dreams.


Practical dreams (dreamers): The practical dreamers are those who are willing to put their dreams into action. Those who have harnessed their creative intelligence and have sought to put it into practical use.

Constructive dreams: are dreams of a constructive nature that can provide value and meaning to the world and one’s self. One should focus on transmuting their strongest emotions and efforts into manifesting such dreams into reality.


Emotionalized Thought

All thoughts which have been emotionalized (amplified with feeling & emotion) and mixed with faith will begin to immediately translate themselves into their physical equivalent. Emotionalized thought is passed into the subconscious mind which translates these powerful thoughts into reality.

Similar to Emotionalized Autosuggestion.


Our human body and mind produces energy that controls our vibration. Our individual energies are made up of our believes, thoughts, emotions and attitudes. When we harness positivity and successful thoughts we are filled with positive energies and are closer to achieving a state of positive vibration and harmony.


The ether is a concept put forth by the author Napoleon Hill in “Think and Grow Rich“. The ether in which this little earth floats, in which we move and have our being, is a form of energy moving at an inconceivably high rate of vibration, and that the ether is filled with a form of universal power which ADAPTS itself to the nature of the thoughts we hold in our minds; and INFLUENCES us, in natural ways, to transmute our thoughts into their physical equivalent.

Helpful Resource:
Ether, The Fifth Element


Excuses are fueled by our limiting thoughts and negative influences that prevent us from manifesting our dreams. The of occurrence of excuses is a symptom that reflects a lack of persistence and determination. Here’s how you can develop persistence to manifest any goal with quitting.

Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP)

Extra-sensory perception (ESP) often refers to a perception that occurs independently of the usual known sensory processes, such as a sixth sense, telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition or thought transference.

This resource lists the 9 major types of extra-sensory perceptions explained.



Absolute faith
With constant repetition of positive affirmations and practicing the principle of autosuggestion, skepticism can soon be replaced by belief which in turn will eventually become crystallized into absolute faith – a necessary component of manifestation.

Developing faith
Faith is a state of mind that may be induced, or created through constant positive affirmation or repeated instructions to the subconscious mind through the principle of autosuggestion.



Gratitude is an ingredient of harnessing the Law of Attraction to manifest positivity and abundance in your life. The simple act of practicing gratitude raises your vibration and brings you into harmony with the energy of the Universe. Gratitude can immediately transform all areas of your life.

Gratitude creates abundance, complaining breeds poverty.

Helpful Resources:
Gratitude: The Important Law of Attraction Step Most People Leave Out



Healing with the Law of Attraction
The Law of Attraction can be applied effectively to heal the mind and body. In some cases where traditional treatment may fail, there have been evidence of individuals who were miraculously healed with the power of the mind. The principle maintains that your thoughts are manifested into reality which affects both your psychological and physiological nature.

Helpful Resources:
Manifest Health & Wellness with the Law of Attraction


Infinite Intelligence

The Infinite Intelligence is sometimes referred to as God or the power of love. It is the expression of all essential power, knowledge and healing.

Helpful Resources:
What Is The Infinite Intelligence In Manifestation?

Inner Being

The inner being refers to the non-physical component’s of a person’s existence that often includes aspects of your intuition, emotions and conscience. Some forms of meditation and spirituality techniques believe that all the answers that you seek in life can be found “within” rather than a devilish pursuit of finding your purpose in the external realm.

Helpful Resource:
Your Inner Being Understands the Law of Attraction

Intention Point

The term “Intention Point” refers to the meeting ground between the heart and the mind. A powerful Law of Attraction technique centers around activating this intention point in order to raise your energy vibration so that you can manifest your desires at an amplified rate.

Intention Statement

An intention statement is a written statement of your manifestation intentions that is used to remind, motivate and help in the visualization of the attainment of the stated intentions. Setting an intention statement gives greater accountability and is best repeated daily for maximum impact.

Helpful Resource:
How To Write An Intention Statement And Set An Intention For The Day


Intentions is another word for the thoughts you hold within your mind, but more specifically, this term is used to refer to the thoughts that you intend to manifest into reality. Setting intentions is an integral part of visualization and other Law of Attraction techniques as it serves as the focal point of attention to direct all manifestation efforts towards.




Law of Attraction (LOA)

I’ve always been amazed by the principle of how “thoughts can become things”, which is why the Law of Attraction is such an amazing concept that can bring about life-changing miracles when applied effectively.

The Law of Attraction dictates that the thoughts you predominantly think about in your mind will influence your attitudes, emotions and mental disposition which will bring to you the very conditions and experiences that you believe in. Having positive or negative thoughts will bring about the equivalent of such thoughts into experiences in your life.

Click here to learn more about the Law of Attraction and the principle of manifestation.


Magnetized / Magnetic State

Our brains are magnetized with the dominating thoughts that we hold in our minds. When one is “magnetized” we automatically attract to us the forces, people, and circumstances of life which harmonize with the nature of our dominating thoughts.

In order to harness the power of the Law of Attraction to manifest our dreams, we need to magnetize our minds with an intense desire to the goal. In this way we become “success-conscious” – a magnetized state that attracts the definite plans and opportunities needed for us to acquire success and abundance.


/ Manifesting/ Manifestation/

Thoughts become things.

Manifestation is the principle of transmuting thoughts and ideas that exist in the mind into their physical equivalent in reality. This is a phenomenon that is constantly happening around you (whether you are conscious or it or not). Understanding the Law of Attraction can allow you to use it to help you manifest your dream reality.

There are many techniques and tools to help you consciously manifest the dreams that you have in your mind. You should start with this guide: What is Positive Manifestation? The Complete Guide to Manifesting

Build Your Positive Reality Free ebook download

Helpful Resources:


Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that studies and examines the true nature of reality including abstract concepts like inner being, self-identity and purpose, time and space. It is closely linked to spirituality especially in the awakening of a dormant spiritual force or guide within one’s self. Metaphysics usually isn’t considered a religion, but more a way of life to guide people to higher consciousness and understanding.

Helpful Resource:
What is Metaphysics


Mindfulness is a term used to describe a state where you are consciously aware of your actions and mental states. When you practice mindful living, you are essentially applying a higher consciousness that will influence your daily actions and mental dispositions.

Helpful Resources:
What Are The Benefits Of Mindfulness? Understanding Mindfulness


Money consciousness is a psychological state where you can already see yourself in possession of money that you desire. This means that the mind has become so saturated with the desire to succeed and manifest money or financial freedom into your life that you can already see yourself in its possession – you know that it will come to pass. Only those who become “money conscious” can ever accumulate great riches and wealth.


Negative Thoughts (Negativity / Negative Feelings & Emotions)

All of us are faced with negative thoughts from time to time, no one can truly say that they have been able to fully shield themselves against any negative feelings, because its human nature to feel negative about things sometimes. When it comes to the Law of Attraction, negativity can not only sabotage your goals but even set you on a downward spiral if you don’t curb those thoughts soon enough.

It’s important to be able to manage these negative thoughts and redirecting them into positive energies that will lead you on the path to success and abundance.

Helpful Resource:
7 Things To Remember When You’re Having Negative Thoughts

New Thought (Philosophy)

New Thought is a philosophy that is rooted in metaphysics and the power of one’s mind to bring about positive changes in our lives. The Law of Attraction is actually a believe that originates from this philosophy.

Some of the key concepts of New Thought paradigm is the believe in the Infinite Intelligence and the divine potential that lies within every spiritual being. The believe that we are constantly manifesting our realities based on our thoughts and mental states is also a core component of positive manifestation.



Obsession is often regarded with negative connotations as a term often used to described lost of control and direction. Being obsessed in itself isn’t entirely a bad thing however, especially if one is able into channel his obsession into the burning desire to obtain practical dreams.

“If you want to be great, the best at what you do… obsession is a necessity”

Helpful Resource:
Your Magnificent Obsession – How Being Obsessed is Actually Great for Your Dreams

Organized Effort

Organized effort is produced through the coordination of effort of two or more people who work toward a definite end in the spirit of harmony. Through this organized effort is produced the power that is essential for success in the manifestation of desire. Great power can be quickly amassed from a group of individuals working in coordinated effort as opposed to an individual brain.



Persistence is a principle that guarantees the results are inevitable. In the manifestation of any great deed, persistence is necessary to see it through. Like every other state of mind, persistence can be cultivate with affirmation techniques and building self-confidence.

Helpful Resources:

Phineas Quimby

Phineas Quimby (Feb 16, 1802 – Jan 16, 1866) is regarded as the intellectual father of New Thought philosophy (see “New Thought“). A great exponent of mental healing, he was an American spiritual teacher and his works helped to kickstart the believes and foundation of the New Thought Movement.

Pivoting (Technique for Law of Attraction)

“Pivoting” is the name of a technique used to allow an individual to focus on the desire of what you want to manifest, instead of focusing on the lack of it.

A very huge and often made mistake by those you endeavor to apply the Law of Attraction is that their focus is completely on the wrong thing. The LOA doesn’t differentiate what’s right or wrong for you, it simply attracts into your life what you FOCUS on.

For instance if you want to manifest love into your life and you say things like “I don’t want to be unloved and lonely anymore“, your focus is actually on the loneliness and isolation which breeds feeling of rejection that may actually attract more poverty to yourself.

Once you realize that you’re sinking into the wrong focus on negative thoughts, that’s when you can apply the technique of pivoting to turn the situation around.

Helpful Resource:
The Art of Pivoting: How to Effortlessly Focus on the Wanted

Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are positivity statements (or phrases) that are meant to be repeated over to help you overcome your fears, self-doubt, negative thoughts, and limiting beliefs. The key to effectively applying positive affirmations is repetition and mixing them with strong emotion and believe.

This resource will show you how to craft your own powerful positive affirmations and how to apply them in the most effective manner:
The Ultimate List of Positive Affirmations and How to Apply Them Instantly




Reason (or logic) may sometimes present as an obstacle in the pursuit of your desires. When we think of reason, we often focus on the current state of things – what we think can or cannot be done given the current circumstances.

Reason may discourage you from chasing your dreams by telling you that it is impossible at this point in time. However a desire backed by faith may push reason aside and inspire one to pursue greater heights.

The one who are crazy enough to believe that they can do the impossible are the ones who do it.


Repetition is the process of repeating something said or written. The principle of repetition is often applied for positive affirmation techniques, visualization and other powerful manifestation techniques.


Resistance works against manifestation. Oftentimes when you find that your intentions fail to manifest quickly, the reason is because you still have a significant amount of resistance. Overcoming resistance is important in order to become a vibrational match for your intentions. This allows you to attract the things into your life that will enable you to manifest your desires quickly.

Helpful Resource:
5 Great Ways to Overcome Resistance When Using the Law of Attraction



/ self-confidence/

Self-believe is the confidence in your own skills, determination and abilities to succeed in your intentions. The Law of Attraction is always about building positive self-belief because it sets the foundation for manifesting abundance.

Doubt, fears and limiting thoughts all serve to provide resistance that work against positive manifestation. One can only manifest success and abundance when you have risen above your personal resistance and truly feel that you deserve the success that is bound to come into your life.

Helpful Resources:


(see Autosuggestion)

Signs of Manifestation

Manifestation signs are signs that help you identify when your manifestation is close at hand. If you’re wondering whether you are on the verge of manifestation and needed some confirmation to know you’re on the right path, the following article outlines the 7 manifestation signs that you should look out for.

Helpful Resource:

Sixth Sense

Napoleon Hill defines the sixth sense as the portion of the subconscious mind that has been referred to as the “creative imagination”. It is the point through which ideas, plans and thoughts flash into the mind that are actually communication from the Infinite Intelligence.

It is both mental and spiritual and connects an individual with the Universal Mind.

(see also Extra-Sensory Perception)

Source Energy

Source energy is regarded as unconditional love which originates from the Universal Consciousness, or Infinite Intelligence. By tapping into this energy, one can find lasting bliss and the power of manifest anything into reality.

State of Mind

A state of mind is a mental state of the mind at a particular instance which is responsible for the moods, emotions, attitudes and even physical outcomes in reality. For instance, being “success-conscious” is a state of mind that allows one to apply the Law of Attraction to let success and abundance flow into their life.

Statement of Purpose

(See Intention Statement)

Subconscious Mind

The is the mental faculty of your brain that is not within your direct control. The subconscious mind works continuously even whilst you are asleep and is largely responsible for the success or failure in manifesting your intentions into reality. Communicating your desires to the subconscious mind through the principle of autosuggestion is a powerful manifestation technique.

Helpful Resource:
Subconscious Mind Power Explained


/ money-consciousness/

Success consciousness is a state where one is experiencing heightened vibrations to the desire to manifesting success. It is the state where the subconscious mind is most open to the prompting from the Infinite Intelligence and is ready to attract the people, plans and opportunities required to take you closer to your goal. This is the state you need to be in if you want to manifest in your life.

Success Mindset

When one possess a success mindset, his mind is saturated with positive influences and dominating thoughts of success and abundance. Often one has successful managed to suppress limiting thoughts, doubt and fears with your sole focus and attention only on the path to succeed.


Superstition is regarded as a form of fear. People who succeed are those who tend to keep open minds and are afraid of nothing.


Synchronicity is often used to describe “meaningful coincidences” and “divine encounters”. It is a concept that was first introduced by psychologist Carl Jung. Synchronicity is regarded as a sign of manifestation that you are on the right path and that your intentions are going to come through very soon.

(See 7 Initial Signs That Your Manifestation Is Close)

Synthetic Imagination

Synthetic imagination is the faculty of the mind that works on with the material of experience, education and observation that it is fed to re-arrange them into new ideas. However, the faculty is limited as compared to Creative Imagination that receives communications and inspiration from the Infinite Intelligence.



/ clairvoyance/

Telepathy and clairvoyance are extra-sensory modes of perception. One explanation (and justification) for the existence of telepathic phenomenons is because we are part of a Universal Mind – our minds are all connected to the Infinite source. It is believe that the sixth-sense (a portion of the subconscious mind) is capable of allowing us to communicate with the Universal Mind, and hence with other individual minds as well.

Translation of Thoughts (to reality)

Thoughts become things.

The translation of thought into reality is actually the process of manifestation, where thoughts are brought from the mind into their physical equivalent in the real world.

The Secret

The Secret” is a critically acclaimed book written by Rhonda Byrne which is often credited with the teachings and widespread popularity of the Law of Attraction and the concept of manifestation. It was also adapted into a movie in 2018 starring Katie Holmes.

It’s central message to audiences is that every individual has the ability to create their very own reality.

Helpful Resources:


Universal Mind

/ universal consciousness/

This principle is the believe that all things are connected to the Universal Mind and our perceptions of our individual minds are in fact only one point of view of the Universal Mind.



Visualization is an integral part of applying the Law of Attraction to manifest desires. The goal is to be able to see, feel and believe that the dream is already in your possession – this in turn sparks a series of events in the subconscious mind that will attract the required opportunities for you to succeed.

Helpful Resource:
What Everybody Ought to Know About Law of Attraction Visualization


At any point in time, we are constantly giving off vibrations of energies that are influenced by our thoughts, emotions and attitudes. These vibrations are received by other people who react by either being attracted to our “vibes” or repulsed. The Law of Attraction comes into play because positive vibrations serve to attract people who enjoy positivity and success.

In order for manifestation to take place, you must raise your vibration to become a match with your desires (see vibrational match).

This article may provide more insight on vibrations and the Law of Attraction.

Vibrational Match

In the Law of Attraction, it’s important to become a vibrational match to your desires in order to manifest them. The conditions for you to manifest your goals requires that you are in a state of vibrational harmony. This includes reducing the amount of vibrational resistance, and amplifying your manifestation powers through powerful techniques.

Helpful Resources:



Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. When we refer to wellness, usually we are referring to overall physical, mental and social well-being. Healthy mind and body.

Helpful Resource:
Manifest Health & Wellness with the Law of Attraction

Will to Act

All knowledge and intelligence is pointless without the will to act. To become a conscious creator, one needs to possess not only powerful ideas but also the fortitude to put those ideas into action and begin on the journey.


Willpower refers to the ability to stay the course of the pursuit for one’s desire even when the times are hard and the odds seem unlikely.

(See also persistence)




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