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Mind Movies 4.0 Review – Does the Mind Movies Program Work?

Mind Movies Review - Does It Really Work?
Mind Movies 4.0

Having gotten first hand experience with the full Mind Movies 4.0 program, I wanted to write a review of the full system so that it might help others to decide whether or not it is suitable for them.

Some people have term it as the best law of attraction tool for visualizing and raising your vibration.

Mind Movies 4.0 is actually a transformational visualization tool that is very powerful for personal development. The 4.0 just stands for the fourth version of the software that was released. What this powerful tool allows you to do is actually create your very own “Mind Movies” (more on what that is later) of an uplifting and positive nature which will be instrumental in reprogramming your subconscious mind. By feeding your subconscious mind with constant powerful, dominating thoughts, you ultimately raise your own positive vibrations and start to manifest your desires into reality. Or at least that’s how the program is supposed to work.

Excited to find out more about this wonder software? Well, without further ado…

What Is a Mind Movie?

A mind movie is a tool that you can use to reprogram your subconscious mind. It is a transformational visualization tool that allows you to create roughly 3-minute long videos that serve as a vision board of your perfect life, your dreams and desires. It can be customized to include whatever you wish for the Universe to attract into your life. You can easily add positive affirmations, motivating quotes, powerful imagery & video as well as inspiring music.

Here’s an example of what a Mind Movie looks like:

As you can see the imagery, words and soundtrack are extremely captivating. The mind movie above is pretty long (around 8 mins) but the one that you create doesn’t have to be as long. Because you get to customize your very own mind movie, you get to choose only the important stuff you want to keep inside. I suggest something along the lines of 3 mins as i find that short powerful clips work best.

How Does Mind Movies Work? Do You Really Need Them?

Mind Movies function as an enhanced vision board for your goals, aspirations and desires. Vision boards are often used when practicing the Law of Attraction to invoke strong feelings, emotions and positive energies when trying to manifest a specific desire into reality.

Image of a Vision Board (source)

As expected, most vision boards are created on large sheets of cardboard or paper and displayed in a prominent place to remind you of your goals and dreams. Whenever you look at the words and images, you visualize yourself in possession of your dreams and .

With Mind Movies however, how you visualize your ideas changes entirely. With this enhanced tool, you actually get to create a strong, impactful clips that speak to your very soul.

If an image speaks a thousand words, then a video accompanied with audio is worth so much more.

What I find particularly compelling is the ability to add epic music and soundtracks to enhance your visualization – something you can’t really achieve with a physical vision board (unless you play music at the same time of course). Being to use video and dynamic images are also superior to a normal vision board. These make the whole experience so much more powerful and inspiring.

Of course you can carry your video everywhere you go and watch it from the comfort of your phone whenever you need a “pick me up” (you don’t really want to be seen dragging a huge ass vision board everywhere you go).

If you ask me whether you really need Mind Movies, well the answer is no – you could always just create your own vision board out of cardboard and cut-out or printed images and words. Mind Movies does however enhance the whole experience and make your visualization sessions so much more powerful. These benefits are unquantifiable but I believe will have a huge impact on your mental paradigm and ability to manifest.

Why Rewire Your Mind with Mind Movies?

Now some of you might be wondering: “why would you want to reprogram your subconscious mind?”. Here’s the explanation:

At this point in our life our mindset and attitudes have all been a product of the environment that we have been raised in. We may have started of full of life and free of worries, but as time went by we inevitably accumulated limiting thoughts and beliefs based on our environment, hardships and struggles. Most of these beliefs are subconscious and manifest in our lives without us even knowing.

For instance if I had overbearing parents who consistently scolded me for not getting good grades in school, it may have left a lasting impact my psychological disposition that I was just bad at math. In truth, I may have been just as good as anyone else or even better than most. But because this limiting thought was allowed to take root, I would never go on to attempt great things in the field of study because I subconscious believed I was bad – even thought I may have had the potential to achieve much success.

Similarly in our lives, we have a giant depository of limiting beliefs gathered throughout the years. In short, if we want to attain great achievements and levels of success that we have never experienced before, then there is a necessity to change the way we think and live to get there.

Mind Movies helps to reprogram the mind and to reverse limiting beliefs as well as introducing empowering ones that will lead us to the success that we desire.

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What You Get When You Buy Mind Movies

When you purchase mind movies, you get full access to the software application which includes a user friendly dashboard for creating your personalized video vision boards. The media is segmented into clear categories for you to choose what you wish to manifest and is already pre-packed with a HUGE variety of images, videos and audio tracks. All you have to do is mix and match your favorite ones into your project, and once you’re done simply export the file as a video.

Here’s a suggestion for the video types you can create:

The videos created in the application are all hosted on the mind movies own server. What this means is that you don’t have to download yet another program on your computer and go through any installation process, all you have to do is access the portal through your membership login. All your created videos are strictly confidential, no one else will be able to access videos that you have created.

Advantages 😊

Disadvantage (Why You Shouldn’t Buy Mind Movies) 👎

About the Creators

Natalie and Glen Ledwell are the creators of Mind Movies which has empowered over 5.8 million people around the world to overcome perceived limitations in their current situation and to strive for greater abundance and success. Natalie is also the author for the bestselling book “Never in Your Wildest Dreams” and is a prominent life coach and law of attraction practitioner. As an exclusive offer for my readers, you can get Natalie’s book for free here!

Interestingly, the idea for Mind Movies was born when an Australian factory worker decided to make a simple 3-minute slideshow video of what he wanted his life to look like. When he uploaded it to YouTube, it went viral and that’s how the idea for Mind Movies was born.

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