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Manifesting a Specific Person – Using the Law of Attraction for Love

While some people believe that love is fated, others believe that love is a story that we all have the ability to coauthor. In working with the universe, we can co-create the reality we choose to live in and manifest a specific person into our lives.

This applies especially to the kinds of people we attract in ourselves whether they be friends or romantic partners. It is true in many cases that like attracts like. If you look at the people you currently have in your life, you can easily find several commonalities when it comes to preferences of music or even sense of humor. However, it is also important to note that we can attract people who exhibit some of the negative qualities we may not particular like about ourselves.

“To acquire love, fill yourself up with it until you become a magnet.”

– Charles Haanel
You can manifest a specific person using the law of attraction

By understanding the mechanics of using the Law of Attraction, one can manifest a specific person into their lives. Manifesting a specific person then becomes a matter of how we think. Law of attraction love methods for manifesting a specific person are also dependent upon one’s belief. It is not enough to think about the kind of person you want. You must believe it and feel the emotions of gratitude and romance.

The notion of using the law of attraction is to get the ideal love you desire. This can include getting an ex back, healing a broken relationship, attracting a specific type of person, or simply manifesting new love. What’s interesting about the law of attraction is that it works without employing it. For example, if you think about romantic relationships in a more pessimistic way, then you may likely manifest a partner in your life who has this same attitude.

Thus, using law of attraction methods should be done with this consideration. By employing the following law of attraction love tips, one can find suitors that align to their deepest needs and desires:

How to Attract the Person of Your Dreams Using the Law of Attraction

Some people get caught up obsessing over their ex or a crush they have. This is actually one of the reasons why the law of attraction doesn’t work the best for some people. Sometimes, we focus so much on someone that we often neglect ourselves. Law of attraction is not some magical way to bend another person’s will to like you nor does it mean to coerce another person to choose you. However, it is about changing yourself so that you can attract people on your wavelength. To to this, people should know the importance of the following:

  1. Practice self-love
  2. Energy transference & projection
  3. Don’t love from a place of lack
  4. Keep an open mind

Steps to Manifesting Love

1.Practice Self-love

Some people are encapsulated with the mere thought of love so much so that they find themselves in and out of relationships. After one breakup, they are onto the next romantic relationship.

This cycle continues as a person tries to fill some kind of void or escape pain left unaddressed.This is the opposite of practicing love for self. Having love for one’s self is one of the most fundamental keys for manifesting love.

Having self-love allows people to discern treatment that isn’t in their highest good. Sometimes people neglect their standards and settle for less due to feelings of unworthiness. Such feelings about one self-image can be a byproduct of trauma stemming from childhood.

However, these are lies and self-limiting beliefs that keep people from manifesting what they truly want. It is one thing to say you want something but not be ready to receive it. Having love for yourself first will help you to properly identify and receive love when it is given.

Reciting powerful self-love affirmations may help you to counter such limiting thoughts that block you from manifesting proper love. A person can practice self-love by working on themselves, exercising more, eating healthy, or adopting a new hobby. For those dealing with trauma from toxic relationship, practicing self-love could even mean getting emotional therapy to sift through any psychological damage. Not taking the necessary time out to recuperate can have a negative residual effect such as attracting someone else with toxic tendencies. Thus, it is best to focus on healing one’s confidence and self-esteem through cultivating self-love practices as listed previously.

2.Energy Transference & Projection

It is easy to look at the flaws of others. However, we must take a look at ourselves if we want to manifest love. Much introspection should be taken regarding how we carry ourselves and the kinds of impression we leave . Being conscientious of these things will greatly influence the kind of people you attract.

Philosophical thinkers like Sigmund Freud and several psychologists make complex connections as to why many people date people who take after their parents. It’s more so of an unconscious thing that people do through years of programming. Men or women look for the positive characteristics that resemble their parent’s interpersonal comfort, humor, or kindness. However, this can become an issue for individuals who come from toxic environments of abuse, emotional unavailability, dysfunction, or neglect.

They may find themselves in romantic relationships having the same dynamic. Due to such exposure, this dynamic can become a normality, seeing that they were raised in this setting. This is another reason why therapy comes in handy as it can help you to establish new perspectives on matters of love. Thus, healthier boundaries can be set and a person’s tolerance for negativity is lessened.

You can learn to reprogram your subconscious mind from such negative influences of the past.

In psychology, transference is the redirection of one’s feelings, desires, and expectations onto another person. This is usually done unconsciously unbeknownst to the person doing it. It’s important for a person to make sure they are not transferring or projecting their thoughts onto someone else. It can create dissonance in one’s discernment as they may believe that everyone is just like their toxic ex. In simpler terms, a person needs to let go of any baggage in order to manifest love. Holding onto grudges or pain from a recent heartbreak is not fair to you nor is it fair to the new romantic interest who deserves a fair shot.

3.Don’t Love From a Place of Lack

Manifesting a specific person means loving from a place of completion. Some people want someone to complete them, they feel incomplete, alone and needy without a partner in their lives. This immediately confirms a position of lack.

A partner should be a compliment to you and you should be a compliment to them as well. Having lack mentality is having the belief that having what you want isn’t possible. Thus, with lack thinking as it relates to love, we may find ourselves settling for relationships that fall quite short of our standards. Learning to properly apply the law of attraction for relationships will change your love life entirely.

Perhaps waiting for Mr. or Mrs. right has convinced you that you are not being realistic in your demands. The truth is that you deserve what you are willing to accept as well as what you believe you deserve. Manifesting a specific person from a place of lack can bring a host of problems as it creates internal dis-ease. Nothing is particularly wrong with compromising. However, it becomes detrimental if what you are compromising is sacrificing your true happiness. To lose law of attraction for love, you must believe that it is possible to have the love of your dreams and believe that it does exist.

This part usually takes practice as our subconscious mind needs to believe this also. The conscious mind may be telling you that the perfect partner is out there for you while the subconscious mind is telling you to be more realistic. In truth, reality is what you make it. To reprogram these subconscious self-limiting thoughts, a person should look at why they don’t believe in attracting their desires. There could be issues of low self-esteem or negative perceptions on one’s value at play.

4.Keep an Open Mind

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always gotten.”

~Tony Robbins

Being close minded cancels out many other potential opportunities for love. Everything isn’t always love at first sight, so you should keep an open mind. It takes time to get to know someone even if the wait for love seems long and hard. Patience is a virtue. However, there is a common misconception when it comes to manifesting a specific person or attracting love.

People believe that this person will just fall into their laps as a miraculous gift from the universe. The law of attraction doesn’t quite work that way. To attract love, one must challenge their boundaries and step out of their comfort zone. Perhaps you can go to social events or workshops to meet more like minded people. This will increase the probabilities of manifesting your ideal partner. Embrace any diversities and appreciate the contrast. Sometimes like attract like and sometimes opposites attract. If the basic tenets are there, then it won’t hurt to keep an open mind and spend some time with the person.

Stories like Cinderella seem like distant fairy tales to most people. One would think that these stories of romance are only made for the movies and that love is full of compromises. However, this isn’t fully true. Reality is for you to co create with the universe to manifest your ideal partner. Law of attraction can help make your romantic life more fulfilling and desirable.

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